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Yvonne 165cm Review (Taking the Leap from TPE)

Hello everyone! There are already several fantastic reviews here in the Zelex forum about this doll but I thought I’d give an opinion from the viewpoint of someone who’s previously only owned TPE dolls and my impressions with this being my first silicone doll. This might help those TPE owners who are also considering buying their first silicone doll, or those who are just curious in general.


I’ll start by first mentioning a few notes of my experience with TPE dolls to later make some points of why I now prefer silicone and why I think that this Zelex silicone doll is awesome (spoiler alert)! When I first dipped my toes into this hobby, I decided to play it safe and bought one of those knock-off TPE dolls from eBay. Despite its problems, I still learned a lot about owning a doll – care/maintenance of TPE, handling, posing, etc. And I read a lot of threads here in the doll forum before even creating an account (until I finally hit a thread that required an account for viewing ). Once I learned about all the additional features offered by TPE manufacturers, I decided to purchase a WM doll (145cm) with moaning and internal heating. At the time, the order got screwed up and I ended up getting an additional doll (150cm I-cup) for free! Now, I’ve read through so many threads about the debate between which is better – TPE or silicone. At the end of the day, they each have their strengths and weaknesses and it comes down to your personal preference. After owning TPE dolls for over a year, I grew dissatisfied because of the following caveats:
1. they require frequent cleaning,
2. the TPE odor is strong and fades after a while, but still remains present to an extent,
3. if not frequently powdered, the TPE feels rubbery and doesn’t feel like human skin,
4. makeup fades very quickly if the doll experiences a lot of “play,”
and 5. the overall look of the dolls just didn’t look realistic enough (life-like in terms of skin complexion, LHP, etc.) for me (you could immediately tell that they’re dolls). That’s just my opinion of course. Others may feel different. Lately, some manufacturers have begun making TPE dolls that look much more life-like but these other points still permeate the TPE industry. For me, this aspect will drastically affect how turned on I get just by looking at a doll and interacting with it.
Of course, there were some positive aspects too. My 145cm doll was easy to handle (weighing 28 kg) and the internal heating system was excellent (still works without issue), making that doll a nice cuddle buddy.

Yvonne 165cm (Standing Feet, Internal Heating, EVO Skeleton) Review

Now, on to the reason you’re here! Right out of the gate, I’m saying that this Zelex silicone doll is fantastic. I am very pleased with my purchase! The biggest reason why I decided to start looking for a silicone doll is because good silicone doll manufacturers usually don’t have any of the issues I mentioned above (according to what I’ve seen and learned here on the forum). For a while, I was researching many different silicone doll manufacturers – Realdoll, Sanhui, Sino, Gynoid Tech, Starpery, etc. I finally decided to purchase a Zelex doll for the following reasons:
1. The quality of the doll you get for the price is outstanding at just $2100-$3000 (depending on which vendor you purchase from – I purchased my Yvonne from Your Doll. Leading up to receiving my doll, their customer service was very kind, helpful, and professional – answering all of my questions. Full silicone dolls (with this level of detail) are usually in the $4000+ price range (especially in the list of manufacturers I was researching).
2. The look is absolutely incredible and can be mistaken as an actual person when viewed from certain angles. This entails the body makeup, complexion, veins, and LHP. The body sculpt is based on an actual person, which I think is a great idea and is likely why Zelex dolls look so realistic!
3. By default, the doll has gel-filled breasts and its body is not too soft and not too hard, according to other reviewers here.
4. The build quality seemed to be sturdy and strong (skeleton-wise).
So…I made the leap…and as I said, am very happy. After placing the order, I received pictures of my doll in just over a week! Zelex was very fast! There was an initial hiccup with the nipple color but they fixed it in just a couple days and sent pictures again. I received my doll about two weeks later (shipped to the U.S.).

To hit those earlier points I mentioned about my TPE dolls, these are my impressions so far regarding my Zelex doll:
1. Silicone is different than TPE in that it isn’t as easily susceptible to bacteria and mold so it doesn’t require as much cleaning. That being said, I purchased my Yvonne with a removable vagina and still clean the insert immediately after every use. But the rest of the body doesn’t stain as easily, get dirty easily, or retain any odor, which leads to my next point.
2. Out of the box, there was no smell, which was VERY surprising to me. Every TPE doll I got had a strong chemical smell right out of the box. I can play with this Zelex doll without having to get “used to” an odor. Maybe silicone dolls in general don’t smell and you guys already knew this but I was not aware of it, having been accustomed to TPE.
3. Yvonne feels great. I’ve played with her both with and without powder. With powder she feels good and realistic, but even without powder, she feels good. It’s weird and difficult to describe. Although not as realistic, the skin still feels good to the touch and I don’t mind playing with her without powder.
4. The makeup is absolutely gorgeous! Sometimes, I can just stare at the skin and if I lose my train of thought, I’ll trick myself into thinking I’m staring at an actual person’s ass (or tits). The makeup artists at Zelex definitely know what they’re doing. The veins and complexion look incredible! And after washing, the makeup still holds strong over most of the body! I cleaned the doll in the shower when I first received it and again about a month later. Now, notice I said most. The only issue I’ve had thus far with the makeup is that some of it is starting to come off from the top of the nipples, but the color is still mostly intact overall on the nipples and areolas, so I’m not too hung up over it. You can see some quick pictures I took with my phone showing the problem below.

