The Ultimate Sex Doll Guide

We know it can be a big decision to become a sex doll owner. So we want to make sure you know everything you need to know about buying, owning, and maintaining your sex doll.

This guide consists of several articles that will introduce you to the amazing world of sex doll ownership, and we hope to answer any questions you may have. Sex Dolls are becoming increasingly popular. If you’re starting your journey with real dolls, our expert guide will take you on a unique exploration into the world of sex dolls.

Sex Doll Phenomenon

Over the past few years, the production of sex dolls and the corresponding sex doll technology has advanced and developed. Sex dolls are nothing new. In the old 17th century, Dutch sailors spent with them months at sea. This once quite extravagant and expensive toy now even has the ability to speak and engage in conversation, so great has been this technological advancement.

COVID-19 has hit all walks of life hard, and many things have changed. But perhaps the most important impact of the epidemic has been the extent to which it’s made us intimate with one another. Keeping social distance and avoiding crowded places is the most direct way to reduce the spread of the virus. This initiative has been very effective but has also affected the lives of many people’s partners. Why not let them have a real love doll?

The Ultimate Sex Doll Guide

Sex Dolls Become More and More Popular

It is thought that for those who buy and ‘date’ real sex dolls, it will be a challenge to keep their thoughts and irreversible minds interacting with people: the complexity of human relationships is too much to handle.

We’ve already seen sex dolls that make sounds, blink, warm up, have fine limbs, and will soon be able to fulfill one’s fondest fantasies. Technology is finally catching up, and what was once a fantastical anti-utopian fantasy is becoming a full-fledged reality.

Full-size sex dolls are emerging to be flamboyant and still have to be kept hidden in the depths, some of the uses of desire may be so deep that the owner will not admit to owning a love doll for fear of attracting tinted eyes. To own a love doll is to own a world of desire that can be reached. Each person has different reasons for their loneliness, and there is never a single reason for playing with dolls, but the one thing they all have in common is the avoidance of responsibilities and roles in society, just as Mark does not want to get married, Paul does not want to remarry and Jack does not want to be a father. They inject a part of themselves into the dolls, as if communicating with themselves, they live in their own world and want companionship. Some people have a wife and a daughter like they have completed the task given to them by society, but inside they are still lonely and they can only find the illusion of perfection in the real doll.

You have to admit that sex dolls ensure a supply of sex for people in situations where they need to keep their distance or even isolation. They are essential in keeping people’s gender lives together.

The Ultimate Sex Doll Guide

How Do Sex Dolls Work?

A new partnership

Loneliness, isolation, emotional vulnerability, and lack of sexual confidence can prevent some men from developing intimate relationships with humans. For some sex doll lovers, therefore, companionship is the main reason why they choose to buy luxury love dolls. When a sex doll accompanies you, you don’t need to feel any psychological burden, either by choice or by necessity. A beautiful doll cannot judge or reject you. It is not uncommon for doll owners seeking to satisfy their need for companionship to end up owning several different dolls. Multiple ownership allows you to interact with dolls of different genders, just as you can date different women or men at will.


A sex doll is a sex toy used only as an aid to masturbation in order to become a real partner with a real emotional bond. Another reason why sex dolls are popular is that they allow you to explore your wildest secret fantasies, fetishes, and kinky predilections while keeping your personal sexual interests private. Many people don’t feel comfortable saying that they get off on something that might be considered weird, unusual, or perverted. What you do in the exclusive company of your love doll is perfectly acceptable.

Release and practice sex

You get to explore your sexual fantasies privately and keep your own secrets. You can also take sex toys to your partner’s place and try them out with no risk of being caught. While not everyone is comfortable admitting that he or she gets off on strange or unusual things, most people do admit to enjoying things that are considered “weird, odd, or perverse. When you’re with your doll, what you do together is totally appropriate.

Depending on how they are used, life-size sex dolls can give you the sensation of having sex with a real person and help you to achieve intense orgasms. There are real-life sex dolls that have an internal skeleton that allows them to be adjusted to different positions for sexual stimulation. While sex dolls can be a great toy to enhance your sexual experience and give you stronger orgasms, you need to know which positions work well to have sex with sex dolls. So if you’ve just bought your first sex doll and are excited to have sex with her, we’re here to make your experience even more sexy and breathtaking.


People can play with their sex dolls in a variety of ways—with their wives, girlfriends, or other partners. Sex is something we should all be proud of, no matter who you are or where you come from. When this happens, they look for other ways to satisfy their needs. Thirds are challenging, but with patience and planning, you and your significant other can navigate through them together. In the most intimate relationships, we spend our lives seeking physical intimacy with another person. People of all ages can enjoy a threesome, and in fact, it is becoming more and more popular amongst adults.

