How Should I Store Sex Dolls?

One of the problems that many people have is how to place sex dolls after they have been purchased or manipulated on a daily basis. I believe this problem will be solved after you read the following guide.

1. Laying flat

There is something to be said for laying the real sex doll flat – not on a hard surface, whether on the bed, in a storage box, or even on the floor. Without this layer of protection, the back of the doll may collapse forever. Especially if you buy a TPE sex doll, it is very difficult to recover from a dent in the TPE material.

If you don’t think this is necessary, another strategy is to place a pillow on each side of the doll’s waist and lower legs, so that the doll can maintain the natural curvature of the body when lying down, and the doll’s whole body shape will remain in good shape.

2. Hanging

Hanging is the most recommended way of storage, as the adult sex dolls are equivalent to hanging in the air, their own weight will not crush any side, if the home has a good load-bearing wardrobe, hangers, or other shelves, hanging is a good choice, it is worth noting that different brands of dolls have different ways of hanging, it is recommended to get advice from the shop to understand clearly before buying to avoid damage. If you don’t have the above conditions, you can buy a pulley hanger to place it on, available on major Amazon or eBay at prices ranging from a few tens to a few hundred dollars, it is particularly important to choose a quality one to avoid the rope breaking off when the doll is hanging.

3. Standing

The least recommended way to store your dolls: standing up!

Some of our friends have been known to stand their dolls up against the wall to save time, but this is the wrong way to store them! I would like to remind you that most of the dolls you buy do not support standing up for a long time, even the higher-end dolls of certain brands, and the manufacturers make it a point to only stand up for a short time. Because the TPE love doll is very soft, when it stands all the weight is concentrated on the sole of the foot, it will be very easy to cause the sole of the foot to tear, and even outside the sole of the foot to see the metal skeleton, so to avoid the doll to stand for a long time, or its sole of the foot torn money was spent, the doll is not complete.

4. Sitting

Sitting on the sofa may seem safe, but it’s not. In the same way, standing causes the soles of the feet to tear, sitting can also cause the weight to be concentrated on the hips, causing cracks around the hip bones.

The above is the knowledge about doll storage and placement, have you learned it?

How to Remove Make-up From Sex Doll?

There is a special group of people in the sex doll community who specialize in makeup alterations for love dolls, and their magical make-up techniques bring out different flavors on the same face. There are many players who would like to try to give their realistic sex dolls a makeover to experience a different face, but they are worried about ruining their dolls’ faces. It is important to carefully get rid of the previous make-up before changing it, so we have put together a guide to removing make-up from a real love doll. With this guide, even newbies can remove their dolls’ makeup the right way!

What tools should I prepare before removing my make-up?
Safe Makeup Remover
Cosmetic pads
Baby powder
Head holder
Two soft cloths (sheepskin, microfiber, suede or double-sided velvet, etc.)
Warm water (below 50°C)

Now, let’s start removing the doll’s make-up step by step!

Step 1: Place the doll’s head on the headstand

With the exception of the one-piece dolls where the head cannot be removed, all other TPE & Silicone sex dolls require the head to be removed for make-up and make-up removal. On the other hand, fixing it to the headstand is less prone to mistakes and allows for better make-up manipulation.

Step 2: Remove the wig and eyeball

Gently pull the sex doll’s lower eyelid downwards, then insert tweezers into the eye cavity to remove the eyeball. The eyes of a new sex doll are usually hemispherical and hollow, so they can be easily pulled out. Removing the eyeballs will protect them from cosmetics. The implant wig should be gathered and tied, the wig just tucks it away.

Step 3: Use a safe make-up remover

Next is a safe make-up remover, or if you don’t have one you can just use a normal make-up remover. Soak a cotton pad in the make-up remover and place it on the doll’s face for a few seconds, then gently wipe it off with the pad. The soaked pad needs to be replaced promptly, otherwise, the pad will smear the make-up residue on the adult sex doll‘s face. Please concentrate on removing eye shadow, blush, and lipstick.

Tip: Eyeliner and eyelashes are the basis of most make-up, so removing them is not recommended unless necessary and with good make-up skills.