5. I also want to mention again how great the LHP is (vagina and butthole placement). This is perhaps one of the most realistic dolls I’ve seen in this regard (which, again, makes sense given the fact that the sculpt is based on an actual model). For me, this is a huge turn-on.

The Negatives

It’s unfortunate, but not all dolls are perfect! I have to be honest about some of the negatives I’ve experienced.
1. The internal heating system stopped working immediately after only one use. This is one of those areas where Zelex has some catching up to do. The heating adaptor is not like others I’ve seen. There is no temperature setting or reading for you to see. It is simply a black brick that lights “red” if it is warming the doll and “green” if it is not. The first time I used it, the light remained red for about 2 hours then turned green. The doll was warm. After a few hours had passed, the doll began to feel cold again so I plugged the adaptor in again. The light remained green and wouldn’t turn red. I contacted my vendor reporting this problem and they replied that the doll needs to fully cool before being able to heat again. At this point, 12 hours had passed and the doll was cold to the touch. I tried heating it again but the adaptor light remained green. Just in case there was some miscommunication, I left it plugged in for a few hours to see if it would warm up. It didn’t. So I waited another whole day. The doll was obviously cold to the touch. I tried heating it again and it still wouldn’t work. I explained this to my vendor and never received a reply from them. I’m honestly not too upset since this upgrade was only $150, considering the full price of the doll. But I’d warn against purchasing Zelex’s heating system until they improve it. From what I understand, it is fairly new because earlier this year, Zelex mentioned in a forum thread that they didn’t have a heating system. But it became available as an option when I ordered a few months ago. So now, I’ve just resorted to using a heating blanket to warm the doll (I can’t enjoy myself and will completely disconnect from any immersion if the body is cold). Images of the heating adaptor (which plugs into the doll on one end and into an electrical outlet on the other) can be seen below.

2. After putting the doll into some poses for my photoshoots, its left elbow joint has become very loose to the point where it will no longer hold its position without help. I’ve heard of others cutting open their dolls on the Zelex forum and tightening the joints but I’m afraid to do this as I have no experience with this and am afraid that I’ll mess up this doll’s good looks.
3. This isn’t necessarily a full negative but I wish that the removable vagina was softer. While the rest of the body feels great to the touch, I feel like the sex is…fairly satisfactory, and that the doll’s canals can be a little rough if not used with a lot of lubrication. This may be because I’m used to the softness of TPE and its ability to stretch. This is one of those advantages though that TPE has over silicone. Overall though, the sex can still be enjoyable when proper lubrication is applied and the doll is positioned nicely (especially with the evo skeleton).


So there you have it! If you’ve made it this far, I appreciate you reading a newbie’s perspective! Aside from those few negatives, the positives certainly make Zelex’s 165cm silicone doll a VERY worthwhile purchase! Again, the body detailing is absolutely incredible (makeup retention is great for the most part), the overall skin on the body has just the right amount of softness to it (gel-filled breasts feel great, ass is soft but nice and firm at the same time, if that makes sense), and the LHP is realistic (a nice turn-on for me  ). When I made my order, Zelex only had hard silicone heads available but now offer soft silicone heads and are currently working on movable jaws. Had I known soft heads would be available so soon, I’d have waited an extra month or two but I’m still very happy with my purchase. I definitely plan to buy a soft head in the future because I enjoy being able to kiss my doll (which can’t really be done with the hard head). Thanks again for checking out my review!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

And if you want to see more photos, check out my photoshoots in these threads: Nighttime Blues and School Girl

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Starpery 171cm A cup Hedy Review

To start my review lets start with the search for my ideal doll. Im very particular with what im looking for when it comes to body proportions and what the key body parts look like. After an initial search through a number of vendors I ended up finding Starpery and liked what I saw. The Hedy head just spoke to me and said Im the doll for you.

Ordering: Selecting a vendor is a time consuming task in and of itself. Obviously picking a reputable one is important, but then picking one thats going to be a good price fit with the options you want available. I ended up narrowing down my choice to two vendors, but after a quick back and forth with sales I decided to go with Yourdoll.

Ordering was reasonably quick with their website and I was able to select exactly what I wanted in a matter of minutes. Ran into a minor issue with my Bank declining the transaction twice before I was able to verify the transaction and complete it. Of course once done I freaked out thinking I might have now just placed 3 Identical orders and been charged a lot more than i can afford. Fortunately Mia at Yourdoll was very responsive in confirming only one transaction. Order placed May 28th. Yourdoll 5/5 for easy ordering and quick and helpful responses during and after.