Collecting and artistic photography

Some love doll collectors or owners collect love dolls in order to collect an art form. This usually involves dressing up the love doll and posing for photographs. Some love doll owners like to have their dolls photographed with a romantic element of lovemaking. Others, by contrast, prefer to photograph their love dolls individually in a variety of clothing styles, uniforms, and fantasy costumes.

The Ultimate Sex Doll Guide

How Does it Feel to Have Sex with A Sex Doll?

It’s not surprising that sex dolls are becoming more and more popular in recent years because they are the best sex toys out there. In reality, it wasn’t hard for a lonely 15th-century sailor to have sex with a straw-filled, cloth-covered rag doll. Sex is a great way to enjoy a real-life fantasy without ever leaving your home. It’s never been easier to find products that will enhance your intimate sex life with today’s high-tech advancements in the world.

When you have sex with a beautiful lifelike sex doll made of high-quality, feminine soft silicone or TPE, her pleasure is just as real. When you’re truly immersed in it, you’ll enjoy the physical and emotional release that sex with a real woman usually provides. The same applies whether you’re male or female and whether you’re using a boy or a girl. The only thing missing is your emotional connection in a real sex experience.

Your needs will only be truly fulfilled when you explore the sexuality of dolls that look lifelike and feel real. To further enhance the real-life experience, some custom sex dolls can be customized with realistic tattoos and/or bikini lines, breathable ribcage, sensory touch, moaning and heat recognition, and possibly extragenital structures such as the hymen, all a potential enhancement.

The Ultimate Sex Doll Guide

Elements of Buying A Sex Doll


A high-quality luxury sex doll costs around $999-$3,000. You can comprehensively consider your own needs from the doll material (silicon or TPE) and doll brand, so as to choose a love doll at a reasonable and affordable price. If you find it difficult, YourDoll allows layaway and financing, and many other forms to ease your financial stress.


While some beautiful sex dolls are advertised as petite, moving or lifting a sex doll can present you with considerable physical challenges and may even cause irreversible damage to you such as spinal damage due to the size of the doll. For first-time buyers, 30-35kg is the ideal weight for your sex doll. Some brands currently offer weight reduction options, see individual brand customization options for details.

Storage space

A real doll often takes up a person-sized amount of space. If you are a truck driver, you may want to consider purchasing a detachable doll so that you can easily take it with you. If you need to keep the doll out of sight at all times, then you will need a larger space or even a room to store the doll.

Excellent manufacturers and agents

A good manufacturer can provide you with a high-quality sex doll, reduce your after-sales worries, and increase the lifespan of the doll. A good vendor, on the other hand, will go out of their way to answer all your questions about your purchase and relieve you of all your doubts about an expensive purchase before and afterward. YourDoll.com is the perfect vendor for you.

Sex dolls style you want

Anime Sex Dolls – Anime sex dolls or manga dolls are popular these days. These anime love dolls can be a big hit with men. You can enjoy role-playing with her. This is a great way to experience fantasies and explore your inner feelings. Anime sex dolls come in different sizes. Some of them are even life-size and some are small like 60 or 100cm.

Male Sex Dolls – Some people might believe that only men are capable of enjoying female sex dolls. Well, this isn’t true at all. In fact, there are also many gay and bisexual men who enjoy male sex dolls, as well as women, are enjoying riding male sex dolls. If you love men, you should consider having a male sex doll because you will be able to enjoy it more. You will also be able to explore different things that you can do with him.

BBW Sex Dolls – BBW sex doll is a fat woman with a big butt or boobs. They come in different styles. For instance, you may find a slender, sexy BBW with a petite body. These BBW sex dolls have thick thighs and big hips that are usually not seen in ordinary BBW dolls. This is why these sex dolls are large and curvy.

Milf Sex Dolls – Our new collection of MILF Sex Dolls features a variety of stunning women with great figures. These girls are all gorgeous, mature women with full lips and large breasts. The real pleasure you’ll get is playing with these women, having sex with them hard, and enjoying every moment.

Athletic Sex Dolls – Athletic sex dolls are made from real human muscle tissue that is then digitally modified and enhanced. These dolls are designed for athletic men who want a beautiful sex doll with a toned body, realistic muscle definition, and an athletic build.

Pregnant Sex Dolls – A pregnant sex doll is a regular TPE/silicone sex doll with an added belly. An augmented reality sex doll gives the feeling of having a baby growing inside of you. It also helps you to relieve stress during pregnancy and labor. You can even play with her even if your silicone girlfriend is pregnant.

Skinny Sex Dolls – A skinny sex doll has smaller breasts and hips than a traditional doll. She looks like a very sexy, slim person, tight-fit. It will be more than perfect for you to take your time and enjoy it. A skinny sex doll always makes a man crazy.

Ebony Sex Dolls – Black sex dolls are sex dolls made from real black women. We have the hottest ebony love dolls in the USA! Our collection of hot ebony babes, and sexy ebony black dolls is second to none! Actually, most of our TPE sex dolls can be made to be ebony sex dolls as long as you select black skin when you place the order.

