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Zelex Doll New Inspiration Series is Available!

Zelex Doll has worked very hard to build its reputation as a well-known silicone brand. They work behind the scenes to create and improve the dolls and photo sets they offer each month. On August 31, Zelex upgraded several of their particular silicone sex dolls with the debut of their new Inspiration Collection. The new features on the future dolls make them substantially more lifelike and useful.

The Inspiration series of dolls brings 4 important new upgrades:

Oral structure with movable jaw
The unique, flexible jaw oral design gives it a more natural appearance. This mouth may engage in oral sex and has silicone tongue, teeth, and uvula. Her expression also gets more expressive when the doll has a movable jaw. You can see she had the excitement of an orgasm, but she was also shy and surprised.

Softer breasts and buttocks
We always appreciate softer buttocks and breasts. Zelex Doll has developed softer breasts and buttocks since it appears that consumers are dissatisfied with the softness and elasticity of hollow chests and conventional gel chests. Maybe new boobs are made with softer gel inside?

Detachable vagina with labia
Needless to say, one of the biggest hassles of owning a doll is cleaning it after sex. However, for a better and relatively better experience, most people choose the fixed vagina option instead of the detachable one. In use, people often do not feel the tightness of the vagina as the inserted tube may move. The new detachable vagina created by Zelex Doll is both good for cleaning the doll and giving you a better sex experience.

Upgraded color sealing process
Body painting always makes silicone dolls look more lifelike, but it’s annoying that the body makeup will deteriorate or even disappear if the doll is bathed or scrubbed vigorously. The body and facial makeup of the doll will remain longer thanks to a unique color-sealing procedure created by Zelex Doll.

Though there are many new enhancements offered by the Inspiration Series overall, not all Zelex dolls are available for these; only a few bodies and heads do. Probably because they only presently use these choices for a small number of molds. The update process on all Zelex Dolls may take longer.

Click here to order Zelex Doll’s Inspiration Series, choose dolls titled by [Inspiration Series].

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