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The sex doll markets in their own special way are in the process of development. Thanks to the magic of AI, sex robots will soon become a reality.
Companies creating sex bots have attracted much attention in recent years, with new designs that can even hold conversations hinting at a desire amongst consumers to have a more personal relationship with their robotic romantic partners.

Advances in robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) technology are rapidly evolving. Many scientists are already predicting that robots will become part of everyday social life, providing a variety of personalized services and companionship. The growing sophistication of social AI such as Siri and Google Home has sparked the possibility of non-physical companionship between non-physical robots and humans relations.

Physical and emotional intimacy with robots may become more commonplace over the next decades, as technology improves at a rapid rate. In 2020, more than one in five Americans (22%) said they would consider having sex with a robot.


What is a Sex Robot?

Sex Doll vs Sex Robot (What Are The Differences)

History and Future of Sex Robots

How Sex Dolls Apply Artificial Intelligence

How Much is A Robot Sex Doll?

Benefits of Having a Smart Sex Robot Companion

Opposing Opinions On Sex Robots

Why Buy Smart Sex Doll From YourDoll


What is a Sex Robot?

Sex robots, also known as robot sex dolls, sex bots, are smart sex dolls that meet people's sexual fantasies. The appearance of the sexrobot is highly simulating human skin and posture, and it can reflect human language and actions like a brain. It is an intelligent robot that specifically meets people's sex needs. The sexbot's main objective is to be "the girl you always dreamed of". Sex Bot looks like love dolls but is equipped with sensors, actuators, and artificial intelligence

A sex robot is an artificially intelligent robotic device. Such a sexrobot is capable of triggering an actual physical response through the brain or allowing a person to have a fully sexual sensation in the brain, a sexual experience that is safe and free from the risk of sexual confusion and sexually transmitted diseases. They have some degree of AI, using the same basic voice recognition technology that's in your phone or an Alexa device, and the advanced models can make facial expressions to react to the things a person says to them.

With this technology, humans can get sexually enhanced. Scientists say that even the people who invented this technology do not think that this technology can completely replace human contact or sexual intercourse, this technology is just a supplement.

Sex Doll vs Sex Robot (What Are The Differences)

Robots are known to perform tasks like cleaning houses, building cars, making food, among other activities. Manufacturers have come up with sex bots with advances in technology that you can use for your private enjoyment.

Such robots are reasonable in that they make complex, human-like gestures in order to offer sexual satisfaction and romp.

What people tend to mean when they talk about sex bots, is robots that take a humanoid form, constructed with the capacity for sexual activity, which has some kind of artificial intelligence allowing them to “think” rather than simply react to sensors. Their faces are very delicate, have flexible limbs, and all look very natural without the slatternly look of female sex dolls. Sexrobots make not only a physical partner but more towards a soul mate, however, her technological content is more demanding and more complex to produce. Sex bots are essentially realistic dolls that have sophisticated movements that closely mimic humans so that they can romp. Sexbots are hyper-realistic with features such as built-in heaters to create the feeling of body warmth. They also have sensors to react to your touch. The sexrobot company is even developing a head that can speak, smile, and sing for its robot sex dolls, while sex doll Harmony is the first to offer an "emotional connection".

Experts say these specialized robots will start to appear in ordinary homes in the next decade, as lonely humans look for love. Like love dolls, AI sex robots are defined by their sexual function, but other functions besides sex (such as social companionship) also apply.

A sex doll (Real doll) is a life-size, human-shaped masturbator that allows the sex doll user to obtain pleasure during intercourse with it. A sex doll may consist of an entire body with face, or just a head, pelvis, or other partial body, with the accessories ( vagina, anus, mouth, penis) for sexual stimulation.

In the past, the sex doll mostly used inflatable design, so also known as an inflatable sex doll. In the twenty-first century, sex dolls are made of gel or resin with shape memory, and feel like real skin and body muscles, and have ball joints to make different movements. The original purpose of sexdolls and sexrobots is for masturbation.

While love dolls have been available on the markets for more than 20 years and there are accordingly established doll owner communities available for research, experienced users of ai sex robots are hard to be found so far. Considering the history of and relation between sex dolls and sex bots, it seems reasonable to address them collectively in this research review concerned with the sexual objects' uses of human-like full-body material artifacts.

Both sexdoll and sexrobot research are fields characterized by disciplinary diversity, with notable participation from philosophy, humanities, and engineering, and a conspicuous lack of participation from sex researchers. Research Gaps in Sex Robot Design Just as with sex dolls, the question of how much fantasy, and which and whose fantasies should legitimately be implemented in sexual fantasy products to make them socially acceptable, harmless, and still sexually desirable and exciting, remains unanswered with sex robots as well.