Sex Doll Torsos – Sex doll torsos are love dolls without legs, which are perfect for travelers or those who are interested in seeing exotic places. They are so light and compact that they make traveling much easier. For example, if you are planning a vacation, you might get tired of walking around with your usual sex doll, and instead take one of a sex doll torso with you.

Elf Sex Dolls – Elf sex dolls are sex dolls with elf ears. they are the romantic fairy characters from mythology that have angelic beauty and hominoid appearance. Elf sex dolls are the perfect sex partners because they can fulfill your fantasies perfectly.

Celebrity Sex Dolls – Celebrity sex dolls are a combination of a sex doll mannequin and a celebrity human body. If you are looking to enjoy having sex with a celebrity, you should look at a celebrity sex doll. These sex dolls are designed based on Hollywood celebrities or pornstars. These are perfect substitutes for men who like to sleep with a pornstar or celebrity.

Robot Sex Dolls – In the real world, women are very hard to find. Sex dolls are an excellent alternative to having sex with a real woman. Our robot sex dolls are equipped with an auto-blowjob option, yeah, that’s what you are thinking! These dolls offer us a new and exciting experience that we have never had before. You can’t go wrong when you have sex with these wonderful sex dolls.

The Ultimate Sex Doll Guide

TPE Sex Doll vs Silicone Sex Doll - What's the Difference?

When buying a sex doll, the material determines 90% of the feel and sensation. Because of this, it is important to fully consider which material to choose, TPE or silicone. In order to determine which material to choose, let’s start by understanding both materials.

TPE Sex Dolls vs Silicone Sex Dolls

What is a TPE sex doll?

TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomer, also known as thermoplastic rubber. It is made from a mixture of polymers. In the case of sex dolls, plastic, and rubber. This combination of polymers produces a material consisting of thermoplastic (plastic) and elastomeric (rubber) properties. In addition, it can be stretched up to 5.5 times its length. These properties contribute to its softness and suppleness. For this reason, TPE is also a fairly popular material for use in everyday objects, as it can be used to create items with rubber-like properties, but can still take advantage of the efficiency of current injection molding techniques, as it can conform to irregular shapes when heated. This makes shaping and remolding sex dolls more economical.

Pros & Cons of TPE sex dolls


1. More affordable
When making TPE sex dolls, two components are mixed, a thermoplastic and an elastomer. Since these materials respond well to injection molding, mass production is efficient and maximized. Because of these efficiencies, the cost reduction makes the doll cheaper. A TPE sex doll can cost anywhere from $800 to $3,000.

2. Softer
Because TPE is a blend of thermoplastics and elastomers, the properties of these materials can be altered to create the desired texture. The manufacturer has created a soft and stretchy blend that provides a very realistic touch. Therefore, it is softer compared to silicone.

3. Thermal stability
Thanks to cutting-edge technology, some modern sex dolls are equipped with heated sensors that replicate actual human skin temperature.

4. Flexibility for each free sex position
Given the unique properties of TPE, the breasts and hips will naturally wiggle and move as the doll moves back and forth. In terms of the degree of sex position, the TPE is more elastic, making the doll more flexible. This contributes to a wider range of sexual positions that the doll can handle.

5. Absolutely Safe
The TPE material is safe for everyone because it does not contain harmful chemicals that can cause allergic reactions. Feel free to kiss your sex doll and hug her.


1. More sensitive to stains
TPE is a porous material. Because of this, stains on clothes seep into the pores, making it susceptible to stains on clothes. We recommend soaking in water before trying new clothes on the doll. When trying on clothes for the doll, put on tight-fitting clothes for the doll, so as not to affect the dressing effect of the doll. If staining occurs, a stain remover can be purchased.

2. Frequent Maintenance
Another disadvantage of porosity is its ability to hold moisture in the form of moisture. This makes the doll prone to mold and very unhygienic. And the surface of the doll’s body will seep oil. To avoid this, the doll must be thoroughly dried after cleaning, after which talcum powder can be used.

3. More sensitive to heat
Since the TPE part is made of thermoplastic, the same properties of easy injection make it susceptible to heat. In the worst case, TPE will begin to lose its consistency or melt when it reaches 104ºF (40ºC). Therefore, we recommend not to heat the doll for a long time, nor to use the heating blanket continuously at high temperatures. Just stay away from the fire with your doll!


What is a silicone sex doll?

Unlike TPE, silicone is not a mixture of thermoplastic and elastomer. It is classified as a thermosetting material. Unlike TPE, its shape and quality are fixed once it has been cured. It is heat resistant and rubber-like. Given these qualities, it is used in a wide range of applications to maximize its qualities. Examples of such uses are lubricants, pharmaceuticals, glues, cookware, etc. A major advantage of silicone is that it is pressure-resistant, which means that it retains its shape even under extreme pressure. In addition, it is very heat resistant, making it able to withstand boiling and sterilization. It is highly inert, as it does not react with most chemicals, which makes it medically safe for use as an implant.

