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WM Dolls

WM Dolls is the #1 brand of high-quality TPE realistic sex dolls with an incredibly large amount of bodies and heads of all kinds. YourDoll is the top-selling official vendor and has been the top partner of WM Dolls worldwide. Are you looking for WM dolls that you didn’t see in our collection or perhaps you saw other WM Doll photos that we don’t have? just talk to our team! Buy your beautiful WM sex doll from yourdoll.com.

WM Doll Factory

Authorized By WM Doll

Every genuine WM Doll package will include a WM Doll instruction manual. Turn to the last page, scratch off the coating, and you will see the anti-counterfeiting verification code. Enter the anti-counterfeiting verification code on WM Doll’s official website, and the result will show whether your doll is genuine.

NEW S-TPE Material

The NEW material unveiled by WM Dolls, S-TPE (aka Super TPE) is

  • More Flexible & Resilient: S-TPE offers a more comfortable touch sensation, meanwhile providing excellent rebound resilience.
  • More Tear-Resistant: Skin at the joints is more likely to tear, the continuous test result shows that S-TPE is 8 times tear-resistant than the previous normal TPE material.
  • More Realistic: Just like silicone, S-TPE has no translucent skin and adopts body painting tech used on silicone bodies to achieve hyper realism.
  • Less Greasy: As a porous material, TPE is easy to get oily. But S-TPE is produced to solve the problem.
  • No Molding Seams: Compared to silicone bodies, S-TPE bodies feature no molding seams.
  • Easy to Repair: Repair S-TPE material in the same easy way as repairing normal TPE material. And S-TPE is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

P.S.: S-TPE is available for WM Dolls, Jinsan Doll, JK Doll, and YL Doll.

Click here to learn more about S-TPE.

WM Doll Real Oral Sex (ROS)

Real-Oral-Sex Mouth is also called ROS Mouth, which is a mouth with an oral structure.

In the latest head design with ROS, there is a movable jaw, a simulated tongue, and simulated teeth (soft, not hard real teeth), which are more realistic than the previous mouth with a tongue.

This feature is currently only available on specific head types: #85, #120, #159, #162, #198, #266, #273, #398, #400, #413, #432, #436, #452. (WM Dolls is continuing to develop new heads with ROS mouth, and the head type will continue to be updated here).

Skin Color

TPE Skin Tones

Breasts Type

*Gel breasts bounce!

WM Doll now offers 3 types of doll breasts – gel-breasts, hollow breasts, solid breasts.

Obviously, the jiggle of gel boobs is superior to hollow and solid boobs. There are some large breasts that are not suitable for solid and gel-filled breasts because overweight breasts can cause breast tears, and jelly breasts are also very likely to burst due to too much air pressure during transportation.

If you want to add a heating option to your doll, do not choose gel-filled breasts as the gel breasts may burst when heated.

Mouth Type

WM Doll now offers three mouth types:
Only textured hole, textured hole with fixed tongue, real mouth with teeth and tongue (ROS)

If you choose hair implants for your TPE doll or choose a silicone head, any of these three mouth options will not be unavailable as the head is firm.

Upgraded Skeleton

EVO skeleton means reinforced metal skeleton with enhanced movable shoulders. You can give a new look to the beautiful model in different positions. Think of all the “yoga poses” you can do with that beautiful model in mind you have.


EVO skeleton is not available if you choose a heating option or breathing option for WM & YL Doll.

Hyper Realism Painting

Don’t wash your doll’s body too much when your doll has realism body painting.

Teeth & Tongue Inserts

This teeth & tongue set offers a more realistic look for your love doll. It’s not fit for silicone dolls and hair-implanted TPE doll heads.

Implanted Hair

For WM/YL Doll, there are 2 options for implanted hair: Human real hair, Synthetic hair. Hair Length and color are optional.

You can style the hair as you desire. It can be washed, dried, curled, combed, styled, cut, crimped, and straightened but we don’t recommend any heat above 140 degrees centigrade.

The head is produced with a harder TPE blend if you choose implanted hair. The head and mouth will be hard; as a consequence oral sex won’t be possible and neither the addition of tongue + uvula. If you choose the human/real implanted hair during the customization of your doll, please leave us a message in the note box with your desired color and length when you place an order. Please note that implanted hair requires an extra 10-14 days for delivery time.

Click this video to see how implanted hair is made.

Articulated Fingers

2nd Generation of Articulated Fingers

WM Doll now offers articulated finger joints for dolls of height 150cm+.

3rd Generation of Articulated Hand Skeleton

The newest generation of articulated hand skeletons not only upgrades the finger parts but also adds a ball joint at the wrist to allow for more flexible wrist movement. The fingers feature a “Damping Structure” and “Spherical Structure” to ensure more flexibility and durability. Learn more about the upgraded hand skeleton by clicking here.

Moaning System

When you touch her breasts or having sex with your real doll, turn on this device and your love doll will moan. You can charge the sound system by connecting the power cord.

Breathing Feature

Make your WM doll breathe like a real human, she’s no longer a dull doll but a lifelike companion.

Body Heating

You will receive a USB heater in the package when your package is delivered. The USB heater is only for heating your doll holes (mouth, vagina, anus). This heating option is to warm your doll’s whole body. Please connect your doll to heat for at least 40 minutes and don’t heat for much too long time.

Don’t use your love doll when it’s being heated. Don’t ever use the heating option in water, always disconnect the power first when washing your doll or taking it into a damp or wet environment.

Auto-Sucking Vagina

Generally, skinny ladies less than 160cm are not recommended to add the auto-sucking function. Please feel free to consult our customer service if you want this function for your WM doll.

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WM Doll Body Measurements

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