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SE Doll New Sex Doll – Monica

Monica came from a mixed-race family. Her father is an American doctor. Her father met a beautiful Japanese woman who was doing practice teaching in America. They fell in love at first sight. They formed a family in the United States and gave birth to their daughter named Monica after getting marriage.

Monica has charming blue eyes that were inherited from her father. And she loves the free lifestyle for growing up in America. At the same time, she also has the delicate face of the oriental girl. At work, she is a conscientious nurse. But she becomes a free sexy wildcat after work.

Don’t miss this chance to meet Monica if you love a mixed-blood girl. The delicate-looking and the hot body make your blood burning. The hormone will flood over your body at the moment at first sight.
Who doesn’t want to spend the night with such a girl? Don’t be hesitant anymore. Act immediately!

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Name Monica
Career Nurse
Age 25
Height 168CM
Weight 30KG
Cup 32D
Upper Breast 90CM
Lower Breast 69CM
Waist 59CM
Hip 90CM

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  1. Joseph Timothy Moffitt says:

    She is beautiful.

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