Pros and Cons of silicone sex dolls


1. Hyper-realistic appearance
Silicone sex dolls have a better real look compared to TPE dolls due to the sturdiness of the silicone material.

2. Easy to clean
Due to their non-porous nature, silicone sex dolls are much easier to clean and disinfect than TPE sex dolls. They can be disinfected without the fear of liquids leaking into the skin and causing damage.

3. Insensitive to heat
Given that it is a thermosetting material, its initial curing phase is not dependent on cooling. It is catalyst-based, which makes it significantly less sensitive to heat-induced deformation when subjected to heat. You can even enjoy a warm bath with her.

4. Non-staining
Unlike TPE, silicone is non-porous and therefore resistant to clothing stains. Silicone love dolls are also much easier to clean.

5. Low maintenance
Silicone dolls retain their shape better and require less maintenance because of their stain-resistant value and non-compressible skin properties. However, you will need to clean their anus and vagina after use.


1. More expensive
Generally, silicone sex dolls cost more than TPE dolls. Therefore silicone dolls are also sold at a more expensive price.

2. Less flexible
Compared to TPE dolls, silicone sex dolls are less flexible. The not-so-soft TPE wraps around the skeleton and you may have difficulty moving their arms and legs freely, making them more rigid to use.

3. Low flexibility
Silicone sex dolls are less flexible than TPE sex dolls. The hips and breasts do not jiggle when the doll is rocked back and forth. Therefore, the sexual experience of silicone dolls is not much better than TPE.

Silicone Sex Dolls

TPE Sex Doll VS Silicone Sex Doll - Which is Better for You?

In short, if you are trying out dolls for the first time, you don’t have a big budget and you like to experiment with different sexual positions, then TPE dolls are the perfect choice for you. It feels very realistic to the touch and is flexible enough to adapt to a wide range of sexual positions.

If you prefer a more realistic face, make-up, and skin texture and are able to treat your doll like a work of art, then silicone is a perfect choice.

Frankly speaking, there is no best material, only the best choice. Whatever material you choose, know all the brands you are buying from and make sure you buy your sex dolls from a reputable and reliable supplier. If you choose yourdoll.com, we will be more than happy to help you.

Sex Doll Customization Options

Heads – Most luxury sex dolls are designed with interchangeable heads and bodies for you to swap bodies so you can also enjoy the intimacy and accompany of different dolls. Once you become a multi-doll owner, you can mix and match your sex doll’s head and body to enhance your sexual experience. Manufacturers produce a variety of different heads for their sex dolls. This frees you to customize your perfect sex doll body with the head and faces you find most appealing. You can buy an extra doll head if you want multiple doll heads for one body.

Skeletons – Most sex doll manufacturers now offer the latest upgraded skeletons so that you can make your doll pose in any way you want during use.

Eye Colour – The eye colour of a sex doll is an important feature as the eyes enhance your first impression of the doll’s face. Everyone has a natural preference. Different love doll manufacturers have different eye choices, most offer blue, green, brown, purple etc.

Nails – Most manufacturers offer French nails. If you are not happy with the colour of your doll’s nails, you can purchase your own human fake nails and change them yourself for your doll.

Wigs/implants – We have many wig styles for you to choose from. If you want your doll’s head to look more realistic, you can also choose to have your doll’s hair implanted.

Nipple colour/areola – Some people prefer pink nipples and areolas on real dolls, others prefer brown areolas. Don’t worry, whichever you prefer, we can make it.

Breasts – hollow breasts, jelly breasts, solid breasts. If you want your doll’s breasts to jiggle more attractively, jelly breasts are definitely the better choice. However, TPE dolls with too large breasts filled with jelly breasts run the risk of sagging and shipping explosions, so please choose carefully.

Vaginas – Removable Insert-vagina is easier to clean, while a built-in vagina brings you a more realistic sexual experience. Some of the latest sex doll models have a new hymen style that offers an upgraded sexual experience for sex doll owners. The most exclusive top-of-the-range sex dolls also feature an optional hymen. If you prefer a male sex doll or a shemale doll, you can choose a detachable penis (yes, all female dolls can become shemale dolls when added a penis).

Labia Colour – Sex doll labia can be darkened, lightened and added definition to the most intimate areas of your sex doll.

Standing feet – To let your love doll stand upright, she/he needs to be bolted to the feet. The latest technology allows some silicone sex dolls to stand straight up without screws (only available on some silicone doll brands).

Pubic hair – Just like the implants on the head of a sex doll, pubic hair can also be implanted. Alternatively, you can choose removable patch hair so you can change the colour and style of the pubic hair at any time.

Articulated fingers – Unlike the old wire fingers, the upgraded fingers allow for more realistic gestures.

