Sex Doll Options and Functions

A brief explanation of all the custom sex doll options will help you build your perfect love doll.

When you are browsing our website and looking for a favorite doll, you may just want your doll to look like she does in the photos, skin tone, wig, eyes… everything. You don’t know how to choose, then email us or online chatting with us to discuss how you should decide on the doll options.

Common Options

Doll Body Type

You are allowed to switch the doll body or head when you place an order if you don’t like the pre-customized one in the picture. When you choose another doll head or body, they should be the same brand to match with each other. Somebody wants the breasts to be bigger or wants the leg to be longer. No! The doll shape cannot be changed.

Skin Tone

Different manufacturers have a variety of skin tones ranging from white, fair, light tan, dark tan for TPE dolls.

Skin tone in different pictures may look different due to monitors, filters, photoshop, or cameras. When you select skin color, Please refer to the skin options on the product page or email us for a factory doll picture.

*Skin Options for WM & YL Doll: white, fair, pink, Medium (light tan), dark tan, cocoa, black.

Breasts Option

Most manufacturers offer solid, hollow breasts and some even offer gel-filled breasts.

  • Solid breasts are made of TPE.
  • Hollow breasts are softer and help with reducing the overall weight of the doll.
  • Gel-filled breasts are filled with something like jelly. They are more bouncing.

*Gel Breasts Bounce!

*Solid, Hollow, Gel Breasts Comparation.


  1. Small breasts under B-cup can only be made as solid. Big boobs above G-cup is not available for solid and gel-filled breasts since breasts may tear if too heavy.
  2. Don’t choose gel-filled breasts if you want to add heat option to your doll since the breasts may burst when heating.

Shoulder Type (Skeleton)

We have 2 shoulder types. Standard and Upgraded (EVO) Skeleton.

  • Upgraded (EVO) Skeleton allows your doll to shrug shoulders.
  • Upgraded skeletons from some brands (like WM doll, Piper Doll) are becoming even more evolved with double-jointed arms and legs so that they can squat, stretch and kneel, 180 degrees open legs, M-shaped legs like never before.

Click this video (Youtube) to see how the EVO skeleton works.

**Note: EVO skeleton is not available if you choose a heating option for WM & YL Doll.

Vagina Type

*Fixed Vagina vs Removable Vagina.

Fixed Vagina & Removable Vagina

  • Both fixed vagina and removable vagina are textured and realistic.
  • The fixed vagina is a built-in-vagina, permanently molded into the doll’s body.
  • The insert vagina option looks the same as the fixed vagina outside, but the internal opening is slightly wider to accommodate a removable “sleeve” insert. The sleeve can be removed out and replaced with a new one. Also, it’s easier to clean.

Click this video (Youtube) to see how the removable vagina works.

Lubricant-Free Vagina

WM/YL/SE Doll now offers a lubricant-free vagina, it’s available for both fixed and removable vagina. You can use the doll vagina without lubricant, and only with water.

Click this video (Vimeo) to check the lubricant-free vagina.

Pubic Hair

pubic_hair_yourdoll_wmdoll (1)

*Patch vs Implanted pubic hair.

We have 2 options for pubic hair: implanted and patch. Golden, brown, black color are available if you want.

Standing Option (Foot Style)

Most TPE dolls have an option called “standing foot”. It adds 3 screws that extend from the footplate through the sole of the feet. The screws are easily noticeable and are supposed act as hardpoint reinforcement so that standing weight doesn’t Squish, cut or otherwise damage the delicate skin. However, since the screws protrude from the skin, these areas are prone to severely localized skin tears.

In short, never rely on your doll standing and supporting their own weight. Always use some kind of support to distribute weight and stabilize. Alternatively, use a specialized doll/mannequin fixture or stand. I know it can take away from the fantasy you may have but it is the reality of the dolls currently (TPE or silicone).

*No Standing & Standing Feet

*The new accessories to replace the traditional screws. (WM & YL Doll)

Keep Updated

Specific Options By Brand

>>WM/YL/SE Doll

WM Doll, YLDoll are able to make hyper realism painting on all TPE doll bodies. These hyper-realistic veins turn the doll visually into a real human. You can even require some freckles on the doll body. To keep the veins last for a long time, don’t rub her skin and just wash her body with mild soap and water.

wm doll_hyper_realism_painting_yourdoll

>>Piper Doll Silicone

Piper Doll offers hard hand, hard feet, soft hips options for their Piper Doll Silicone series.

>>Sino Doll

Sino doll has released the new smooth matte effect and hyper-realism painting options for their doll buyers. These additional makeup effects make these sexy love dolls look more realistic and closer to life.

sino doll_hyper realism effect_body_yourdoll (6)

When you select an option on the product page, we shorten the name of different makeup options as following:
Smooth matte effect = S effect (Short-form);
Hyper-realism painting = R effect (Short-form);
Hyper-realism painting+Smooth matte effect = R+S effect (Short-form)

To learn more about Sino Doll options, click this blog.