Factory ready Photos and Shipping: I was honestly quite surprised when I woke up on the 10th of June to an email with my Factory Ready Photos for review. My girl looked exactly like I wanted and I quickly approved them and was told she would be shipped shortly. After not receiving a tracking number for 3 working days I sent a follow up email. Mia was very polite and responsive, saying that Yourdoll in china only just received my doll from the manufacturer and they were going to repack her as the box was not in the best shape. I ended up not receiving a tracking number until 10 days after I’d approved my factory photos. On a side note, Starpery you need a better camera for those pictures. My ordeal wasn’t over just yet, She officially shipped on the 20th of June. In my past experience once I get that tracking number I can usually expect my product at my door within 7 days. I watched as my doll sat in Shenzhen for 4 days and the delivery date slipped from thursday, to friday, to monday, then finally to tuesday. All the while I was starting to worry that something had happened to my girl. Then suddenly a notification that she had cleared customs, 12 hours later she was in Anchorage. The delivery date stayed the same, Tuesday the 29th. I woke up friday morning to find that tracking was now showing her ETA to be between 1045am and 245pm Friday the 25th. Work was very stressful and I got the tracking notification update that she was out for delivery. I obsessively watched that truck move around my neighborhood on the tracking app. I was able to leave work earlier than normal and got back to find her box at my door, having been dropped off probably mere moments before I arrived. I give Yourdoll 4 / 5 for the shipping experience. Mostly down to the excessive delay between factory ready and actual shipping with me having to message every few days to an update or ETA. UPS gets 4 / 5 as well because they managed to get her to me in 5 days. They lose a point for lack of tracking info stating she was being customs processed for 3 days. Way to freak a man out.

Samantha’s arrival home: The box was in good condition (relatively speaking) and I excitedly drug it inside my place. Its worth noting that the box weighed 52.5kg (116lbs) and I dont have the best upper body strength or back. Upon opening the box I found her head and shifted slightly out of its protective shell but had no damage to it. The body looked amazing and I was surprised by the quality of the body painting. When I ordered from Yourdoll I had only opted for moles and freckles added (a $99) optional extra. When I opened her up I saw that she also had light veins as well (which was a separate option for $99). I hadn’t ordered those because I wasn’t sure How well I’d like it but to my amazement they looked fantastic, especially with the moles. Getting her out of the box and into her first shower was a struggle. As mentioned I dont have the best upper body strength. Luckily for me she behaved herself with her standing feet in the shower that allowed me to give her a good rinse (everyone needs a good shower after a long international flight). I dressed her up and cuddled with her for a bit before eating dinner, watching some youtube and relaxing after work. Then my lust took hold and I put her in some sexy lingerie and consummated the relationship. Sadly the lingerie which was only on her for 40 min left stains. Starpery if you recommend a preferred method to stain removal I’d be very appreciative.

Pros: The quality of the body and face painting and detailing. 5 / 5
The TPE skin was soft and had the right amount of give to make her feel real, especially during sex. 5 / 5
Poseability is good, though I can’t quite get the standing feet thing to work for me. Also the allen wrench sent with her was not the right size for the bolts in her feet. If someone can offer suggestions I’m all ears. 5 / 5

Neutrals: The pubic hair option was not what I was hoping for. I thought I ordered the light brown option and what came was the long black. It was hard to tell from the factory ready photos. The hair quickly lost its curliness and also started coming out during sex. Additionally I feel like the hair was placed too low on the vulva which makes it look off. I ended up cutting the hair down to a more reasonable length after her bath. If you want or like pubic hair on your dolls i suggest a glue on option. Starpery, the Implanting is great but the execution is off.

Cons: The Hedy head is great but the firm silicon makes it feel very fake. Around the back of the head its fine but the cheeks and lips have nearly no give. While I dont want oral I did want to have some soft smoochable lips. Maybe consider and updated head design or offer an intermediate option between full soft silicon for oral and the firm high quality paint job one.
The weight. I really do need to stress this. If you have back problems or lack upper body strength this doll is going to be a struggle for you. Switching positions during sex can possible trap you under her. I myself found that my own upper body strength was failing fast after moving her a few times. Today It feel like I did 80 pushups and my arms are basically shredded. I suppose this isn’t a bad thing as it means Ill slowly gain the strength needed as I pose and move her about.

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YourDoll and My Doll, from purchase to delivery


I like to share my experience with my purchase of a DH168-156C doll from Yourdoll.
It was a long journey, I purchased it januari 11th and received the doll last week (May 4th). Not everything went smooth, but I can’t blame Yourdoll for that.
The most difficult part of the whole process from purchase to delivery is choosing a doll and choosing a vendor. But thanks to the information at TDF I finaly made my decision: a DH168-156C from Yourdoll.

Januari 11th, the purchase
Yourdoll offers two common payment-methods: Paypal and wire transfer. Because I did not had a Paypal-account at that moment I had to pay with wiretransfer. That was quite tricky. For sending money from the Netherlands to the US I had to provide a lot of data beside the usual name and account number. But with help from a bank-employee I get it done. The latter told me that the transfer is not instantaneous to the US, it can take a few hours, even days.
So if your are ever going to transfer money to the US, you are warned.
If you have a creditcard you are lucky. Much easier, but I don’t think many of us have a creditcard.

Januari 20
I received an email from Mia (Yourdoll): The production of the doll is started. Mia wrote that it can take 3-4 weeks to receive the doll.