Movable jaw – Some sex doll manufacturers offer a movable jaw to give the doll an open-mouth expression, making your love doll look very cute and appealing.

Heating – While regular USB heaters only heat up the doll’s holes (mouth, vagina and anus), the full body heating feature is built into the doll’s body and heats up 70% of the doll’s body. Buying a heating blanket is also a good option if you are not able to add the heating option to your doll for some reason.

Moaning – Sex dolls that moan a lot will also add some excitement to your sex, which will bring more fun into your sex life.

For more options, check the individual sex doll brand page options.

Sex Doll Customization Options

How Do I Play with My Doll?

Our lifelike premium sex dolls have to be cared for and nurtured just like a real woman. So that you have especially long fun with your new playmate and you can enjoy sex with your Sex Doll to the fullest extent. Whether it is when you are about to take on a sex position with your sex doll or do a photo session, a few precautions should be taken into consideration for handling. For example, just like restrictions to the movement of human limbs and the skeleton, the arms of a sex doll cannot be bent or pivoted in unrealistic directions. If possible, choosing a ball joint skeleton for your love doll whenever possible will provide greater latitude of position and movement.

Therefore, we will show you which movements you can execute with the body parts and avoid some movements which may hurt your doll.

Sex doll movement range

Head ❶❷❸
The doll’s head is connected to its body with metal connectors and can turn to the right and the left freely.

However, because its neck is fixed by the metal skeleton, the head-lifting and head-bowing forward and backward should not exceed 45 degrees and the head-swaying to the right and left should not go beyond 45 degrees.

Shoulders and upper arms ❶❷❸
The arms can be raised to both sides horizontally as high as to the chest level, that is, about 60 degrees forward. They can also be bent slightly backward for 10 degrees. The arms can be raised forward or bent backward further, but this is not recommended as excessive stretching may harm the material in the armpit area.

The lower arms and wrists ❹❺
The doll’s lower arms can move up but because we set movement limitations on the below it cannot bend or rotate in the other directions. (just like a real woman). Never rotate a full turn!

The doll’s hand can fold inwards and outwards at 45 degrees. The doll’s hand can also rotate. But do not exceed 45 degrees in each direction from the starting point. Never rotate a full return!

Waist ❶❷❸
The doll’s waist can bend forward and backward (waist bending and chest thrusting out) with a limit set at about 40 degrees. When the body rotates right and left, the angles are limited to 40 degrees as well.

When the waist is bent and rotated simultaneously and angles in all directions are superimposed, the limits are reduced by half. For example, if bending the waist to the left while twisting it at the same time, the angle limits in all directions will be reduced to a maximum of 20 degrees.

Leg ❶❷
The thighs of a doll can bend up to an angle of 120 Degrees for a short period of time. The thighs can also bend backward to an angle of 30 degrees. In any case, don’t open the doll’s thighs too wide or leave the legs folded over the body for too long as this can produce a too much-pulling force on the TPE or silicone which can cause damage.

Lower leg ❸❹
The lower legs can bend backward to a maximum of 150 degrees and the recommended angle is 100 degrees. Like a real human, the knees cannot be folded forward.

The doll’s ankles can bend forward and sideways to both sides and up just a little bit. Do not rotate too much in case the ankle is broken.

What sex positions can I use?

How to Clean Your Sex Doll?

Cleaning your doll is obviously important. During routine maintenance, you should make sure that your doll stays fresh and clean. In this case, hygiene should be balanced by ensuring the longest possible lifespan. The advice we provide to our customers suggests cleaning the doll every 2-4 weeks. While it may seem like the doll should be cleaned after every use, this may actually slowly degrade the material, causing skin tears and other problems.

Cleaning the doll body

Cleaning the body of a sex doll is very simple. Depending on how often you use your doll, we recommend cleaning every 14 days to avoid bacteria buildup on the doll and to help prolong the doll’s skin. You make everything ready as follows.

  • Antibacterial soap
  • Water
  • Talcum powder (baby powder)
  • Light sponge
  • Absorbent towel

The process is very similar to cleaning yourself. You can choose to give your doll a bath or submerge your doll in the bathtub. If you are going to put your doll in the shower, be sure not to let the neck or head get too wet (this helps avoid further complications such as rusty neck screws).

Simply wash the doll lightly and thoroughly with antibacterial soap using a lightweight sponge, making sure not to apply too much pressure to protect the skin.

Clean the doll holes (vagina, anus, and mouth)

There are many ways to clean a doll’s vagina, anus, and mouth. You can do this in the tub, shower, or while the doll is lying down and not submerged in water.

