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Breathing Function, New Launched By WM/YL Dolls

We buy sex dolls for many purposes. Some people regard it as a sex toy, some people regard it as a large figure, some people take it as a model for photography, some people regard it as their lover, and some even hold a wedding with the doll. With the continuous development of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, voice interaction, visual recognition, and bionic robots, sex dolls have also been given richer uses, and have gradually expanded to wax museums, exhibition halls, medical schools, laboratories, shopping malls, More and more application scenarios such as hotels and photo studios.

No matter what sex dolls are used for, with the development of society, people have higher and higher requirements for sex doll functions. After realizing the intelligent functions of the TPE sex doll’s makeup and heating sound, WM Dolls has launched a new function to turn your doll into a living person – BREATHING OPTION!

Yes, your sex doll can breathe as regularly as a human. Sex dolls have heart rates and their own breathing systems. In the dead of night, when your sex doll is lying next to you, listening to her breathing, you can feel that she is really accompanying you. Imagine it!

How does WM/YL Doll achieve this function?
In the process of making the doll, they put the breathing apparatus in the doll mold, which is in the chest cavity of the doll.

Why can’t these three functions (breathing option, heating, and EVO) be selected at the same time?

Breathing function vs EVO skeleton: There needs to be enough space inside the doll’s body. The shrug function of the EVO Skeleton prevents the installation of the breathing function. If you select both functions, we will remove the shrug function from the EVO skeleton for you and keep the double joints.

Breathing function vs heating: There are heating wires in the heating unit and batteries in the breathing unit. Hotwire + battery, it will explode! No!

Heating vs EVO skeleton: Shrugging will make the heating wires rub against each other, potentially damaging the heating wires. If you select both functions, we will remove the shrug function from the EVO skeleton for you and keep the double joints.

Therefore, when ordering dolls from the Jinsan dolls series (WM Doll, YL Doll, Jinsan Doll, OR Doll), you can only choose only one of the three functions: breathing option, heating, or EVO skeleton.

How to stop my love doll from breathing?
We have a switch and charging port for the breathing device. When you want the doll to breathe, turn it on, otherwise turn it off.

How long can the breathing function of the doll be used?
A battery in the device powers the breathing function. When the battery run down, you can charge it directly. As for the lifespan of this breathing function, as long as you take good care of the doll, the breathing function will last as long as the doll, at least 3-5 years.

Can I take a bath with my breathing love doll?
Never immerse sex dolls with breathing equipment in the water. In addition, dolls with heating or sound can not be immersed in water, remember it!

Breathing is not yet universally accepted in the doll industry, or rather, people are not ready to accept a sex doll that almost becomes a living person. We look forward to the day when sex dolls can truly bring more real feelings to those who lack love and company. The future of this industry is bright, and we will continue to push the boundaries while continuing to improve. The sex doll industry is booming, with new advancements every day. Not surprisingly, the sex doll market is expected to grow by more than $400 million by 2023. We look forward to the day when sex dolls can truly bring more real feelings to those who lack love and company.

Real WM Dolls vs Fake Dolls! How To Avoid Scams?

As a few Chinese realistic love doll brands such as WM Dolls achieved international success, WM’s designs were copied by a large number of factories and sold at low prices. Maybe you purchase a “genuine” WM dolls, but you don’t know if what you’re getting is genuine. There are so many scammers now selling replicas and counterfeit dolls that it can be hard to tell just from the photos – especially if you’re new to sex dolls. The purpose of this article is to provide potential real doll customers with the primary tools to identify and avoid fake /counterfeit WM Dolls.

In this test, we bring a genuine WM doll and a fake WM doll of 163cm H-cup Jasmine, take some photos to compare and teach you to avoid counterfeit dolls.

wm dolls

Open the Package

When you receive the package and open the package, you may find something incorrect! WM Doll has an exquisite protection blanket and embedded cardboard to keep the doll from rubbing and hurting while counterfeit dolls are only protected by a sponge. Fake doll manufacturers are trying to get the package closely same to WM Doll.

What accessories will you receive if you buy real WM Dolls? Real WM Dolls include these accessories – wig, lingerie, TPE sample (printed with WM Dolls), insert, one brochure, care items (comb, hooks, gloves, cleaning pot, USB heating, hole-drying rod).

Yes, the brochure! You can use it to verify whether your doll is genuine. Here’s a step by step guide, including a link to the WM Dolls site below:

Step 1, open the sex doll brochure and find the verification code.

