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You must be looking for an affordable doll and a reliable seller. Then you pick us, the right one!

YOURDOLL is verified and official love doll vendor/distributor of WM Dolls, YL Dolls, Piper Doll, Irontech, Doll House 168, Doll-Forever, SM Doll, Sino Doll, HR doll, JY Doll, & 6YE Amor.  Check the certificates of doll brand authorization.

Some factory pictures of our customer orders are attached below.  For all pictures, videos, and news about dolls, please follow us on Twitter @yourdollshop. More pictures on the way. Update weekly!

SE Doll

>>Shop 167E Ditte

>>Shop 167E Dallas

>>Shop 166 Joanna

YL Doll

>>Shop 166J Laney

>>Shop 170E Qiana

>>Shop 170 Blakely

>>Shop 170E-Salmon

>>Shop 140N Ulrika

>>Shop 157 Zisel

>>Shop 158 Idella

>>Shop 151C-Qamar

>>Shop 160K Kunti

>>Shop 150K Piritta

Piper&Doll house&D4E Doll

>>Shop 135 Debbi

>>Shop 145 Lazuli

>>Shop 155 Dora

>>Shop 145 Mary

>>Shop 140 Ariel

>>Shop 146 Dora

Irontech Doll

>>Shop 158 Alicia

>>Shop 145 Miracle

>>Shop 150 Richelle

>>Shop 168 Yeong

Sino Doll

>>Shop 152 Tyler

>>Shop 162 Hella