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New buyer purchasing 135cm E-cup Azazel | Doll4ever Review

Hello, and thank you all for having me! I would just like to share my experience with everyone, as I embark on this journey to unite with my devilish companio. I’ll be sure to keep this updated, as this forum has been a great help after lurking for some time. Hopefully all goes well, and I get me my beautiful bedmate

5 days in and we’re finally at production . I’m excited and a little anxious. Hopefully there’s no issues

Alrighty!! 2 weeks later and she finally finished and on the way



She arrived today!! Everything on her is amazing  Can truly say that I’m a satisfied customer!

After a wash and a photoshoot, she’s all tuckered out. Thank you to YourDoll and the forum for making this union possible.

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