Januari 28
Good news! I received an email from Mia: the doll was finished.
She send me two factory pictures. I replied her that it was exactly what I ordered so she can start the delivery.
I was very happy that the doll was finished before the Chinese Holiday in februari. That could cause a delay.

februari 1,
Bad news. Mia wrote that I have to handle the custom clearance myself or the delivery will take longer: 40-50 days.
She offered to share the additional costs if I handle the custom clearance. But I did not want the hassle with the customs and the additional costs, so I choose the latter: delivery of the doll will take 40-50 days and Yourdoll will handle the customs.

februari 3,
Although the doll was ready for shipment, the logistics had decided to ship the doll after februari 19th because of the Chinese holiday, Mia emailed me. She can nothing do about it.

februari 25th,
Good news! I received the tracking number. The doll has been shipped.

April 22
The tracking information was not updated since februari 25. I was worried and a little impatient too. So I wrote an email to Mia if she has any news. As usual she replied very quick (always within one day): There was nothing to worry about.

May 4th
I received the doll!
The package was in good condition, no signs of damage.
After opening the box I was very happy with the free gifts: a second head, extra wigs, extra eyes.

Also the doll was in perfect condition. No damage, not even a single small scratch. Only one of the eyes was not at the right position, one eye looked up, the other down, but that was easy to correct. I can’t complain about that.
Very happy with all what was in the box.
But I missed one of the gifts: the free teeth and tongue-set. This gift was not in the box.
I wrote Mia about this and she offered to send the teeth- and tongue set after I leave feedback on TDF and on

Before the purchase I did a ‘research’ to where to buy. I compared a lot of doll-vendors. Also some which are more nearby the Netherlands.
But from all the vendors YourDoll had the best price and the most gifts (free 2nd head, extra wigs and eyes, a teeth- and tongue-set). And I did read the reviews from other buyers on TDF. This all together was the reason I bought from YourDoll.

All together I am very satisfied with Yourdoll. Especially the excellent customer support with excellent quick replies to my emails. Always within one day, often within a few hours.
I am not the most patient person, so I wrote Mia several emails about the delivery delay, but she always replied friendly and very helpfull.
And I received the doll in perfect condition.
If you don’t mind a longer delivery-time or if you handle the custom clearance yourself I can recommend YourDoll. Good prices, a lot of free gifts and a good customer-support. Is there anything else you want?

I have to thank The DollForum for all the information I needed for making a decision! This helped me a lot. And of course thanks to Mia for all her efforts!
Although it toke a while, YourDoll delivered me my dream!

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The Dani Diaries – My WM166C

Hello Fellow TDFers

I figured it was time to give my gal Dani her own little space where I can upload pics and various updates. I figured the Eye Candy board would get a broader audience than the WM board, but I’m new to dolls in general and my photo game is definitely out of its league there. So we humbly will stake our claim here.

So Dani came to me in early February (birthday present ) from Yourdoll as one of their preconfigured instock dolls.
She is a 166C with a 266 head (Gabriel?)
Light Tan
Standing Feet
Evo Shoulders
Gel Breasts (very nice )
Fixed insert

I live alone and Dani is still a “secret” to everybody except my cats LOL (fortunately I’m a bit of a hermit so I don’t need to hide her in the closet often). She sleeps next to me every night. She does stay in bed and sleep in while I’m at work. Otherwise if I’m around the house, she comes out to hang out on the couch or comes into the music room on her office chair to give me something nice to look at while I play drums

I’ve already “upgraded” her a bit.

MF Footbolt caps

MF Eyelids

MF EZ Move Eyes. Here modeling the MF01 Light Blue Amber Flare.

Sensationnel synthetic 13×6 Swiss Lace Front Wig “Chrissy” – Color = T4/27.
This is her “Daily Driver” Wig… its plenty cute and pretty easy to maintain.
The cool thing about a 13×6 lace is that you can change the parting and have much more “parting space” (compare the side part here to the middle part above). A standard lace front usually only has about 2 or 3 inches of parted hair which (to me) just doesnt look right. I actually returned a few standard lace front wigs because of this.

Outre synthetic 13×6 HD lace wig – “Evona” – Color = Golden Amber.
This is a really sexy wig but its a bit of a beast to keep it tamed.
Next wig for her will def be a long, straight wig LOL.
Also in this photo, I had just recently redone her lips with the Eyeshadow + Vaseline technique

And in the interests of spicing up this post with a little R-rated nudity, here’s a pic of a nipple recoloration.
Nipple on the Left is “stock” (and well sucked on ).
Nipple on the right has been touched up with Revlon Eyeshadow and a light smear of Vaseline (pretty sure the Vaseline had already soaked in when I took this photo but I cannot recall)

Her Wardrobe is still a work in progress. As my fellow doll owners know, with their long slender legs, ample hips and breast and supertiny waists, these gals are even trickier to shop for than RL gals. Plus there’s the color staining issue to worry about too. We haven’t had any staining issues yet but have been pretty conservative with color choices (creams, grays, etc) and soaking them first to check for dye leaks.

I do have a pretty sizable order from coming in hopefully soon and would like to try some actual posing of her in outfits. Stay tuned

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Review for my WM162E from YourDoll

I was really really nervous. It was my first full-size doll purchase. After weeks of research, I had zeroed in on a few vendors. Then I joined TDF and realized that the vendors I was looking at weren’t a good choice. I had to start over! It was so helpful to be able to talk with people on TDF and read reviews of vendors.