You should take the doll out of the tub or shower and lay her on her side, which will expose the vagina and anus. Then follow these steps:

  1. Grab a small piece of sponge with medical forceps and apply warm water and antibacterial soap to the sponge, making sure to apply thoroughly.
  2. Push the sponge into the vagina or anus and use forceps to move it around the orifice until it is completely clean.
  3. Remove the sponge, rinse with lukewarm water, and repeat steps 1 and 2 again. At this step, the vagina and anus should be clean and free of any bacteria.
  4. Using the forceps again, grab a second dry cotton swab sponge, insert it into the vagina and anus, remove most of the water, and take it out.
  5. Wrap a strong paper towel around the end of the pliers, then place them inside the doll again, and finally dry.
  6. After the doll dries, apply talcum powder to the outside of the vagina and anus.
  7. Your doll should now be clean inside and out. The doll’s mouth can also be done as above and should be easier to clean.

Clean doll face

Remove the head from the body and remove the wig from the head. Yes, we only need to operate on an individual doll head.

1. Gently wipe your face with a warm sponge with antibacterial soap. Pay special attention to your eyes and lashes so you don’t get them wet.

2. Then use a dry towel to absorb the moisture of the face, then let it sit for an hour to dry naturally.

3. It is very important not to immerse the head of the doll in water at any time. Otherwise, water may get in your doll’s head!

Cleaning doll wig

Cleaning a wig is very easy. You should do as follows:

  • mild shampoo
  • mild conditioner
  • comb

Remove the doll’s wig and wash it thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner. After thoroughly cleaning the wig, allow it to dry naturally. You may want to buy a wig stand to make things easier and speed up the process.

Once the wig is dry, lightly comb through the hair.

The Ultimate Sex Doll Guide

How to Dress Up Your Sex Doll

Dress the sex doll / choose clothes

Many sex doll owners like to buy fashionable clothes for their love dolls. They like to treat their sex dolls like a real woman by spoiling them with a closet full of beautiful designer clothes. You may want to dress your doll in a beautiful Chinese cheongsam to show off her curvy figure, or perhaps you are more partial to a different style of bikini that is hot and sexy.

No matter how realistic your sex doll looks, she still has a body like a mannequin. Until you learn to dress a life-size adult doll, you may need to rough up your sex doll in order to push, pull and dress her. The more you practice dressing and undressing your sex doll, the better you will know how to undress and change your doll efficiently.

  • Before you try to dress your love doll, brush your sex doll’s skin with powder to prevent stickiness.
  • Be aware of any sharp edges on clothing or accessories as they can easily scratch or cut the simulated skin of your sex doll.
  • Make sure to wash all clothes before putting them on the doll. New, unwashed clothes contain dyes that will stain your doll. Make sure to wash the doll’s clothes several times to remove any dye from the fabric. Note: Some clothes can still stain your doll after washing. It is best to perform a short test on a TPE sample.
  • Avoid wearing dark clothes dark clothes will stain your doll even after washing. It is best to avoid dark clothing altogether, but if necessary, limit the time of wearing or wearing a light-colored undershirt for the doll. Try testing the garment on a piece of TPE or part of a doll, such as the top of the head, to see if it has stains.
  • Avoid wearing tights Avoid wearing tight clothing. Dress your sex doll in clothing that is appropriate for her body type. Squeezing her into tight clothing can leave dents and/or scratches on your doll. If necessary, remove the head of your sex doll before dressing and limit the wearing time.
Dress Up Your Doll

Makeup for a sex doll

All high-quality sex dolls come with professional makeup that beautifully defines and enhances their stunning, ultra-realistic facial features. If you want to further beautify your sex doll or create a completely different look by using cosmetics, we recommend choosing mineral-based products that allow you to gradually build color and definition. Conventional cosmetic brands with high pigment content may stain the TPE or silicone skin of your sex doll, causing deep smudging.

To remove makeup from your doll’s face, use a makeup remover and a soft, fiber-free cloth to gently wipe. You can also use a TPE-safe foam cleaner to wash it off.

Avoid vigorous rubbing as this may cause the face makeup to come off as well! If you accidentally remove the factory makeup from your sex doll’s face, you can purchase some of the beauty products women use to reapply. You can also purchase replacement heads for your synthetic love dolls.

To improve the experience of sex doll owners, some manufacturers are now exploring the use of permanent ink for aesthetic definition details, which means that the doll’s face and body makeup are permanent and cannot be easily erased. This invention is currently on the market and is already being used on some silicone dolls.

If you want your sex doll to wear fashionable earrings and other jewelry accessories, you can do DIY piercings. Using a thin thread or needle, carefully pierce the doll’s skin. Do not use the tip of a knife or any other sharp tool. Once the earrings are in place, be extra careful when handling your sex doll so that they don’t pull and cause the ears to break. You can also pierce the belly button and nipples of your sex doll.

Make Up Your Doll

Sex Doll Maintenance

If you find that your doll is not soft enough, you can apply a little mineral oil. How does it work?

  • Clean the doll first
  • After the doll is completely dry, massage the doll with oil.
  • After the oil is fully absorbed, powder the doll with baby powder.