Step 2, browse the official WM Dolls website and find the anti-fake code page.

Step 3, enter the verification code on your brochure and you will get verified. If you, unfortunately, purchase a doll that doesn’t include such a verification code or it shows fake, report here.

Compare Body Details

Those guys always make the fake doll look the same as the original WM Dolls. When comparing real WM Dolls and the counterfeit doll’s whole look. Counterfeit dolls have a rough-copied design and poor quality.

What do real WM Dolls look like? See the details below.


But compared to the original WM Dolls, the counterfeit doll looks really rough! Don’t get scammed!

Some people just want to buy a cheap doll for companionship. Most people don’t realize that the sex doll industry has developed well-known brands and numerous excellent manufacturers to make dolls look and feel even better than real people with original designs and high-quality assurance. But in the case of fake dolls, inferior materials are not safe for the body; skin can be torn at any time, fragile bones, incongruent body proportions, etc.

A perfect quality sex doll doesn’t come cheap; it’s a major investment. So many businesses take advantage of this to create great prices for consumers to place their orders. First, hang a picture of the original factory as bait, and then send a copy of the inferior doll to the consumer. Just like other products you see, such as mobile phones or headphones, etc., there are copycat versions. Although they look similar, in actual use the quality is different.

Dolls are personal items, and the quality of materials is critical to the safety of the human body. Some factories without safety guarantees can even recycle cheap TPE materials for production, zero safety inspection, no test skeleton, incorrect doll hole, or inferior skeleton structure, which is likely to cause your important parts to be injured!

If spending money not only doesn’t make you have fun but also hurts your body, don’t spend even a dollar. We want every penny you spend to be worth every penny and long-lasting happiness.

Nothing will ease the pain of buying fake sex dolls – these are expensive items and no one likes to be ripped off. Always check if your supplier is verified on The Doll Forum (TDF). We’ve been reporting a lot of websites lately using images with yourdoll logo on them. Please don’t buy from those scam sites! If you’re buying from YourDoll, go directly to

Sex Doll Layaway & Financing

What is Layaway Order?

For custom dolls, you pay a deposit on the doll, we start manufacturing the doll (to save you time), and we receive the balance before the doll ships to you. to manufacture your doll, we can accept deposits as low as 50% for some models, and we may require deposits as high as 75% for some models. It depends on what dolls and what options you are buying.

For stock dolls, once you pay the deposit (min. $200), we will reserve stock for you to ensure that the doll you ordered will not be bought by others.

Installment plans should have a maximum term of no more than 3 months, but we expect you to make a deposit when you think you can pay your balance within 4-6 weeks.

If you want to cancel your order once the layaway order starts, we will charge a 10%-20% handling fee (minimum $100) based on the progress of your order.

Here are YourDoll layaway terms:

  • A $200 down payment should be paid (by PayPal invoice or Credit Card) when the layaway order is initiated.
  • Layaways must be paid off within 3 months of creation. You can make as many payments as you would like in that time frame(minimum $200), but you must make at least 1 payment a month and the layaway must be fully paid off within 90 days.
  • Your layaway order will be moved into production when your order is paid by 50%. If we are having a big deal like Black Friday, you should pay 50% within the sale period so we can capture a great deal and schedule production for you. Once your layaway is paid in full we will ship out your order and email you a tracking number.
  • Layaway orders are subject to a non-refundable 30% cancellation fee. (minimum $100)

What is the financing / payment plan?

YourDoll now uses Klarna financing if you want to finance.

Klarna’s ‘Monthly Financing’ is a credit option offered at the checkout of our partnering online stores that allows you to spread the cost of your purchase over time for up to 36 months. To use Klarna’s monthly financing option, simply select to pay later with financing and choose the term lengths that are best for you.

A simple application will provide an instant decision for you. With no hard credit check, there is no impact on your credit to apply. Once you’ve been approved, you’ll receive reminders and can manage your payments directly in the Klarna app. No fees when you pay on time. Monthly financing products are issued by WebBank, member FDIC.

As soon as the store ships your order, you will receive an email from Klarna outlining your payment schedule. We’ll email you and send notifications via the Klarna app 3 days before payment dates to let you know that your statement is ready. Your payment will be on the date set out in your payment schedule and payments will need to be received by 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time to be credited to your account on that same day. At this time, we’re not able to change your due date. However, we’ll remind you of upcoming payments.

