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SE Doll

SE Dolls come in a variety of sizes and types. You must have ever seen their amazing elf themes love dolls before. It has caused a wave of magic elf dolls in the TDF, the result is a wonderful anime doll with unbeatable value for your choice.

Skin Color

SE Doll offers 4 skin colors for TPE Dolls: Dark tan, light tan, natural, white.

SE Doll only offers fair color for silicone dolls.

Mouth Type

*Textured Mouth & Fixed-Tongued Mouth

Fixed Tongue Offers a more realistic feel for oral sex.

Hyper Realism Painting

SE Doll now offers hyper-realism body painting for all of their dolls. Blood vessels and veins make your doll looks more real. Note: Don’t rub or wash the doll’s skin too much if you add this option, which may disappear the veins.

Excellent Face Makeup

SE Doll always offers creative facial makeup on sex dolls. What customers see on the advertized photos is what they received. 100% customer satisfaction.

Upgraded Skeleton

SE EVO skeleton is the same as WM Doll.


Body Heating

Auto Blowjob

SE Doll is the first brand to manufacture sex dolls with auto-blowjob options. You can have a different pose with the sex doll for a blowjob.

*A switch can control the auto-blowjob option.

Note: Don’t wash your doll if you add the auto-blowjob option since there are circuit boards inside the doll’s body.

SE Doll Factory

Ready Doll Image

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