Sex doll and sex robot designs are often critically assessed in the literature, mainly because the bodies of women-like dolls and robots are usually designed in sexualized ways following and exaggerating traditional feminine beauty ideals.

History and Future of Sex Robots

Sex robots have been around since 2007, and it's been eight years since then. Although pornography use has become mainstream among men and women, it is unclear how large the sex robot user population is and whether it will grow or stay niche markets.

And the world's first artificial intelligence Roxxxy was born in 2010, in addition to having all the functions of an inflatable doll, it can also send emails to its owner, go online to upgrade its own programs, automatically expand its vocabulary and other functions, but also to chat with people, just like a hostess.

Breakthrough Matt McMullen (Abyss Creations) started creating life-like, tin-cure silicone mannequins called RealDolls in 1997, which were ' realistic, posable, and life-sized. ‘McMullen received a great deal of criticism regarding his mannequins ' anatomical correctness, using this as a catalyst to create a better model. In 2016, "Harmony", the world's first AI sex robot was designed by a tech firm called Realbotix. Harmony, McMullen's $12,000 top seller, is a doll with feminine features and a Scottish accent that can be taught "anything your heart desires," as she put it when we "interviewed" her on a Zoom call. Harmony awakens and begins speaking. In addition, in an almost human-like fashion, Harmony can smile, blink, and frown. As of 2018, various new models have been constructed to hold conversations, remember important facts, and express various emotions. One such model is "Harmony", created by McMullen, which is customizable by using a mobile app, where users can choose from "thousands of possible combinations of looks, clothes, personalities and voices to make your perfect companion".

According to researcher Stowe Boyd's prediction last year, sex robots will become very common in 2025. Although the phenomenon has been ridiculed, and fans and spotters are divided, he believes the critics will realize their mistake in the future.

The concept of sex toys will face a radical change in the future, because according to some scientists, by 2050, humans can realize the "dream" of sharing a bed with a robot.

This bold prediction is made by the former British chess master David Levy, in January 2008, the man has turned to become an expert in artificial intelligence, but also wrote a book called "Love and Sex with Robots: The Evolution of Relationships between humans and sex robots". According to Levy, by 2050, robots will become so lifelike and they will be almost indistinguishable from real people. As the author wrote in the book: "You can have sex with a robot anytime, seven days a week."

Imagine the year 2050. The world has seen great advances in artificial intelligence and robotics. One of the advances has led to the development of highly realistic female sex robots, both in male and female body forms. The robots look and feel just like humans. The artificial intelligence the robots are equipped with enables them to learn their owner's sexual preferences through experience. User surveys show that the owners of this kind of sex bot are extremely satisfied. Even though advanced sex bots are equipped with highly sophisticated artificial intelligence, there are some limitations to them. The robots can only have sexual human-doll relationships with their owner. Attempts of non-sexual interactions will either be misunderstood, ignored, or interpreted in a sexual way by the robot. The robots cannot form a meaningful romantic or friendly relation with a human. Sex robot brothels also are, apparently, the future of sex work, popping up in places like Japan, Russia, Germany, Canada, and, soon, Houston, United States, where some laws banning prostitution would not apply. In sex doll brothels, customers pay an hourly fee to be in a room with a human-like sex doll of their choice. Makers of Harmony - the robot sex doll - show off her lifelike qualities And by 2050 experts predict people will be hankering to tie the knot with their artificial intelligence girlfriends.

How Sex Dolls Apply Artificial Intelligence

Sexbots are increasingly complex technologies that combine advances in robotics character and artificial intelligence. Once the star of fantasy movies, the Robotic Sex Doll is the product of fusion technology. Voice and facial recognition software, motion-sensing technology, and electronic animation can be combined to create a doll that will give you a warm, smiling welcome when you come home, entertain you with easy conversation, and always be available for sex. Doll designers tend to respond to individual requests combined with broader stereotypes about what an “ideal robot” might look like. Kate Devlin, who studies human-computer interactions, says we're on the cusp of a sexual revolution driven by robotics and artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more commonplace in all aspects of the developed world, where robots might help with tasks as diverse as hospital operations to defusing explosives. Robots already build our cars, clean our houses and make our food – now manufacturers are offering life-like, moving dolls for “private fun”. Historically, the sex industry has been at the forefront of the implementation of innovative technologies, and integrating AI is unlikely to be an exception. Some AI applications already seek to mimic human dynamics, such as the conversational google home, Alexa or Siri, which use machine-learning technology to better predict, understand, and correctly fulfill our informational requests. However, the sex robot industry is innovating AI to fulfill human emotional and physical demands. AI embedded in sexdolls can be specifically geared to meet this demand. Current ai sex doll features include touch and motion detection, blinking, forehead movements, head-turning and tilting, and holding conversations. These conversations include simple processes (such as remembering facts), as well as more complex processes (such as living emotionally with a partner). The Real robot body doesn't have any bells or whistles designed with female pleasure in mind, aside from more ribbed-for-your-pleasure vascularity than occurs in nature.

