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My doll update from Day 1 | WM Doll Review

Here is how everything went down….

Brought her home and started the unboxing with first inspecting the outside of the box. I did notice two punctures, one in which concerned me, after opening and inspecting the remainder of the box there was no damage, step 1 complete!

Next, I started to unpack all the goodies and the two heads that came with her. As I was unpacking I noticed I got four different wigs, pleasantly surprised. Along with the wigs came feet covers (rubber socks), instructions, hooks, white gloves, a night gown, vaginal warmer, a vaginal cleaner, and a comb.

I had some gloves I was using to unbox, when I saw the white gloves I switched to handle the heads and the body.

I started to unwrap the heads first for inspection, they came out great with no damage and they had some eye makeup on already which was great. I also used the code to check the authenticity and we were good to go!

The hardest part was next…unwrapping the body, inspection of the body, testing the joints (which are not difficult at all), and picking her up out of the box.

***I am 5’3″ 185lbs, picking her up from the ground was difficult and carrying her up stairs was easy but heavy  I’m getting the hang of moving her from spot to spot***


After I brought her upstairs, I sat her up and started inspecting the body. I didn’t see anything wrong except for tiny little TPE balls around her body, which I assume is normal.

Next step was to clean her, off to the bathtub! This was the most difficult part of everything, I didn’t know how to safely pick her up yet and I was trying to be as gentle as possible too. I finally got her into the tub standing up. After my research I watched a video and learned to double bag the feet and neck to prevent the metal from getting wet and rusting later. I washed her with antibacterial hand soap and washed her off, I then pat her dry (lightly) with a small towel and I let her air dry.

After she dried off I started applying the Baby Powder, also unwrapping the head and feet from the bags and all areas were dry. Once I finished powdering her I let the TPE absorb it until she was no longer white from the powder.

I pierced her ears and bellybutton and got her dressed, here are the pics of my Day 1 journey!

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