* has been the top #1 dealer of WM Doll in 2020.

Yourdoll’s office is located in California, the United States. We started selling dolls in 2017, and we have obtained the approval of TDF (The Doll Forum) in 2019. We began to stock up some inventory in the US office so that some customers could purchase and receive goods quickly. But the outside world has attacked and slandered us more. has been plagiarized by many fake websites

YourDoll ONLY have have two websites for different marketplaces: | These two are legit and official.

For a long time, many competitors have plagiarized yourdoll’s banner, doll pictures, copywriting content, web page layout design, and even similar domain names. made some fake websites to advertise on Facebook, eBay, and Aliexpress. They pretended to be yourdoll to lure customers and some even set dirt-cheap prices (like $79 for a doll) on the website. YourDoll cannot follow up and warn them in time. This leads you to often find that many websites look very similar to To ensure the safety of your funds, please make sure that you place an order and make a payment on a correct and legit website.


Please be sure that you are at when you hung for a doll. If you receive an invoice for your order, please carefully check whether the invoice matches the order number at Please talk about your orders and payment issues through our official email [email protected] or the online chat on

*** If you find more fake websites that are using yourdoll logo or stealing yourdoll banner, please send us a message. Thanks!! *** has been slandered for a long time

To let all doll lovers get a better experience on our website, and to convince everyone who loves, we have made a lot of effort and have become good partners with major manufacturers. We don’t need to risk destroying the relationship between and manufacturers like WM/SE/YL. We have enough orders and profits, and we don’t need to sell counterfeit to get profits to support our company. These things that are spread and amplified on the Internet cannot be the whole truth. Yourdoll’s principle of selling genuine products has never changed. We know that if we only rely on selling knockoffs and fakes, no company is destined to last.

Some bloggers called “sex doll experts” and make some “reviews”. For these 2 years, those guys never stop attacking and slandering We always make a concession and this is the first time we make a response. We are shuddered and extremely horrified at the ability to mobilize public opinion in just a few months. They must stop attacking and taking the opportunity to recommend their own websites when doll lovers ask whether is legit! Commercial competition should be a competition with limits, rather than using the title of the so-called sex doll expert to guide the direction of public opinion and deceive the public for their own business. We tend to be fair competition and we respect all of the positive competitors.

What does promise to you?

Now for all the dolls that you buy from, we will provide factory pictures to confirm that you are satisfied with all the details before shipment. After receiving the goods, you can also check the anti-counterfeiting code or directly write an email to the original manufacturer for confirmation. In addition, if you are in the United States, you can also ship the doll to our office in Los Angeles. Before picking up the product, you can confirm that the doll is genuine and then take it home. *However, pick-up is not available now since our certificate is not allowed to pick up sex dolls from 05-01-21. You can pick it up at the FedEx/UPS store if you want. Thank you for understanding!

We thank those men who always support and love will adhere to the original intention, always strive for the greatest benefit for customers, and provide the best products and services.

If you have any questions, you can contact via sending an email to [email protected] or directly contact the manufacturer to ensure that your doll is purchased from genuine channels.

Be safe and healthy,
YourDoll Team

Sex Doll Scam Alert

How To Avoid Being Scammed

  • TDF verified vendor
    Some vendors won’t join TDF (The Doll Forum), but you have to believe that vendors in TDF will be more believable. TDF won’t let a scam seller join in. View Yourdoll’s TDF section.
  • Reviews about the product
    Take some time and read through the reviews, comments, suggestions from the sex doll buyers before purchasing it. Authentic customer reviews always help you to decide.
  • Doll Brand Authorization Certificate
    We got the certification of doll brand authorization, like WM Doll, Piper Doll, Doll House 168, SM Doll, HR Doll, etc. Please check our certification pictures. Some sellers also show you fake authorization, email the original manufacture to confirm will be more secure.
  • Ready Doll Image
    Check your doll image before you purchase the doll or before the doll is shipped, confirm every detail is correct as you want. View Yourdoll’s ready doll image.
  • Visible Address
    Whether you are shopping on AliExpress or any other store you found on the internet – make sure the address and phone number are written clearly on the Contact Us page.
  • Clear Product Description
    Your love doll is supposed to have a very clear description. The height and weight is a must. Some even indicate the breast’s size and the depth of the oral/vaginal/anal cavity.
  • Payment methods
    Check the payment methods before you purchase your sex doll. Credit cards and PayPal are the safest ways to pay, for sure, and you will have the option to recover your money if you stumble upon a scam. If you don’t have a PayPal or Credit Card, Western Union and Bank Transfer also work. But just transfer to whom you trust. View our payment methods.
  • Online & telephone Supported
    Talk and chat to the seller on phone or by email before buying (Email: [email protected]).
  • Too cheap is never too good
    The average price of the WM doll on AliExpress and Amazon is $300~$1000. Authentic WM dolls won’t be so cheap. Because the price is even lower than the cost for a doll made from Jinsan. You can also send an email to WM doll confirm whether the store you purchase from is authentic.
  • Pick Up Available (Local warehouse)
    More and more sex doll sellers ship counterfeit dolls and you cannot return them once you receive them even you find it’s fake. To pick up your doll in America is the best method to avoid being scammed. Check your package and confirm it’s genuine before you take it home. *However, Pick-up is not available now since our certificate is not allowed to pick up sex dolls from 05-01-21. You can pick it up at the FedEx/UPS store if you want. Thank you for understanding!

Sex Doll Top Brands

Below are all of the sex doll brands that have been listed on All of our dolls are made by these brands and manufacturers. NO COUNTERFEIT HERE! We always send sex doll photos when your order is finished so that you can make sure the doll is what you want. Also, you can email the original manufacturer to confirm whether they receive your order to make sure your doll is genuine. Click any brand logo and you will be redirected to the product collections page of the brand.

Certificate of Authorization

All of the branded dolls you purchased on are guaranteed as authentic products. We have got authorization certificates from part of the doll manufacturers. Some manufacturers don’t offer certificates but all of your orders can be tracked from the original manufacturers. Click To View Ready Doll Image

TDF (The Doll Forum) Verified & Approved

YOURDOLL has been verified and approved by TDF (The Doll Forum). Click here to join TDF and share your doll with us.

WM Doll (Jinsan) Authorization


You will find out a user guide in your package box if you purchase a WM doll. You can distinguish whether it’s genuine on WM Doll’s official website.


Every SEDOLL package includes an anti-fake verification code. Please verify it on SEDOLL official website to confirm it’s a genuine doll.

Irontech Doll Authorization

Piper Doll Authorization

YL Doll Authorization

SM Doll Authorization

Doll Forever Authorization

DollHouse168 Authorization

HR Doll Authorization

Qita Authorization

Zelex Doll Authorization