Step 4: Clean the sex doll’s face and allow it to dry

After removing the make-up, wash the face with a prepared soft cloth moistened with warm water, then simply blot up any remaining water stains on the surface with a dry cloth and wait for it to dry.

Fifth: Take an appropriate amount of baby powder and apply it to the sex doll’s face.

Once completely dry, puff the baby powder evenly over the doll’s face to help prevent an oily condition in addition to further absorbing moisture and drying. After puffing the powder and leaving it on for an hour you can start to reapply the make-up.

Resetting the doll’s make-up is a wonderful thing to do, but Bina does not recommend this for players who have not had practice, so players should be careful about changing their make-up!

How to Avoid being Stained?

Dyeing is caused by the oil dissolving the fuel on top of the clothing and penetrating into the doll material, generally speaking, the severity of the dyeing of the New sex doll = the amount of dyeing pigment * the time of contact * the amount of pressure of contact. The amount of dyeing pigment is generally related to the newness of the clothes and the dyeing material of the clothes. The older the clothing, the more times it is washed, and the less dyeable material is left on it, so the older the clothing, the less stainable it is. The lighter the color of the clothing, the less staining material can be dissolved and the less likely it is to be stained. The more expensive the garment, the less likely the dye material is to be dissolved by the love doll’s skin oil, and the less likely it is to be dyed.

1. The amount of time the realistic sex doll is in contact with the clothing is also proportional to the severity of the staining, so take off any clothing that is at risk of staining immediately after the photo shoot.

2. The amount of pressure between the lifesize sex doll and the clothing in contact with it is also proportional to the staining. For example, if the same light, dark-colored clothing is placed on the sex doll and placed under the doll’s bottom for the same amount of time, the staining will be worse where the bottom is pressed.

The sex doll staining situation belongs to the physical diffusion process of color particles, and the appearance of staining can be avoided as far as possible by paying attention to the key points mentioned above.

1. Try to wear old clothes.
2. Try to buy new clothes of good quality, cheap clothes are the worst hit by staining.
3. If there are no old clothes, and the economic situation does not allow to buy too expensive clothes, then the new clothes bought please first wash with laundry or laundry detergent 5 ~ 8 times, if the water soaked out no longer obvious color, then only can you consider to change the doll.
4. Please don’t press the cloth by the weight of the love doll itself, keep it in mind when taking the pose with the doll.
5. Change the clothes that are in danger of staining immediately after taking photos to reduce the time of contact.
6. Consider giving the real doll a one-piece sock to isolate the external clothing. Or pad a bit of light-colored cloth or restaurant paper where the clothing has close pressure. For example, most dark pajamas have shrink bands there around the bust, where the pressure is much higher than elsewhere, and also particularly prone to staining, so you can just pad a white handkerchief or restaurant paper inside.

If you sleep with your adult love doll, please note that your own sheets, covers, and pajamas are not easily stained, but if they are all light-colored or very old, they are fine.

Adding to this, the oiling of dolls is an irreversible physical process, and the amount of oiling is not only related to the doll’s material formula, but the temperature of the place where the doll is stored is a key factor. The simple way to deal with this is to powder the doll in advance, firstly for the feel and secondly for ease of dressing, and thirdly for the oil to be absorbed and neutralized by the talcum powder when the TPE sex doll is oily.

What Affects the Lifespan of A Sex Doll

The old adage that there is no such thing as a goodbye is a clear expression of what happens when people face the prospect of parting from their friends and family, and it is inevitably a sad one. Goodbyes and departures are always a sad event, whether it be friends, partners, family or even the physical dolls that have been with us for so long. But unlike human life and death and other untimely causes, the timing of our ‘goodbyes’ is completely manageable and not difficult.

Sex Dolls are of great significance to some people and will occupy a very important place in their hearts, after all, they bring many different colors to their lives. So before they can own, protect and rely on a lifesize sex doll, they will be anxious to know what to expect from the doll’s lifespan. But before we discuss this, it is important to know that just like everything else in life. For example, a car needs to be maintained after a certain number of miles, and it needs to be maintained even more often if it is often driven in bad road conditions. By the same token, a well-maintained doll has a better chance of lasting longer than a physical doll that has been casually used and trashed. So, while there is no way to tell exactly how long a real love doll will last, there are many factors at play. The following are some of the more major aspects of the adult sex doll.

