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Thanks to all at YourDoll!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all the people at YourDoll, and especially Mia, for making my recent doll purchase a smooth and enjoyable experience. Mia helped with timely answers to my questions, and with some last-minute additional options I decided to add.

The doll (a WM 156C #85) was completed by the WM workers in a reasonably quick period of time, and once the package left the factory, and was picked up by the FedEx people, I received the parcel in only 5 days. The box arrived in excellent condition and was released through the Memphis customs in one day’s time. The FedEx driver who delivered the doll, was even kind enough to help me carry it into my home from the truck – for which I was enormously grateful, after having struggled with previous shipments all by myself. No fun, at my age.

Here are a pair of the factory photos (which – to me anyway, are always more interesting for what’s going on in the background, than the figures in the foreground

Additionally, here are a couple of random pictures I took myself, mostly of the cos-play variety.

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