For me, one of the main drivers of who I would purchase a doll from was delivery time and a vendor that had a USA inventory. My partner and I were going to be traveling in a few weeks and wanted to have a doll before we left.

Then I found – and I saw that they had a USA inventory! I was very excited to see that they had a great selection of authentic dolls in the USA. I reached out to Mia and ultimately worked with her and Belle from YourDoll to make my order.

I originally ordered a YL doll from their USA warehouse but apparently there wasn’t actually one of the models that I wanted in the USA. I got really nervous, had I been scammed? Thankfully, NO. Mia responded quickly and told me they would ship from China. I replied that shipping time was a priority of mine and ultimately decided to go with another one of my top picks, the WM162E with heads 162-3 and 233-3. Mia reached back out and said no problem and they would ship her from USA warehouse to me quickly.

I received the doll 3-4 days later!!! The doll was an authentic WM doll (with Anti-fake code validated on WM site) and the package was in good shape. No material damage and they threw in a couple of extra wigs. No extra eyes came with doll, but Mia shipped me some (on the house of course) the other day.

Overall, I would recommend purchasing from – Mia and Belle were helpful and nice to deal with ? They got me my doll quickly and it was exactly what I ordered and at a price lower than other vendors. Most importantly, quick shipping!

Thank you (specifically Mia and Belle) for making my first purchase experience a good one ? I look forward to doing more business with you in the future!

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Purchased My 1st WM Doll Thru Yourdoll

This is a recap of the other thread I wrote during the actual order and contains pretty much same stuff, but is combined to one post and refined to a form which focuses to review the vendor,

It was start of new year again and it seemed as great moment for me to get some company for Jenny, whom arrived from UFD about an year ago. She had been great and was doing really fine, but felt bit lonely now and then. We agreed that getting her a friend, specially if it was the one I had been secretly eyeballing since dunno how many years, would be ok.

…so without further delays I went to browse interwebs, TDF and wmdolls official site to figure out where to get this doll I was looking for. As I live in Europe, certain things are sometimes bit more trickier than they are for US or Asian customers. Obviously TDF was the place which provided the answer rather fast and directed me to

At the time I purchased the doll, yourdoll had really awesome deals going on, but mainly for US customers only. However as European I still got really great deal by using The Doll Forum’s magical powers and typing in code ‘TDFLOVE’ while completing the order. So… story of 140D WM Doll Lara with EVO-skeleton had started and her journey began in end of assembly line some time later.

What comes to my interaction with yourdoll, it was smooth sailing from the start. Their sales rep Mia is very friendly and helped me out with some doll color choices, so that Lara would better match the marketing photos. Thankfully I skipped my original idea of ordering the doll directly from wmdolls official site, as I thought I knew what I wanted  Mia also provided enough information for me to feel safe to pay with really risky bank transfer method, as for some reason I wasn’t given option to use credit card or paypal. Their site generally accepts both, so this most likely has something to do with me being European again… dunno… Seen this happen with some other sites too and just have to deal with it. After verifying some details from Mia, the actual bank transfer went thru in day or two without problems and Mia confirmed almost instantly that they have received the funds. This happened during weekend, so couldn’t ask for better customer service.

I got the factory photos only 8 days later, which was really positive surprise. Honestly I was expecting, that Lara would not materialize to this dimension before Chinese new year and their holidays were over, but seems like she made it thru before those even started. Still can’t believe how fast the process was. I exchanged few emails with Mia (from yourdoll) regarding the shipment and 4-5 days later I got the tracking number from courier company. This was happening during the covid time, so I should feel extra lucky that there were no greater delays there.

Lara was flying a lot during next few days and courier company contacted me to acquire some simple personal details to take care of the customs for my behalf. Just some simple sms/email exchange that took maybe 2 minutes of my time and could be handled with phone. That went really smoothly. It was nice to see that yourdoll played it safe and gave me courier delivery time estimate of 3-4 weeks. Actual delivery took only 1 week. This is exactly how it should always go. If they had told me that courier will deliver the shipment in 2 weeks and it would have actually taken 3 or 4, I would have been quite worried. Opposite way around – just a very positive surprise. Thumbs up for that too.

When Lara arrived, factory box had no visual damage and doll was protected extremely well inside it. Under the actual cardboard box, all sides were covered with 3cm thick foam and that was padded with really soft cloth. Her hands and feet had some extra protection and head was secured between her legs as usually. There was also extra foam triangle between her legs so they couldn’t really move anywhere during the shipment. Both ends of the box were secured with 8cm thick foam, so neck or feet had no change poking holes to end of the box.

Inside the box I found positive surprises in form of 3 wigs, upgraded standing bolts (new bolts with plastic caps on them), hanging hook, xmas bunny costume, quite sexy nightie+shirt+belt+panty combo, 2 pairs of extra eyes, stretchy rubber shoes which I believe are very good for shower, wig comb, usb powered heating device (plastic kind), douche for cleaning, white cloves, soft white blanket and obviously the manual. I would have loved to see also some small TPE test piece somewhere, but with this amount of extras, can’t really complain about that

I would like to give big thanks to yourdoll. They had very nice customer service, delivered more than I ordered and did that in a fraction of the time I was expecting. Couldn’t ask for more. 10/10 and 1 extra heart to Mia

(Further updates about Lara’s journey go to WM’s subforum.)