1. Material

This is the most important factor, the better the material used to make the sex doll the better it will be able to withstand the harsh conditions of use and other mechanical factors that can cause it to break down. Of course, the downside to this is that high-quality TPE and silicone sex dolls are relatively expensive, especially the latter. However, this is a normal relationship between quality and price, and if you want to buy a real doll then buying the best quality is a wise direction to go. This is because the longer a good quality doll will be around you, the longer it will last.

2. Use

It is obvious that the more your realistic sex doll is played with, the more wear and tears it will experience and the shorter its lifespan will be. However, for real dolls that are used regularly, this wear and tear effect can be mitigated by proper care and maintenance, especially in terms of hydration and cleaning. Furthermore, it is very important that the sex doll needs to be handled gently; rough handling may result in indentations, breakage, or even chipping, all of which will certainly reduce the life expectancy of the love doll. So, the rougher the treatment, the shorter the time it will remain in good condition.

3. Maintenance

Maintenance is very important for many reasons, especially when it comes to your health. In addition to this, maintenance is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your real-life sex dolls last longer. This includes regular cleaning – especially of the more complex parts, frequent hydration with mineral oil, and the use of (water-based) lubricants. Above all, avoid harmful chemicals, including acidic solvents, alcohol, silicone oil, etc. Another important aspect concerns storage. The ideal environment is to remember to keep the doll in a cool, dry place, in a flat position, or with a doll hanging kit; extremes of temperature and humidity are major factors in shortening the life of lifelike sex dolls.

The last thing mentioned is that before the above-mentioned factors, it is important to make sure that you are buying your product from a trustworthy and proper merchant. In conclusion, because a genuine doll is a product that is used for a long time and invested in over a long period of time, it is important to first have a high-quality seductive sex doll, one that is not easily damaged, along with proper use and care, in order to very effectively extend the life of the sexy doll.

Can Sex Dolls be Pierced?

Most sex dolls are made of TPE or silicone, which are designed to mimic human skin. It is possible to pierce a love doll completely, but unlike our skin, TPE and silicone do not repair themselves and are not painful. So in many ways, it is easier to pierce an adult Sex doll than a human being. It is important to note that piercings are permanent, so think carefully before attempting to do so.

The planned piercing site will affect the details of the process and we will discuss the two main methods – “piercing” and “pinching”- and explain why they are named as such.

Method 1: “Puncturing”

This method involves piercing an area where there is a clear entry and exit point and all you have to do is pierce it.

Choose the area where you want to pierce (draw a small circle in this area with a pencil). Measure the width of the piercing needle and find a longer one to pierce the love doll, please make sure your piercing needle is the same width or a little smaller. Pick up the needle in the determined area and press down firmly until the tip of the needle passes through it. Place the earring or charm on the tiny sex doll through the hole that it passes through.

Method 2: “Pinching”

This is a technique that needs to be used in areas that cannot be fully pierced, such as the belly button, where your needle has no clear exit.

Once again, choose the area you want to pierce. Measure the length of the puncture and try to mentally mark the exit and entry points. Grasp each point separately with your thumb and forefinger and pinch. Pass the needle through the pinched area. Now that both holes are open, you can place the ornament in the pierced area.

Notes on perforation

Although TPE is a very soft material, this does not mean that it is perfect. While it’s not so easy to break a TPE sex dolls with a simple needle, piercing does pose some risks. Not all metals react perfectly with TPE, and this can lead to what looks like a human rash of patches.

Which metals cause this reaction has not been fully researched, but one simple piece of advice to follow is to stay away from cheap products; real-looking sex dolls are expensive products and should be treated as works of art. The theory is that some metals have cheap pigments on their surface that will leach into the skin of a realistic sex doll. Silver or gold is one of the safest metals and if you can choose one of them, you should have no problem. Our YourDoll also offer you the choice to get them, just click here. 🙂

How to Deal With the Eyelashes of a Sex Doll?

Perhaps after a few months of using a sex doll, you notice that your eyelashes have fallen out. Don’t worry, this is completely normal and very easy (and cheap) to fix.

As the manufacturer only uses false eyelashes and soft gel, they will fall off one day. This is to prevent damage to the silicone or TPE sex doll.