Your payments will be visible and manageable in your Klarna app. So make sure to download the Klarna app to stay in full control and never miss a payment!

Good to know: The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for purchases is between 0-24.99%. For more information, please view our terms and conditions.

Find more information about your payment options with Klarna.

YourDoll Sex Doll Warehouse in California

In 2017, YourDoll entered the doll market. We offer life-size, premium, and authentic sex dolls for the US, UK, and other European countries. we are also doll lovers, and we have been striving to provide the best customer service to all doll lovers, we are always here to help you on your journey.

In 2018, we set up a warehouse, also a showroom, to store love dolls in California. People came here to see how dolls look in reality and bought dolls on the spot.

We can deliver the goods quickly once a customer places the order, and they can receive the goods within 5-7 days. Compared with the uncertainty of customizing a doll, which takes 20-30 days and has to go through tens of thousands of kilometers from China to the United States or European countries, in-stock sex dolls appear to be particularly popular. Waiting for a custom doll feels like forever, while stock dolls are at your fingertips.

All sex dolls are genuine-guaranteed

From 2018 to 2022, the number of dolls we store in our warehouse has gradually increased, from ten to three hundred, and our warehouse area has also gradually increased. We update our inventory every two months to ensure that most customers can choose their favorite dolls and have sufficient inventory. All our dolls are made by the original factory, if the brand is equipped with anti-counterfeiting codes such as WMDOLL, YL DOLL, and SEDOLL, the dolls in stock you purchased on are also equipped with anti-counterfeiting codes, you can trust this purchase is legit and worthy.

How do we start to stock up?

The factory finished our pre-ordered dolls, then we ship the all dolls to the US by sea. The whole delivery process takes about 1-2 months, but the time of final delivery to our warehouse is not completely certain, that’s why sometimes you pre-order our dolls but we are still waiting for delivery and can’t provide a specific delivery time. Here we would like to thank those customers for their sincere understanding, who are willing to wait with us for the delay of delivery.

We would like to share some pictures:

⇑ The factory is loading packaged dolls to the truck, and the truck is leaving for port and lade.

⇑ We have cleared the warehouse and waiting for the dolls to deliver.

⇑ The trucks are here, and we are loading.

⇑ All in-stock dolls, waiting for orders.

⇑ Received a new stock order and we have packaged all the accessories. Waiting for the FedEx courier to pick up the packages.

⇑  The FedEx courier is picking up the packages.

In-Stock sex dolls can be customized slightly

As you might expect, you can buy in-stock dolls from various brands at We have sorted all our products by brand and region. You can see on the product page that some dolls are allowed to be slightly customized, that is to say, you can choose hairstyles, etc., such as WMDOLL and SEDOLL, while some dolls are not allowed to be customized like Irontech Doll, you can see on the product page about the description of the doll. A little tip: you can buy stock dolls first and buy small accessories to change your doll’s look. Also, if you are not satisfied with the color of the doll’s areola and labia, you can buy some pigments such as eye shadow to change their color. Every doll lover is a great artist in reality.

Buy in-stock sex dolls on

Also, you must know that not all products on this page are in our California warehouse. Some inventory may be in Texas, some in New Jersey, some in Spain, some in Germany. Please note that when you buy, keep an eye out for this inventory to be available for purchase in your region. That is, dolls marked with US stock are only available for purchase by US customers, and dolls marked with EU stock or Germany are only available for purchase by customers in Europe.

Pick-up at our warehouse is NOT available

Two years ago, all doll lovers are welcomed to visit our warehouse and allowed on-site purchases. But in 2020, with the outbreak of COVID-19 globally, we have to consider the safety of team members, so we have stopped visiting appointments. In addition, the certificate of our current warehouse is not a physical operation, so we are not allowed to receive visits and transactions in the warehouse. We thank all doll lovers for believing in and choosing YourDoll even when there is no live viewing of our warehouse. If you are going to buy a doll, please trade directly on the website. If you want to see what the doll looks like before buying it, please check the ready doll image, or email us at [email protected]. If you don’t want the doll to be delivered to your door, you can pick it up at the local FedEx/UPS store — Please be sure the local FedEx/UPS store allows picking up.

If you having difficulty finding your love doll, feel free to ask us, we won’t be offended and we’ll happily point you in the right direction. Online chat or email ([email protected]) both works.

