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YourDoll Sex Doll Warehouse in California

In 2017, YourDoll entered the doll market. We offer life-size, premium, and authentic sex dolls for the US, UK, and other European countries. we are also doll lovers, and we have been striving to provide the best customer service to all doll lovers, we are always here to help you on your journey.

In 2018, we set up a warehouse, also a showroom, to store love dolls in California. People came here to see how dolls look in reality and bought dolls on the spot.

We can deliver the goods quickly once a customer places the order, and they can receive the goods within 5-7 days. Compared with the uncertainty of customizing a doll, which takes 20-30 days and has to go through tens of thousands of kilometers from China to the United States or European countries, in-stock sex dolls appear to be particularly popular. Waiting for a custom doll feels like forever, while stock dolls are at your fingertips.

All sex dolls are genuine-guaranteed

From 2018 to 2022, the number of dolls we store in our warehouse has gradually increased, from ten to three hundred, and our warehouse area has also gradually increased. We update our inventory every two months to ensure that most customers can choose their favorite dolls and have sufficient inventory. All our dolls are made by the original factory, if the brand is equipped with anti-counterfeiting codes such as WMDOLL, YL DOLL, and SEDOLL, the dolls in stock you purchased on are also equipped with anti-counterfeiting codes, you can trust this purchase is legit and worthy.

How do we start to stock up?

The factory finished our pre-ordered dolls, then we ship the all dolls to the US by sea. The whole delivery process takes about 1-2 months, but the time of final delivery to our warehouse is not completely certain, that’s why sometimes you pre-order our dolls but we are still waiting for delivery and can’t provide a specific delivery time. Here we would like to thank those customers for their sincere understanding, who are willing to wait with us for the delay of delivery.

We would like to share some pictures:

⇑ The factory is loading packaged dolls to the truck, and the truck is leaving for port and lade.

⇑ We have cleared the warehouse and waiting for the dolls to deliver.

⇑ The trucks are here, and we are loading.

⇑ All in-stock dolls, waiting for orders.

⇑ Received a new stock order and we have packaged all the accessories. Waiting for the FedEx courier to pick up the packages.

⇑  The FedEx courier is picking up the packages.

In-Stock sex dolls can be customized slightly

As you might expect, you can buy in-stock dolls from various brands at We have sorted all our products by brand and region. You can see on the product page that some dolls are allowed to be slightly customized, that is to say, you can choose hairstyles, etc., such as WMDOLL and SEDOLL, while some dolls are not allowed to be customized like Irontech Doll, you can see on the product page about the description of the doll. A little tip: you can buy stock dolls first and buy small accessories to change your doll’s look. Also, if you are not satisfied with the color of the doll’s areola and labia, you can buy some pigments such as eye shadow to change their color. Every doll lover is a great artist in reality.

Buy in-stock sex dolls on

Also, you must know that not all products on this page are in our California warehouse. Some inventory may be in Texas, some in New Jersey, some in Spain, some in Germany. Please note that when you buy, keep an eye out for this inventory to be available for purchase in your region. That is, dolls marked with US stock are only available for purchase by US customers, and dolls marked with EU stock or Germany are only available for purchase by customers in Europe.

Pick-up at our warehouse is NOT available

Two years ago, all doll lovers are welcomed to visit our warehouse and allowed on-site purchases. But in 2020, with the outbreak of COVID-19 globally, we have to consider the safety of team members, so we have stopped visiting appointments. In addition, the certificate of our current warehouse is not a physical operation, so we are not allowed to receive visits and transactions in the warehouse. We thank all doll lovers for believing in and choosing YourDoll even when there is no live viewing of our warehouse. If you are going to buy a doll, please trade directly on the website. If you want to see what the doll looks like before buying it, please check the ready doll image, or email us at If you don’t want the doll to be delivered to your door, you can pick it up at the local FedEx/UPS store — Please be sure the local FedEx/UPS store allows picking up.

If you having difficulty finding your love doll, feel free to ask us, we won’t be offended and we’ll happily point you in the right direction. Online chat or email ( both works.

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