Custom Sex Dolls

We offer an elegant collection of sex dolls however many users want exclusive sex doll of their own, So we offer a custom sex doll service for them. Users can choose from a variety of options such as sex doll head, wigs, eyes, nipples shape, nail color, and more. Most of the options are free, and some options charge a little fee, such as standing feet options, air box, pubic hair, etc.

How does a custom service work? It’s so easy, we will show you the whole process, and then you can make a perfect sex doll.
1. Fill in the forms below, and tell us the type of doll you love.
2. If your request is feasible, we will tell you what additional information we need, as well as a quote.
3. After receiving your order, our sculptors will begin to design it. After finishing the model with clay, we will take photos and send to you for confirmation.
4. Once get your approvement, we will begin to make your ideal girl. The doll will be made from TPE with a durable metal skeleton.
5. We will send you pictures of the final product and be ready to ship.
6. After final approval, your doll will arrive safely and cautiously at your home.

Two rules:
1. No child-like sex dolls;
2. There are no sex dolls similar to celebrities (unless you get permission)

Ready to order? Click here to place an order custom doll. Is there a problem? Fill in the contact form below, we will get back to you within a few hours.

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