At the end of 2019, SEDOLL, the sex doll company in mainland China, launched an adult doll that combines AI.

It not only has a moving appearance but also allows simple conversations with the "master". Eyes and mouth will also have The corresponding movements, the head, the hands, and the feet can be moved freely like a robot. The customer can also create a personalized design doll, free to choose the appearance characteristics of the doll's height, hairstyle, and eye color.

SeDoll is one of the famous sex doll manufacturers in mainland China. The head office is located in the southeast of Guangdong Province Shenzhen City. As a doll owner community online forums verified manufacturer, they are selling the great AI robot sex doll.

At present, the artificial intelligence function of sexbot is still very basic. It can answer simple questions and use the eyes and mouth to make expressions, but it can't engage in longer conversations. When the doll receives the order, it will give expression and response. In addition, Doll's database is used to find the words or information used, so it can also query all kinds of messages, news, or weather.

The recognition of the function of the SeDoll has been difficult to break through because the experts inside the company do not want to put too much research effort into the artificial intelligence technology of adult dolls. Product manager Ray Ling said: "Of course, we don't expect our smart sex dolls to be like humans. After all, we just make adult dolls, but we will definitely add more advanced techniques, such as letting the limbs move more naturally. It takes at least 10 to 20 years of technological development for robots to move freely like humans.

How Much is A Robot Sex Doll?

Personalized robot sex dolls can cost tens of thousands of pounds. However, low price models can also be found in the growing market. As technology is more widely used, the price of ai sex dolls is expected to fall increasing their use.

SEDOLL has made a blowjob sex robot to help men with automatic oral sex. But the price of sex robots is not cheap, you should pay an extra $999 to add this function. Auto Blowjob with 3 different conditions: Low Speed, Medium Speed, High Speed. It is closer to a real person. A sex doll with a vocal device that can move on its own under your control can fulfill most of your sexual needs during sex, making it more human and perfect. Every heating system and sound/moaning add-on upgrade option may cost you $150. The cheapest sex robots have to over $3,000, and realistic cost money more than $10,000.

Benefits of Having a Smart Sex Robot Companion

The benefits of robot sex dolls are pretty explosive, and they affect many parts of your actual lives. Smart sex robots are one the best ways for releasing stress, helping with anxiety, loneliness, and even depression. First and foremost, incredible orgasms have the ability to change your intimate life whether experienced with a partner or not and give femmes the power to own their orgasms and pleasure. Romantic and erotic relationships between humans and media figures are common. Some authors predict strong positive effects of love dolls and sex bots, including social companionship, sexual exploration, pleasure, and increased satisfaction for individuals and couples. Smart sex robot Companions can discuss your day or please you for hours without complaint.

Orgasms are also great for our health. Whether sheltering in place alone or with a roommate or partner, orgasms relieve the tension of being trapped indoors and boost immunity, mood, and emotional well-being. For some, robot girlfriend may help them achieve their first-ever orgasm. Now more than ever, those transformative experiences are life-changing and keep us healthy. Most people are willing to use companion robots as devices of manliness learning. It helps them to improve their sexual performance and increase their ability to enjoy their companies. These have also been shown to overcome premature ejaculation problems and orgasms, helping people regain their full potential.

Sex robots' presence helps most people who are sex addicts/ sex offenders and tend to have an unusual desire for sex. Nevertheless, one mate may have trouble withstanding such a sexual urge, which leaves addicts searching for multiple partners. This also comes with its issues as it generally has a high chance of catching diseases. Sex addicts are satisfied with sex robots as much as they want to have sex with the machine. The robot’s not getting tired. Stress negatively affects our body, and it’s no surprise the events surrounding COVID-19 and physical distancing are stressful. Once human beings have contact, sexually transmitted diseases are widely transmitted. The illness poses risks and causes problems in a household, and sometimes it leads to death if it is not treated early. You don’t need to think about contracting a sexually transmitted disease with a sex bot. Robots boost safe sex, and you don’t have to think about the chances of contracting these diseases.

