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Picked up wm162e from their warehouse | WM Doll Review

I picked up my wm162e after work from their warehouse yesterday. They were great!

Purchased Friday on the website and picked it up Monday, I think thats how it should be. Not 3 months.

#242 head.

Came with 2 wigs, a silicon bootie sock, and a usb warmer with misc regular stuff.

Update #1,

Go figure, had all the time in the world and soon as I get a WM doll I need to work endless OT and no time for my new lady.

Finally got a chance to do the prep work after delivery. Following BCD new doll manual. Soapy water clean then Oil and then one more time . I took the pics the 2nd time and I didnt read closely so all the paint from the nipple and vag is gone from the first oiling. I dont mine much but lesson learned.

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