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First Doll, I went with Your Doll

My experience with this vendor.

I jumped into the Doll scene without knowing of this site or much research. I saw that WM Doll were affordable and they looked like good quality, plus the gals are supper hot.
I had been watching some Doll porn on Pornhub and fallowed a link to the Doll I was watching and it brought me to YourDoll. They looked legit and I could not find any red flags.

I fell in love with the 172 cm B-cup #242 head combo. I spent a good week browsing, filling my cart and procrastinating. I started talking with Mia by email and she answered all my question pretty quick like within a day or same day. I did see that some guys were regretting getting the full sized heavy gal and this dawned on my that I will have to move a nearly 80lb gal around. So I finally went with the 157cm skinny gal hoping this will be a much more manageable weight.

I ordered my doll on a Sunday and she arrived on a Friday, very fast shipping (no time for regrets). I did get one of the in stock dolls with these options:
157cm (5ft2) B-Cup Kamon In Stock – Dark Tan
Body Type: WM157cm B-cup
Skin Color: Dark Tan
Select A Head: #056-1
Breast Options:Solid
Mouth Type: Texured
Vagina: Buit in
Standing: Standing(FREE!)
Skeleton Type: EVO (FREE!)
Accessories: None
*Buy 2nd Head (+$99): #273-2

The vender strongly advised me to quote “open the box and all its contents in front of the delivery driver”…ok that’s not going to happen. I had my doll go to my local FedEx store for pick up at my convenience. The box was in good shape and no I was not going to open it in front of all the people in the store.

When I got home I opened the box and all was ok, no damage that I could see.
The two heads were well made up and looked just like the pictures. The skin color of my Doll looked off and I was having regrets on the dark tan option. Once she was out and laying on my bed she was perfect and was a close match to my own tanned skin. I cleaned her up and inspected for damage/ defects. She was flawless. As for the body looking like the pic on the website she was pretty close with the nipples not looking quite as detailed, but acceptable.

The first head #056-1 (very cute) had the threaded post glued into the skull.
I carefully threaded the head on and it went on easily but once it was on the post could not support the head and it clearly was loos. I removed the head and yes the post had broken loose from the head and I pulled it out. One down one to go (good thing a got two heads/ right).

I was worried that the other head would have the same fate as the first. I was surprised to see that it had a removable post quick release and did not require threading into the head. I screwed the post into the frame and popped the head on. I did some adjustments and off to the races I went. I did not have full confidence in the head mounting systems that have been engineered for this Doll. So I was very gingerly moving her around. Yes the head will fall off if you try and carry her across the threshold

I’m not sure if this is normal but the Dolls neck can not support the head in any position short of vertical. When horizontal the head drops all the way down. I can deal with that for now as long as the head stays on and this is normal. Next the additional threaded post for use in place of the quick mount (I’m assuming) does not have matching machined threads and will not thread into the frame or head. Also the hook threaded post does not work with this frame either. So I can’t store my Doll with the hanging hook.

Overall I am pleased with the Doll and her body short of the head issues. I’m not rough with my Doll and plan on treating her with care, she is delicate.

All in all I am satisfied with this vendor. I did contact Mia and sent pics and video of the head issues. Mia responded and they are shipping a new head, great support.

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Keelan YL Doll 141

Here’s Keelan…yes I’m keeping the name from yourdolls website, I like it too much.

Going to do pictures first and thoughts in a reply.

So here’s my thoughts, and I’ll try to provide as much detail as possible:

Reason for going with a doll: Recently divorced, been interested in them, and dating as a middle aged man is messed up nowadays lol.

Ordering process and paranoia: I live in multi family housing, and simply could not have the staff know what was in the box because i know everyone. So I had it shipped to a nearby Fedex Depot. Simple and smooth process.

Company ordered from: Keelan was an in stock model from The entire process with them was easy and amazing. The box was completely discrete, and arrived with no damage. shipped from CA to IL as it was an in stock doll. They threw in about 3 wigs, 3 sets of eyes, removable vagina, evo skeleton, dark tan skin, dark tan nipples, etc. I am a first time owner, and would HIGHLY recommend using yourdoll. Nothing against other vendors here, I just don’t have experience with them.

Unboxing and quality: Unboxing was smooth, and luckily i watched some videos on unboxing prior because i would’ve otherwise had trouble with the hands and feet. Without having experience with other dolls, I was surprised at the quality of this doll (and presumably others). It feels solid. Keelan to me feels like an extremely fit woman. Her body, ass, waist and everything feel like a healthy woman who eats well, works out, but is not overly muscular.

