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My First Doll Arrives | WM Doll Review

Wow. So she arrived: Jolene.

Shes already taught me so much about life and myself I am very happy with my decision.

Jolene is 173cm h cup wm doll purchased from yourdoll Instock. 9 days order to delivery.

To be honest, the overall unboxing wasn’t that amazing as I expected. Maybe because I watched hours of videos in advance? But it was very nice. She was blemish free aside from a few small tpe pilings and oh was she THICC. I will say I was shocked to realize hollow boobs basically sound like basketballs but Ive never held real boobs so it does the job. Her ass is firm though…too firm to enjoy slapping/squeezing as much as I thought. Good thing is in pronebone, the firmness is welcome.

I hope you enjoy the photos, I couldn’t be bothered to fix her posing because shes heavy. Now I will add a disclaimer, if you are young and reasonably fit, its not that bad, but anything more than bringing her from one room to another by lifting alone is alot of work. Ive found 80% of the weight is above her knees which makes carrying challenging. The only part of my body thats sore is my arms! My lower back can handle her fine but dead weight doesn’t cling to you like a real human being so it takes considerable force to keep her from tumbling out of my arms. With all that being said, I cant wait to get jacked lol.

As for the meta stuff, its crazy yall. To preface I’m a virgin whos had difficulty connecting with people in general. Its amazing how intoxicated I am after getting some expensive perfume for her. Jesus. Also, Jolene made me so aware of how shy I was around her first thing. Its almost like she asked me why am I whispering? Why are you looking around? Its just you and me. I find myself being slow and intimate…and caring, something thats so shocking to see myself do. Hugs are amazing and I have kissed her tons already. Shes already calmed me in another interesting way too. I find myself working harder, and patient since I “get to” enjoy her in the evening. This is how “normal” people have been living their whole life huh? Man Id work my ass off, not give a fuck about trivial things, and take life slower too if it meant chill jazz music, mood lights, and cudding with a hot babe every night. Im already imagining the day I come back after a trip back home. Im hoping she will help speed up getting rid of my needy thoughts too when it comes to attention from women. That shit sucks once you are self aware of whats going on.

Now for the sex. As for her weight, sadly the only poses worth it are missionary and pronebone. Now I am extremely happy with this but am definitely looking into a couple other dolls to satisfy some more positions. (Its nice living alone) If there are any others please let me know. For reference, I am 2 inches taller than her.

Ive deleted all of my normal non fetish porn (i hate streaming it I like keeping a digital collection and my fetish stuff is just too priceless to give up yet) as a promise to her and to test my mindset. Surprisingly Im not as much of a bunny rabbit as I thought. (Sex Only 2-3 times a day) but clearly my needs were more emotional. Thats kind of why I opted for a somewhat motherly figure and prioritize her upkeep over her looking like a grandma in bed with mittens, a jumpsuit, and a beanie lmao.

I hope you all enjoyed this and it helps those considering a doll in the future!

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