The Dani Diaries – My WM166C

Hello Fellow TDFers

I figured it was time to give my gal Dani her own little space where I can upload pics and various updates. I figured the Eye Candy board would get a broader audience than the WM board, but I’m new to dolls in general and my photo game is definitely out of its league there. So we humbly will stake our claim here.

So Dani came to me in early February (birthday present ) from Yourdoll as one of their preconfigured instock dolls.
She is a 166C with a 266 head (Gabriel?)
Light Tan
Standing Feet
Evo Shoulders
Gel Breasts (very nice )
Fixed insert

I live alone and Dani is still a “secret” to everybody except my cats LOL (fortunately I’m a bit of a hermit so I don’t need to hide her in the closet often). She sleeps next to me every night. She does stay in bed and sleep in while I’m at work. Otherwise if I’m around the house, she comes out to hang out on the couch or comes into the music room on her office chair to give me something nice to look at while I play drums

I’ve already “upgraded” her a bit.

MF Footbolt caps

MF Eyelids

MF EZ Move Eyes. Here modeling the MF01 Light Blue Amber Flare.

Sensationnel synthetic 13×6 Swiss Lace Front Wig “Chrissy” – Color = T4/27.
This is her “Daily Driver” Wig… its plenty cute and pretty easy to maintain.
The cool thing about a 13×6 lace is that you can change the parting and have much more “parting space” (compare the side part here to the middle part above). A standard lace front usually only has about 2 or 3 inches of parted hair which (to me) just doesnt look right. I actually returned a few standard lace front wigs because of this.

Outre synthetic 13×6 HD lace wig – “Evona” – Color = Golden Amber.
This is a really sexy wig but its a bit of a beast to keep it tamed.
Next wig for her will def be a long, straight wig LOL.
Also in this photo, I had just recently redone her lips with the Eyeshadow + Vaseline technique

And in the interests of spicing up this post with a little R-rated nudity, here’s a pic of a nipple recoloration.
Nipple on the Left is “stock” (and well sucked on ).
Nipple on the right has been touched up with Revlon Eyeshadow and a light smear of Vaseline (pretty sure the Vaseline had already soaked in when I took this photo but I cannot recall)

Her Wardrobe is still a work in progress. As my fellow doll owners know, with their long slender legs, ample hips and breast and supertiny waists, these gals are even trickier to shop for than RL gals. Plus there’s the color staining issue to worry about too. We haven’t had any staining issues yet but have been pretty conservative with color choices (creams, grays, etc) and soaking them first to check for dye leaks.

I do have a pretty sizable order from coming in hopefully soon and would like to try some actual posing of her in outfits. Stay tuned

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Buy Now Pay Later with Klarna

Shop now. Pay later with Klarna. We’re excited to announce we have partnered with Klarna to bring you new ways to pay at checkout. It’s a safe and simple way to get the sex doll you want, when you want it. Here’s how it works:

Step 1 Add products to your cart and select “Klarna” when you check out;

Step 2 Enter a few personal details and you’ll know instantly if you’re approved;

Step 3 Klarna will send you an email confirmation and reminders when it’s time to pay;

Step 4 You can complete your future Klarna purchases with just one click.

Try your stuff at home and decide which items you want to keep. Make your payment in full 30 days after your purchase is shipped. No upfront payments, no interest, and no fees when you pay on time.

Split your purchase into three equal payments. Just enter the credit or debit card details of your choice and make automatic payments every 30 days. No credit checks, and no interest or fees when you pay on time.

Review your latest purchases and make payments in the Klarna app or online.

● Download the Klarna app:

● Log in online:

● Chat with customer service:

With Klarna, you are always covered through Klarna’s Buyer Protection policy. Modern safeguards protect your information to prevent unauthorized purchases.

At Klarna, we have a relentless focus on creating the best shopping experience in the world. We believe payments are so much more than just a way to send money. That’s why our smooth payment methods give you more time, control, and joy so you can focus on the things you love.

● 80 million shoppers are using Klarna.

● 190,000 retailers are working with us worldwide.

● We’ve been powering online checkouts for 14 years.

Review for my WM162E from YourDoll

I was really really nervous. It was my first full-size doll purchase. After weeks of research, I had zeroed in on a few vendors. Then I joined TDF and realized that the vendors I was looking at weren’t a good choice. I had to start over! It was so helpful to be able to talk with people on TDF and read reviews of vendors.