Depending on how many times you use the doll, some people recommend rubbing powder at least once a month and applying oil every few months. However, please do this carefully and don’t overdo it.

Why oil and powder dolls? Over time, the TPE material naturally bleeds oil, and oiling your doll will help replenish the natural oils. TPE material can also become sticky over time, especially after washing, so powdering helps prevent sticking and prevents your doll from turning into a vacuum cleaner.

Note: Some brands may vary. Doll-Forever/PiperDoll (and newer DH168 dolls) do not require oiling (for at least the first few months). 6YE also supposedly does not require oiling anymore.

How to Store and Hide Sex Dolls?

If you store your sex doll improperly, it is likely to permanently damage your doll. Unfortunately, most sex dolls are made in such a way that you can’t just replace a broken part. Once a surreal sex doll gets hurt, it’s a huge loss for you and you need to be aware of it all the time.

Lying on your bed

This is not the best way to keep dolls. But it may increase the convenience of the sex doll owner. You can hide your doll under a blanket or clothing. If you can make room on your bed, then this might work for you. This is another free way to keep the doll close to you and avoid unwanted attention. Since the room looks messy, no one will suspect a full-sized doll lying on your bed.

Sex doll hanger rack

Doll hangers are not the most private way to keep dolls, but they are the most convenient option. You remove your head and hang your body in an upright position so it doesn’t touch any surfaces. Since it will still be hanging overhead and visible to everyone, you will need a different room or a special storage unit.

Storage box

If you are ordering a storage box with an adult sex doll, it is recommended to take a sex doll unboxing video. This will help you recall and arrange the doll correctly in case you find it difficult to adjust after use. It’s a necessity for us to keep our dolls. The doll may keep the same position for months or even years in these boxes! You can keep the original factory-packing carton, the foam, and any protective stuff for later!

For those who need confidential storage, you can buy a lockable sofa box or flight case. It looks like a storage case for a guitar or audio equipment. The wheels and locks are heavy. Nobody will open it!

Hanging in the closet

If you have access to a closet, you don’t need to think about storing full-size dolls. No matter the size or weight, you can hang your doll effortlessly. Hanging your doll is by far the most efficient and cost-effective way to adequately store your doll. You’ve probably seen how all the sex doll factories hang their dolls.

Under the bed

If none of the above alternatives work, you should try hiding your sex doll under the bed. It’s a private space, so you won’t find anyone looking for anything under the bed like in a closet. You can also purchase a bed with a storage box to properly hide your sex doll.

Regardless of the storage method you use, beware:

  • A long fixed pose means stretching the TPE / silicone for too long, which can lead to deformation or tearing of the body material. So you should change the position of the doll and not let the doll stay in the same action for several weeks. The love doll should be placed in its neutral position, do not store your doll with twisted limbs.
  •  You must place some soft padding or foam (preferred) padding to protect your doll’s back and feet. If it is placed on a hard floor, the doll’s back or feet may get hurt over time.
  • Please make sure there are no sharp objects around the body of the doll to prevent your doll from getting hurt.
  • Please make sure the clothes or blankets you wear for the doll are light-colored to prevent staining.
  • Store the sex doll away from direct sunlight to avoid damage and discoloration. Keep the doll at a standard temperature and in a dry place. Bathrooms, garages, and other storage locations that may become damp or moldy should be avoided.
  • I do not recommend that you store your love doll by making it stand for a long time, even if your doll is equipped with standing feet. The sex doll’s leg joints will break due to standing for a long time and cannot bear the weight.

The Best Sex Doll Manufacturers

WM Dolls

WM Dolls is leading the global doll industry and has been the most popular sex doll brand for many years. WM Dolls is known for its premium materials and attractive head designs, making more than 400 realistic faces and 50 attractive bodies on the market. For most European and American customers, WM Doll’s body and head designs are really appealing.

YL Doll

YL Dolls are produced in the same factory as WM Dolls, and they share the same production configuration and good quality. YL Doll’s design is more daring and unusual, such as the huge chest and tiny waist, vampire’s head. YL Doll has a lot of loyal doll lovers fans.

SE Doll

Some TPE sex dolls of SE Doll are also produced in WM Doll’s factory. SE Doll has a great makeup team so that the face makeup in the factory pictures is exactly the same as the advertised pictures, which is not possible for other doll brands. Their elf sex dolls, designed by SE Doll, whether it is the quality of the doll or the creative makeup, have amazed many sex doll lovers. SE Doll uses high-quality materials to make luxury sex dolls, and everything you see in the advertised photos is what you get.

Irontech Doll

Irontech Dolls are known for their unique art style, beautiful western faces, realistic bodies, and high-quality materials. If you like lifelike and unique faces and bodies, round and plump asses, and detailed and realistic vaginas, you’ll love Irontech Dolls. their new silicone dolls series have more realistic faces and more simulated skin.

