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Piper Doll Akira 160CM Silicone Vendor Yourdoll

Thank you Mia from Yourdoll for a great service! I order on July 16, 2020 and I got my doll today August 11, 2020 from UPS and boxes look good not much damages!

Pictures before I broke by back

When I saw the weight on UPS saying 20KG I was kind of scared that the wrong doll was shipped but Mia ensure that the right doll is sent. when i got her today oh man I wish she WAS 20KG  she is super heavyweight  good thing I bought her for photos and didn’t buy her for sexual play because I do not recommend this doll if you want sexual play unless you can lift 90LBS (40KG something)  I was sweating like a pig just putting clothes on her  I need to start working out

This is my first doll so I don’t know the softness between TPE and Silicones but she is not soft and very firm all around. The breast is supposed to be fill gel but it feel kind of weird not really that soft. Her big butt is really firm not much softness  her fingers, arms and feet’s are super soft though ! Her hand feel like a human hand when you hold it!  and her body is hyper realistic I can see blood vain on her body …. I have not invaded her private part so I cannot tell you about that sorry! _(._.)_

She comes with a lots of stuffs some I don’t even know what they are for so I’ll post them later this weekend maybe someone can help me identify them

Oh yeah and she doesn’t smell! I heard some say doll smells when they are out of the box but she’s probably got showered before she was shipped

I was kind of nervous using yourdoll because of some post I see on reddit but I took a leap of faith and I’m glad it work out! I highly recommend yourdoll and Mia services! And their site is easy to look and customize ! 5/5 (3 of the points is just because Mia is awesome!)

Okay time to sleep and recover from my broken back enjoy! And stay safe!

Pictures after I broke my back

“GREATNESS cannot be achieves without OBSESSION” – I don’t know who said that

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