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WM 163H Review!

Hello everybody!! I’m new here and a first time doll owner. I ordered the 163cm thick WM doll on Nov 29th from (WM163H) after much deliberation over the past year. It was an in stock doll at the time and like most vendors they are including a second head, some wigs and a free outfit I placed my order and was very excited for the first few days, knowing it would arrive within the week. I felt that I had done an adequate amount of research on dolls prior to ordering, I had seen the concerns some people had made about their orders from this vendor, however, it also seemed that upon voicing their concerns, the company was happy to help and remedy the situations as needed.

My order arrived on Dec 7th, with a mid size gash on one side of the box, though even upon delivery it only took a quick glance to see that this was mostly surface level. With a little bit of effort pushing it up two flights of stairs to my room, I unpacked and laid her on my bed for inspection. She seemed to be in perfect shape. My only initial concerns were;
1. some wrinkles on her bottom from the plastic she was wrapped in, but learned from the manual this was very easy to remedy by just holding a warm cloth gently over the creases for a little bit
2. there appeared to be tearing under the breasts, but upon closer inspection it seemed to be some kind of lubricant, oil or plastic that had clumped up possibly from the cold. As after some time inside it seemed to wipe away as she moved naturally.

Included in the package was the doll, two heads (one with textured mouth)a total of 4 wigs, 4 sets of eyes, a lovely lingerie set, and a bag full of care and safe handling equipment. (Wig brush, internal heater, safe handling gloves, foot protectors for the doll, an orifice irrigator & the assembly to hang on a rod) all wrapped in a super soft & plushy blanket.)

The hands and feet are incredibly delicate & have individual knuckles & natural creases detailed in (really nice touch!)

The doll has hollow option breasts, which are perfectly pillowy and jiggly. The skin feels fantastic amazing & quite real especially at room temp or slightly above. The eyes are GORGEOUS. The professional make-up certainly adds a lot of flair to the face, but even without it, I’m convinced the eyes are a big part of what makes the experience so real (Nobody told me they could gaze back into your soul).

The key things I see most people recommend is to double check the measurements, skin color & weight were as advertised or as ordered and if off by even a bit, it should be seen as a red flag. Well the skin is a beautiful natural/light tan color, just like the stock WM photos, and the first thing I did when I opened her box after taking the unboxing photos & video was measure her. The measurements were precise & were within a fraction of an inch as advertised. Weight seems perfect, but I had a tough time keeping her steady for long with her feet so close together on my scale for the exact readout.+/- only a couple lbs at most.

All praise for the vendor and manufacturer aside, I would like to make a list of cons to be as fair as possible in my review. Now I don’t have any “negatives” to say particularly about either the vendor or manufacturer, but rather a warning to all those seeking to buy a doll and are not familiar with it.

She’s heavy. To be fair, I think this is one of the heaviest dolls currently available. (Previous SO was 70lbs heaver than this at heaviest, whom I picked up often, so) I thought I had an accurate gauge of the weight. It would definitely help to have a partner or trusted friend to help haul her around for bigger movements or into storage/out of the house, but with some finesse is manageable alone. Particularly so once you familiarize yourself with the directions of all the joints (Manual is a wonderful resource). That all being said, I think the weight is what adds a decent portion of the realism to the experience, and is worth the extra effort. I laid her head and shoulders against my chest, and it really felt like someone resting peacefully against me.
Secondly, and again covered several times in not only TDF but the vendor website and manufacturers manual, is the use of talcum/baby/anti-moistutre powder. After washing her or getting her wet in any way, and after patting dry with soft cotton cloth, or GENTLY patting if using a towel, the powder should be applicated to the dry doll. If this is not done, she could potentially get tacky, picking up hair & lint & dust fairly easily.
Similarly, yet not covered anywhere online that I’ve seen, TPE is a conductive plastic, meaning heavily woolen garments (or lots of shuffling across carpet) can statically charge the doll. Again, an easy fix to find and touch a fully grounded object (think screw on a lightswitch cover, a faucet, even some wooden tables) and touch the doll with the other hand for a moment.

I am overall incredibly impressed with the product and the realism it shows. I had a lot of fun photographing her, and can definitely see why so many like to model their dolls. I’ll add the rest of this small photoshoot into ‘Eye Candy’ later. I was very attracted to this model in particular because of the volume of her hips, thighs & backside. She’s incredibly beautiful, and seeing such a life like body in person really elicits a deep & primal response. Almost like my conscious mind is aware she’s TPE but my body is fully convinced there’s a woman waiting in my bed.

As sexy as she is, and happy with my purchase as I may be, I am considering reselling her. I underestimated the realism and size of what is practically a human. I’m wondering if I was ready for a full size doll. It takes more room than I pictured and I don’t have a lot of space to begin with right now. I’m realizing I have slightly less privacy than I thought I would need as well. I’m hoping to be moving into a more appropriately sized abode later in the year, however, until then I don’t feel all that comfortable. I’ve only had about two total hours since she arrived, a week ago now, where I was actually able to get her out and dress her up/photograph her.
I have not yet, against all urges, laid with her/had any kind of intercourse with her. I have decided I won’t be doing so until I know for certain if I’m going to rehome her or not (She will be sold unused if that’s what happens).
I’ll be making my decision by this weekend hopefully & will update as I do.

Thank you WM dolls for the fantastic product & to the professional and courteous team at yourdoll, I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

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