Let’s see how to replace the original lashes or place them now in this guide. What tools do you need for the process?

-A box of false eyelashes (lashes can be bought at make-up shops)

-Lash glue

-Lash curler

-Glue for eyelashes

The price may range from a dozen to several hundred dollars. Of course, the better the quality, the more expensive it is.

If you do not have eyelash curler tweezers, you can use any other tweezers. Please note that the glue is skin and eyelash specific. Do not use any other type of glue as this may damage the doll and the eyelashes!

How do I place my eyelashes?

Firstly, you need to clean all areas of old glue and dust.

Use the eyelash tweezers to set the lashes in place and wait for the glue to dry in place. After a while, you can adjust the length of your lashes with scissors. Next it’s time to put your make-up skills to work and reapply your eye make-up using your favorite eyeliner!


You can use the new lashes or the original lashes on the doll’s face. After placing the new lashes, you can redo the look using eyeliner

Use make-up glue only. Do not use any glue or other strong adhesive as this will damage the doll and the lashes.

You can change the style of the lashes at any time, in which case reusable lashes are required!

Why are Silicone Sex Dolls an Excellent Companion for Men?

Adult products have been around for centuries, but most of these products have never been practical for men. Over time, this fact is changing and men can now have a realistic silicone sex doll that provides them with the best psychological comfort. However, many people may disagree that a real doll is the best companion for a man, and here are some key points to prove them wrong.

Real feelings: this is one of the best benefits that men can’t get from most adult products. However, a lifesize sex doll can really fill this gap and can bring psychological comfort to the male. Needless to say, he is believed to be in a pleasurable mood when he has a sexy real doll that looks almost exactly like a woman.

Safe choice: Most of the adult products available on the market is untested and may have many side effects. Some of these side effects can even lead to greater complications for the user. In contrast, all real love dolls have been rigorously tested and are clearly safer compared to other solutions. The increased safety is therefore another proof of why in reality sexy dolls are excellent companions for men.

More pleasure: If a man wants to get in touch with a real woman, if he craves more interaction with his female friends, a fine and beautiful sex doll can satisfy all his needs and he can get more pleasure out of it. And it’s a pleasure that can only be felt by owning a real lifesize doll, something else will never give them that pleasure. This enhanced pleasure also makes premium sex dolls ideal for an excellent male companion.

As the silicone sex doll industry matures, we can foresee that there will be more realistic and sophisticated sex dolls for people to enjoy, and we just have to accept them and fall in love with them.

How to Choose Lubricant?

In addition to natural physiological lubricants (e.g. human secretions such as sweat), there are several man-made lubricants available in the market. Among these artificial lubricants are those that have a silicone base, a water base, or an oil base. These lubricants were originally designed for use on human skin and cannot all be used on your sexy sex doll. So, which type of lubricant should you choose for your love doll? Is there a risk of damaging your realistic love doll’s skin?

Q1:Can I use natural lubricants?

Of course, you can use the secretions from your own body (saliva) to lubricate the body surface of the silicone & TPE sex doll. Possible drawbacks: limited quantity and emits an unpleasant odor.

Q2: What about water-based lubricants?

Water-based lubricants are by far the best solution. Its many benefits include high efficiency and ease of cleaning. The environmentally friendly, anti-allergenic water-based lubricant has a non-sticky, non-greasy texture that is ideal for use on adult sex dolls made of silicone and TPE. Water-based lubricants will also protect the user from stains. The downside is that they are not suitable for use in water (shower or bathtub).

Q3: Can silicone lubricants be used for sex doll cleaning?

It is important to emphasize here that it is absolutely forbidden to use silicone lubricants on silicone and TPE sex dolls. Silicone lubricants have excellent lubrication and cleaning functions, but that will irreversibly damage the sex doll’s skin material. The silicone lubricant will react with the made material to produce a mixture that will cause damage to the flow holes of the love doll‘s body and make it impossible to use for a long time.

Q4: Is an oil-based lubricant suitable?

Again, oil-based lubricants are not recommended here. In addition to making the surface of your lifesize doll‘s skin too slippery, oil-based lubricants are also very difficult to clean. …… believes how uncomfortable it is when your doll gets stained and you can’t clean it all up!