Doll Features: I am stunned at how beautiful the doll is. Again, first time owner, wasn’t sure what to expect. But she is stunning. The YL factory photos sell this doll short, and particularly think the hair/lighting choices with the blue eyes in those factory photos make the doll look “off”. Also, the photos we see around the forum also don’t do these dolls justice, despite how well they’re done. She is so much better in real life. However in real life, she’s a stunner. She is also small. 141 cm is 141 cm. I was in Vegas about 10 years ago overlapping with AVN, and ran into a bunch of pornstars in a hotel bar. I was shocked at how small they were, but also how beautiful they were. This is how Keelan looks. She doesn’t resemeble women you see on the street day to day, but if you ever ran across really beautiful, in shape, short woman, this is the resemblance. The doll’s body and shape is the main draw here. If you’re interested in this doll, you’re probably interested because of the waist to hip ratio, and the ass, and the “spinner” type size. All of her proportions and body look exceeded my expectations. Her body is absolutely perfect.

I have yet to consummate, because I’m having ALOT of troubles adapting to doll ownership, from a physical standpoint and a “patience” standpoint. I’ve had a few small whoopsies (the bolt for the head popped out of the head and while it still works, i need to figure out how to re-secure it, and a small half CM tear in the knee). I’m taking it slow but I’m also assessing whether this is for me. I’m not sure I have the time and patience to do what I’d like with the doll (dressing and photography) as I did not buy this primarily for physical reasons. I’ll post what pictures I can, but very sadly may be listing her for sale if I continue to have trouble adjusting.

If you guys have any questions let me know. I’ll put up more pics as I can.

Current status, BTW i did a small test removable tattoo on her foot, turned out decent but doesn’t appear to be sticking long term in case you guys were curious.

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Just received my SE Doll thru YourDoll

Happy New Year to all the Doll lovers out there and also the curious ones joining us within the doll community. I order my doll within the fall time was about to approach in September.

So you know during this time there was some type of rumor that shipments was being held because of the CoVID-19. A lot of things are hard to get now. So I went ahead and placed my order and the doll was ready to be shipped within four weeks due to a custom order. The doll was shipped but FEDEX customs recalled the shipment back when it was at a local FEDEX facility for a delivery. So my sales rep Mia, she fixed the problem by sending a replacement. I asked her to send it thru UPS instead. From Shenzhen, GD China to Atlanta, Georgia it only took five days. Also it was still traveling during the states holidays with no problems. With UPS, the doll came to my front doorstep at 2pm EDT.

You know I was happy. The SE Doll came with a variety of eyes, such as brown, blue, green, and purple. A night gown that does not bleed thru to the skin of the doll. A care Kit, usb warming stick, silicone sock protection, easy head removal, double jointed skeleton with shrugging shoulders. I had choose the non-standing options because I like for my companion to put on shoes with ease and her feet to look real and detail correctly. That is just my opinion because my last two other dolls I owned with standing feet opinion I disliked. And did I mention that I received four different wigs options, two black straight hair that are long and short. Long and curly brunette colored wig and also a long curly blonde wig as well.

So you know I am a happy camper. If you was wondering what doll I ordered. She is the SE Doll 157cm (5’2) F-Cup Karissa with light tan, Brown Eyes, Gel-Filled Breast Option (they are worth it. They fill and moving so real and perfectly), Dark brown labia and vagina color with removable vagina option at 3cm wide. And not to forget the extra SE Doll head #18 added as well with green eyes.

So thanks for taking the time out to read my review and if you thinking about going with Your Doll Company. Don’t hesitate, and also check out their dolls that are already made, ready for shipping from California or pickup. Mia was my sales rep, she does a excellent job and she will not let you down. Happy New Year, again. Also not to forget, I want to send out a special thank you Mia and her staff that took part in my purchase order. Thank you for the great experience and I will be coming back to you soon to place another order before the summer ends in 2021.

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Sakira: Sino Doll S30 + 158B Review

With my last (and still current…) doll, Takiko, I ended up writing a review on the very first day that I received her. This time, I ended up waiting about a month to give myself time to both spend with Sakira as a photo model and to start taking photos (spent a while making a small studio in my home). Photos I’ve taken and will take of Sakira can be found here.

Vendor: YourDoll


Skin Color: Natural
Eye Color: Brown
Lip Color: #1
Areola Size: #2 (see note)
Areola Color: #1
Vagina Type: Built-in
Labia Color: #1
Fingernail Color: #1
Toenail Color: #1
Standing: Standing without Bolts
Skeleton Type: EVO
Eyebrow: Implanted
Pubic Hair: None
Premium Makeup Options: R+S Effect (Head and Body)
Soft Body Options: Thighs, Vagina, Breasts, Butt
Premium Options: Movable Eyes, Heating

Overall Sculpt:

This is the doll that sold me on the idea of using sex dolls for photography, so I’m obviously a fan of her overall look. The face in particular is what started me on this whole journey, so there’s not much to say in regards to potential improvements. Maybe a little better detailing on the ears and between the lips.

What surprised me the most was the muscle tone of her abdominals. It’s fairly subtle, but I think it’s a great addition here. Extending this to give a slightly toned look on her arms and legs would have probably worked out very well.