For me, one of the main drivers of who I would purchase a doll from was delivery time and a vendor that had a USA inventory. My partner and I were going to be traveling in a few weeks and wanted to have a doll before we left.

Then I found – and I saw that they had a USA inventory! I was very excited to see that they had a great selection of authentic dolls in the USA. I reached out to Mia and ultimately worked with her and Belle from YourDoll to make my order.

I originally ordered a YL doll from their USA warehouse but apparently there wasn’t actually one of the models that I wanted in the USA. I got really nervous, had I been scammed? Thankfully, NO. Mia responded quickly and told me they would ship from China. I replied that shipping time was a priority of mine and ultimately decided to go with another one of my top picks, the WM162E with heads 162-3 and 233-3. Mia reached back out and said no problem and they would ship her from USA warehouse to me quickly.

I received the doll 3-4 days later!!! The doll was an authentic WM doll (with Anti-fake code validated on WM site) and the package was in good shape. No material damage and they threw in a couple of extra wigs. No extra eyes came with doll, but Mia shipped me some (on the house of course) the other day.

Overall, I would recommend purchasing from – Mia and Belle were helpful and nice to deal with ? They got me my doll quickly and it was exactly what I ordered and at a price lower than other vendors. Most importantly, quick shipping!

Thank you (specifically Mia and Belle) for making my first purchase experience a good one ? I look forward to doing more business with you in the future!

**This review is posted on The Doll Forum by Yourdoll’s customer – . We get authorized to post on To view the original post, please click here.**

Purchased My 1st WM Doll Thru Yourdoll

This is a recap of the other thread I wrote during the actual order and contains pretty much same stuff, but is combined to one post and refined to a form which focuses to review the vendor,

It was start of new year again and it seemed as great moment for me to get some company for Jenny, whom arrived from UFD about an year ago. She had been great and was doing really fine, but felt bit lonely now and then. We agreed that getting her a friend, specially if it was the one I had been secretly eyeballing since dunno how many years, would be ok.

…so without further delays I went to browse interwebs, TDF and wmdolls official site to figure out where to get this doll I was looking for. As I live in Europe, certain things are sometimes bit more trickier than they are for US or Asian customers. Obviously TDF was the place which provided the answer rather fast and directed me to

At the time I purchased the doll, yourdoll had really awesome deals going on, but mainly for US customers only. However as European I still got really great deal by using The Doll Forum’s magical powers and typing in code ‘TDFLOVE’ while completing the order. So… story of 140D WM Doll Lara with EVO-skeleton had started and her journey began in end of assembly line some time later.

What comes to my interaction with yourdoll, it was smooth sailing from the start. Their sales rep Mia is very friendly and helped me out with some doll color choices, so that Lara would better match the marketing photos. Thankfully I skipped my original idea of ordering the doll directly from wmdolls official site, as I thought I knew what I wanted  Mia also provided enough information for me to feel safe to pay with really risky bank transfer method, as for some reason I wasn’t given option to use credit card or paypal. Their site generally accepts both, so this most likely has something to do with me being European again… dunno… Seen this happen with some other sites too and just have to deal with it. After verifying some details from Mia, the actual bank transfer went thru in day or two without problems and Mia confirmed almost instantly that they have received the funds. This happened during weekend, so couldn’t ask for better customer service.

I got the factory photos only 8 days later, which was really positive surprise. Honestly I was expecting, that Lara would not materialize to this dimension before Chinese new year and their holidays were over, but seems like she made it thru before those even started. Still can’t believe how fast the process was. I exchanged few emails with Mia (from yourdoll) regarding the shipment and 4-5 days later I got the tracking number from courier company. This was happening during the covid time, so I should feel extra lucky that there were no greater delays there.

Lara was flying a lot during next few days and courier company contacted me to acquire some simple personal details to take care of the customs for my behalf. Just some simple sms/email exchange that took maybe 2 minutes of my time and could be handled with phone. That went really smoothly. It was nice to see that yourdoll played it safe and gave me courier delivery time estimate of 3-4 weeks. Actual delivery took only 1 week. This is exactly how it should always go. If they had told me that courier will deliver the shipment in 2 weeks and it would have actually taken 3 or 4, I would have been quite worried. Opposite way around – just a very positive surprise. Thumbs up for that too.