Piper Doll

Piper Dolls are designed based on anime fantasy, and they are best known for their simulated seamless neck design (the head and body cannot be separated, just like humans). They are portrayed as very sexy, seductive, and soft. Piper Doll has medium-sized breasts, a very flexible bone structure, and a very rounded and realistic butt. They now have the silicone dolls series and TPE dolls series, both of which have great customer feedback. Unfortunately, most of their designs are small sex dolls and some countries restrict the import of small dolls, with legal risks for small doll owners.

Starpery Doll

Starpery Doll has both silicone and TPE versions of each body for you to choose from. On one hand, they offer affordable options for customers on a budget who want ultra-realistic doll heads, and on the other hand, their silicone bodies are very realistic and inexpensive. They have designed a variety of ultra-realistic silicone heads with very detailed makeup that is almost indistinguishable from promotional photos.

Zelex Doll

Zelex Doll, also known as Wax Doll in the Japanese market, this series mainly produces silicone sex dolls. Zelex Dolls have beautiful and realistic faces, and their sex doll bodies are designed to be life-size, including all body details such as nipples and labia. Zelex doll is a new brand, but they are constantly improving and upgrading, striving to be the best silicone sex doll brand.

Sanhui Doll

Sanhui Dolls is an experienced and popular silicone brand, mainly designed with Japanese anime-style faces. They have some seamless neck dolls and have also started releasing some TPE dolls. Sanhui Doll is always working on new options such as a more flexible skeleton, realistic movable chin, and soft tummy, they strive to make their dolls resemble real humans.

6YE Doll Premium

6YE Doll is a doll brand known for its high-quality dolls and affordable prices. It also has the Amor line of dolls that are designed to be more realistic than other dolls of the same brand. Also, all 6YE Doll’s dolls have very realistic and correctly positioned LHPs, and they have industry-leading technology, which means that they can make all of their dolls removable. If you are a person who is always on travel, choosing 6YE Doll detachable dolls can save much storage space.

Funwest Doll

Funwest Doll is a new brand of TPE dolls. Their dolls are all western cowgirl style and look very cool! They have their own filming team and make-up team to create very attractive dolls with high-quality materials. Funwest Doll is a quality-excellent and affordable choice!

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WM Dolls

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Gamelady Doll

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JX Doll

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Jiusheng Doll

Jiusheng Doll

Piper Doll

Piper Doll

Firefly Diary

Real Lady Doll

Rosretty Doll


Siliko Doll

Sex Doll Forum and Community

The Doll Forum

The Doll Forum is the world’s largest online sex doll information forum, where the world’s most famous sex doll manufacturers, brands, and vendors come together. This is a meeting place for sex doll owners and admirers. There are thousands of erotic doll photos in the forum, from inflatable dolls to high-end silicone sex dolls, updated in real-time to provide you with the latest sex doll industry intelligence. With over 200,000 active members, this forum has been around since 2013. It features a robust message board where you can discuss sex dolls and general topics with other members. You can also view and post photos of sex dolls for sale in our classifieds section and read FAQs about love dolls for answers.

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Our Doll Community

Our Doll Community (ODC) is an online community that is meant to be a place for those who own and like sex dolls. The forum aims to encourage sex doll owners to post photos of their dolls, show their collection, discuss their doll’s pros and cons, share information about their sex dolls, and find new friends. It is the place where sex doll owners meet and interact with each other. There are many topics that you can discuss on ODC.

UK Love Doll Forums

The UK Love Doll Forum (UKLDF) is an online community of real doll enthusiasts. They come together online to share their passion for adult dolls. You can browse the latest posts and strike up conversations with like-minded people who share your love of artificial companionship. You can also post a comment and join the discussion in the forum, but you may also prefer to create your own thread where you can start a discussion with other owners.

The Future of Sex Dolls

To have an ultra-realistic experience with an artificial companion, people who own dolls obviously want life-like interaction that includes movement, personality, and conversation. The sex doll industry keeps innovating in order to improve user experience. It keeps improving the products and services it offers, so that customers can spend more time with their dolls and less time dealing with customer service or cleaning. Next decade we’ll be seeing many technological advancements in the materials used for construction, doll design, weight, flexibility, and mobility.

You’re right to not wait for the technological advances of the future to start experiencing sex doll ownership. When considering what artificial companion is perfect for you it’s sensible to invest in a model that offers the most options and variables for potential upgrades within your budget. Luxury sex dolls are now available in the market that features an AI head that allows you to have sex with the doll by means of a detachable head that you can use to have conversations and engage with others. Being the owner of multiple sex dolls enables you to have an easier time dating without risking rejection or judgment.

Within the industry, there are high hopes that sex dolls of the future will not only provide sexual functions, communication, and entertainment, but will also be able to replicate human movement, personality, and emotion in a manner that takes your breath away. The social humanoid robot Sophia is a great example of what’s possible when you combine advanced robotics and artificial intelligence.

The Ultimate Sex Doll Guide