Doll Brand Authorization Certificate

All of the branded dolls you purchased on are guaranteed as authentic products. We have got authorization certificates from part of the doll manufacturers. Some manufacturers don’t offer certificates but all of your orders can be tracked from the original manufacturers. NO COUNTERFEIT HERE!

TDF Verified and Approved
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YOURDOLL has been verified and approved by The Doll Forum(TDF).

WMDOLL(Jinsan) Authorization
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You will find out a user guide in your package box if you purchase a WM doll. You can distinguish whether it’s an authentic WM doll with the verification code in the user guide.

SEDOLL Authorization
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Piper Doll Authorization
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YL Doll Authorization
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SM Doll Authorization
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Doll Forever Authorization
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DollHouse168 Authorization
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HR Doll Authorization
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Qita Authorization
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Irontech Doll Authorization
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