When Lara arrived, factory box had no visual damage and doll was protected extremely well inside it. Under the actual cardboard box, all sides were covered with 3cm thick foam and that was padded with really soft cloth. Her hands and feet had some extra protection and head was secured between her legs as usually. There was also extra foam triangle between her legs so they couldn’t really move anywhere during the shipment. Both ends of the box were secured with 8cm thick foam, so neck or feet had no change poking holes to end of the box.

Inside the box I found positive surprises in form of 3 wigs, upgraded standing bolts (new bolts with plastic caps on them), hanging hook, xmas bunny costume, quite sexy nightie+shirt+belt+panty combo, 2 pairs of extra eyes, stretchy rubber shoes which I believe are very good for shower, wig comb, usb powered heating device (plastic kind), douche for cleaning, white cloves, soft white blanket and obviously the manual. I would have loved to see also some small TPE test piece somewhere, but with this amount of extras, can’t really complain about that

I would like to give big thanks to yourdoll. They had very nice customer service, delivered more than I ordered and did that in a fraction of the time I was expecting. Couldn’t ask for more. 10/10 and 1 extra heart to Mia

(Further updates about Lara’s journey go to WM’s subforum.)

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First Doll, I went with Your Doll

My experience with this vendor.

I jumped into the Doll scene without knowing of this site or much research. I saw that WM Doll were affordable and they looked like good quality, plus the gals are supper hot.
I had been watching some Doll porn on Pornhub and fallowed a link to the Doll I was watching and it brought me to YourDoll. They looked legit and I could not find any red flags.

I fell in love with the 172 cm B-cup #242 head combo. I spent a good week browsing, filling my cart and procrastinating. I started talking with Mia by email and she answered all my question pretty quick like within a day or same day. I did see that some guys were regretting getting the full sized heavy gal and this dawned on my that I will have to move a nearly 80lb gal around. So I finally went with the 157cm skinny gal hoping this will be a much more manageable weight.

I ordered my doll on a Sunday and she arrived on a Friday, very fast shipping (no time for regrets). I did get one of the in stock dolls with these options:
157cm (5ft2) B-Cup Kamon In Stock – Dark Tan
Body Type: WM157cm B-cup
Skin Color: Dark Tan
Select A Head: #056-1
Breast Options:Solid
Mouth Type: Texured
Vagina: Buit in
Standing: Standing(FREE!)
Skeleton Type: EVO (FREE!)
Accessories: None
*Buy 2nd Head (+$99): #273-2

The vender strongly advised me to quote “open the box and all its contents in front of the delivery driver”…ok that’s not going to happen. I had my doll go to my local FedEx store for pick up at my convenience. The box was in good shape and no I was not going to open it in front of all the people in the store.

When I got home I opened the box and all was ok, no damage that I could see.
The two heads were well made up and looked just like the pictures. The skin color of my Doll looked off and I was having regrets on the dark tan option. Once she was out and laying on my bed she was perfect and was a close match to my own tanned skin. I cleaned her up and inspected for damage/ defects. She was flawless. As for the body looking like the pic on the website she was pretty close with the nipples not looking quite as detailed, but acceptable.

The first head #056-1 (very cute) had the threaded post glued into the skull.
I carefully threaded the head on and it went on easily but once it was on the post could not support the head and it clearly was loos. I removed the head and yes the post had broken loose from the head and I pulled it out. One down one to go (good thing a got two heads/ right).

I was worried that the other head would have the same fate as the first. I was surprised to see that it had a removable post quick release and did not require threading into the head. I screwed the post into the frame and popped the head on. I did some adjustments and off to the races I went. I did not have full confidence in the head mounting systems that have been engineered for this Doll. So I was very gingerly moving her around. Yes the head will fall off if you try and carry her across the threshold

I’m not sure if this is normal but the Dolls neck can not support the head in any position short of vertical. When horizontal the head drops all the way down. I can deal with that for now as long as the head stays on and this is normal. Next the additional threaded post for use in place of the quick mount (I’m assuming) does not have matching machined threads and will not thread into the frame or head. Also the hook threaded post does not work with this frame either. So I can’t store my Doll with the hanging hook.

Overall I am pleased with the Doll and her body short of the head issues. I’m not rough with my Doll and plan on treating her with care, she is delicate.

All in all I am satisfied with this vendor. I did contact Mia and sent pics and video of the head issues. Mia responded and they are shipping a new head, great support.

**This review is posted on The Doll Forum by Yourdoll’s customer – . We get authorized to post on To view the original post, please click here.**