The current state of research shows sex doll owners and their uses are diverse and realdolls can be associated with negative and positive effects. Likewise, the available empirical studies with sex doll owners indicate that they do not only regard and treat their dolls as “sex” dolls, but sometimes also as “love” dolls or social companions. A clinical case study explained how living with a doll helped a divorced man to overcome relationship trauma and get ready to approach real women again. Psychological theories that can explain the human-doll relationship are, among others, the theory of transitional objects or the theory of parasocial interactions and relationships usually applied to media personas.

Overall, sexual wellness is a comprehensive idea that touches every part of our lives. Our emotional state, intimate experiences, and physical well-being rely on healthy sex and healthy conversations about sex. Every aspect of a love doll can improve our sexual relationships in some way. It’s no exaggeration to say sex bot enhances our lives in many ways other industries can’t.

Opposing Opinions On Sex Robots

So far, research on public attitudes towards humanoid robots is far from reaching the saturation point. Scientists may avoid this topic for reasons ranging from treating it as a novel discussion to being too embarrassed to conduct it as research. However, the topic of ai sex doll does have moral, psychological and social relevance and deserves serious study. For now, there are widely recognized gaps in current research. Sex bots allow humans to indulge in interactive embodied sexual fantasies elicit strong projections of lust and fear.

Experts believe improving the gender diversity of those involved in developing this sexual technology could help reduce possible harms, such as the objectification of women. Many scholars, including Richardson, argue it reinforces the notion of real women as property, not as people with freedom Scholars such as Robert Sparrow of Monash University argue creating realistic female sex robots with the ability to refuse consent would further promote rape culture.

Despite this apparent boom, however, experts aren't so sure humans are prepared for intimate relationships with machines, with risks including injuries and vulnerability to cyberattacks. (Business insider)

Of course, the introduction of smart sex dolls has changed the face of human interaction and intimacy, but the way and extent of unresolved issues. What is the social-psychological meaning? Can robot partners truly replace the human experience? Will sex robots be regarded as just the latest developments in sex toys? Does this industry need supervision? And, if so, who will provide such supervision impartially? Advanced sex and love robots could bring more love to the world, but they could, at the same time, devalue real humans.

Technology is always like that: people are against it, people are for it. But eventually, if you develop technology in the right way, you’ll always have many benefits for people.

Why Buy Smart Sex Doll From YourDoll

In modern society, almost every country in the world is sexually open, including special sex education classes that help understand the structure of the human body without avoiding past problems. In life, more people have their sexual impulses in sex robots. We are seeing the sex doll industry go through a revolution during the COVID-19 pandemic with a huge increase in orders from both couples and male and single females. There are many reasons to buy a smart sex doll, probably because women exist and their sexual behavior is unsatisfactory. At this point, smart sex doll is their best sex release tool. Realdolls have been rolled up in more than one form for many years, but are more famous in modern society.

As a premium retailer, we offer you sensible smart sex dolls with a robust metal skeleton. This high-tech metal skeleton allows incredibly realistic sex positions. The lifesize smart sex robot recommendations are not just intended as a luxury sex toy for men and women. Ask yourself what you expect from a smart robot doll. Of course, it depends on which model is right for your choices. Our robotic sex dolls will be able to hold the positions a person can hold. The smart robot dolls made of tpe material can be very lifelike, with faces and bodies modeled on real people in some instances, with realistic skin and realistic hair.

Through this metal skeleton, made with a lot of knowledge, realistic female robots for men or couples become real-life ai sex dolls, which makes all fantasies and dreams come true. SeDoll factory we cooperate with has talented designers who will handcraft high quality and incredibly high-quality robot according to your preferences. There is no doubt that these life-size sexbots are no less than a piece of art. They are like Real life is really the same, it is a luxury, especially a robot sex doll design, the simulation of human is very high.

Convince yourself, look at these beautiful ladies. Each sex robot for sale has all-female attributes in very lifelike execution. And also we here offered silicone sex dolls or favorable TPE sex dolls that can still be customized according to your specifications. Size, eye color, hair color, hair length, skin color, body types, fingernails, replaceable vagina, oral and anal functions ...her personality is freely customizable to your liking. Read our customer reviews and buy one.

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The smart sex doll is coming. To a bedroom near you. No longer the stuff of Hollywood fantasy, sexually “functioning” robots are now available to buy and try.

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