To sum up, the reliable choice is :  water-based lubricant!

4 Things You Often Do That are Harmful to Sex Dolls

When you like something, you always want to have it and be together forever. Isn’t that right? So again, why would you overlook details or make mistakes when it comes to realistic sex dolls? I certainly know that you love the doll and do not mean to hurt it. But there are some things that are done to dolls without realizing it, and just never realize that many of the actions are serious mistakes.

In this article, we will discuss these wrongdoings. A real love doll is expensive but also beautiful, and it keeps us company in many ways. Therefore, it is our responsibility to take care of it in an appropriate manner. Remember the following points and don’t make these mistakes with your beloved adult dolls again!

I. Use oil-based lubricant

Lubricant is a good way to make the gel material not dry. However, oil-based lubricants are not ideal for use as solvents for silicone/TPE dolls. Even the best sex dolls can be damaged by the use of these lubricants. These lubricants can leave stains on the doll’s body and damage its material texture. Therefore, avoid using oil-based lubricants and it is better to use water-based lubricants which have good affinity and are harmless to dolls made of polymers.

2. Do not clean the love doll.

Just like we all need to take a shower every day to keep clean and healthy, sexy adult dolls also need to be cleaned or at least kept tidy. Something to keep in mind is to clean the doll every time you take it out of the storage box, whether in the shower or in the bedroom, cleaning is a must. Not cleaning the doll will build up all kinds of bacteria and microorganisms on the doll’s epidermis, which can damage the doll’s skin material and may also infect the owner with fungal or bacterial type diseases.

3. Storage in extreme temperatures

Another common mistake that most doll lovers make is to store their real dolls in extreme temperatures. The temperature of the environment where the physical dolls are stored cannot be too high or too low, they must be placed at normal room temperature. If you can not avoid putting the sex dolls in rooms with extreme temperatures, you need to ensure that the room is equipped with equipment such as portable dehumidifiers, air conditioners, or heaters, depending on the conditions of temperature changes.

4. Ignore the body details of the doll

When you buy a sex doll on the platform, to begin with, you should take the life of the doll to heart. Some small problems that are easy to ignore, such as cracks on the doll’s body, stains on the skin, lost wigs, and so on, are serious problems that may affect the doll completely, thus shortening the life of the doll. This means that if you ignore these small problems, he will not be able to stay with you for a long time, so if you find these problems with your doll, you need to make sure that you fix it in time.

Avoiding these mistakes will help extend the life of your doll. If you love your doll, please stop making the above mistakes!

How To Store The Sex Doll To Make It Life Longer?

Buying a realistic sex doll is usually a long buying process. Please, don’t forget to consider how to store your love doll once you receive it too! Storage conditions are very important to keep the real doll for a long time for long-term use.

Here are some suggestions to make your life easier and to make the male sex doll last longer!

Laying position

The long-time fixed posing action will make the TPE / silicone stretch too long, resulting in deformation of the body material or tear. So you need to change the pose and not let the doll stay in the same action for several weeks.

This is necessary to preserve our dolls, in these boxes, love dolls stay in the same pose for months or even years! You can keep the export carton you received to store the doll, keep the foam, and any protective stuff for later use!

Vertical or horizontal position

It depends on you, both are good, but for TPE / silicone sex dolls, the horizontal position is better. For the upright position, you just need neck hooks and a sturdy hanger/closet.

Need to hide your adult doll?

For those who need confidential storage, you can purchase a sex dollstorage case with a lock. It looks like a storage box for guitars or stereo equipment. The wheels and lock are heavy-duty. No one will open it!

Room temperature

This is also something to consider, silicone and TPE materials in the too hot or too cold state will lead to cracking or hardening, so adapt to the storage temperature should be between 10 degrees to 40 degrees.

A foreign friend of the doll has been placed outdoors in direct sunlight for twelve hours, in fact, when he went to retrieve has melted! If after a long period of storage feel that the surface body oozing oil sticky, you can use baby powder dry smooth.

Dressing clothes

When storing the doll, it is recommended to remove the clothes to avoid color staining after prolonged contact with the clothes. White fabric (such as bed sheets) can be used to cover.