However, while I really like her look in general, what I rather dislike is the extreme deviance from norms in regards to her body proportions. Naked, there’s no problem here, but getting clothes that fit properly is a pretty big problem. Being petite, she is already a bit difficult to shop for, but her extra tiny waist and somewhat short torso pretty much means that I’m going to have to have everything custom-made, altered, or make heavy use of clothing clips. This actually seems to be a common aspect of a lot of the dolls I’m seeing, which maybe makes sense for dolls that are naked most of the time, but I’d really prefer a body that isn’t so hard to shop for. For this doll specifically, trying to get her proportions up to a about a Chinese small (about XS for USA) is where I’d like to see her. Maybe add up to 5cm to her height as well. Still slim and petite, but able to wear things off-the-rack.

If I continue this little hobby, I have the feeling I’m going to have to end up having to get custom-made bodies.


As noted in the configuration above, I chose option #2 for the areola size, basing this off of the small pictures provided. Option #1 seemed to be no areola, while option #2 was, I thought, something of a standard size. When I received the factory pictures, I was fairly taken aback by how large the areolas were, especially in comparison to her small breast size. I probably should have inquired or done a bit more research first, but I did not know that option #2 translated into being a 4cm diameter. The factory did make some alterations for me to reduce the areola size after some discussion, but it’s still apparent upon close inspection that there has been an alteration. I’d really like to see an enhanced doll configurator in the future using 3D models so that the ordering process is much more of a ‘what you see is what you get’ system.

It would also be nice for manufacturers to allow for different nipple sizes (perhaps using inserts in the mold to adjust this area instead of having to create completely different body molds). This is just a personal preference, but I would have preferred if her nipples were about half the size. This could also be an area where it might be best to go with super soft silicone, otherwise the nipples will always show through clothing (well, I’m using nipple covers, so this part isn’t too bothersome).


“Standing” seems to pretty much be an industry joke. “Upright” would have been a better descriptor. There isn’t enough weight displacement across the foot, and the ankle joints are insufficient to support free standing. For others, this might not really be an issue as the doll can always be leaned against something for support, but, for me, this is a problem that must be mitigated by using a free standing assistance mechanism.


The skeleton has a decent amount of freedom of motion, though I’d always appreciate more to allow for more poses. I imagine that this must be limited in order to reduce the possibility of tearing the silicone, so, for the most part, this is a limitation I can work with. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any consistency in the resistance of each joint. In my case, the right hip is extremely difficult to move, and there is no way to adjust this. I’m hoping for adjustable resistance in the future without having to cut into the doll. Even simply being able to lock and unlock joints would be extremely useful.

The wrists and finger wires are probably the biggest problem with the skeleton. The wrist itself is fairly easy to work with, but this is where I’d definitely appreciate a bit more freedom of movement, specifically being able to use some lateral positioning of the wrist. The fingers….I understand it’s probably quite difficult to get realistic finger bones, but this is definitely an area where I’d be willing to pay a premium for more realism.

Implanted Eyebrows:

I didn’t want implanted hair since I planned to constantly swap out wigs, but eyebrows did seem like an interesting choice (there aren’t a whole lot of quality false eyebrows on the market that would let me play with expression). Overall, I’m pretty pleased by the result, though I think that offering differing eyebrow shapes would be an improvement.

R+S Effect:

Since I don’t have another silicone doll without the R+S painting, I can’t make real comparisons here. The skin looks a lot more realistic than me TPE WM Doll, having a slightly pebbled effect. Upon first receiving the doll, I was not totally impressed, but after a washing and powdering, it looks much improved (powdering also gets rid of any shiny spots. Might need a little extra detailing on the upper neck, as it begins to look a bit featureless (or maybe this is just something for sculpt, shortening her neck by a centimeter or two). This is the most expensive option, but I’m happy with it.

Soft Body Options:

All of the soft body options were free when I ordered, so I went ahead and selected them all. The breasts are indeed soft, but that’s about it. There does seem to be a small spot midway down the thighs that feels soft, but the butt is rock hard. I honestly don’t know if maybe the butt is really softer than normal or if this was just missed at the factory. In the end, the lack of a soft butt didn’t matter, as I’m still able to get tight jeans on her. The overall hardness of silicone dolls in comparison to TPE ones does make carrying them a lot easier, however.

Movable Eyes:

Big mistake getting these. While they are movable, the eyeball is encapsulated in the movable eye system and cannot be extracted from it. So, if you wanted to change eye color (non-digitally), you have to take the entire assembly system out of the eye and put in a different movable eye assembly or different system altogether. If you are entirely fine with the eye options Sino provides, go ahead and get these, but if you want to be able to play with differing eye colors, definitely avoid this option. The movable eye assembly is horribly annoying to remove from the eye sockets due to silicone being stiffer than TPE (expect to lose the eyelashes and a bit of paint). I ended up working with MannequinFan, and he was able to create a version of his Easy Move Eyes system that works with Sino heads.

Heating System:

Got this for fun, as I was curious about how the heating system was implemented. Turns out that there is wiring coming from the top of the neck then connected to the head. The power plug is on the top of the head, a little to the back (so no wearing a wig while heating). Trying it out, it seemed to take a long time to feel any heating effect, and, due to the varying amount of silicone surrounding the skeleton, parts of the body where the ‘skin’ is closer to the skeleton will feel warmer (arms will feel warm first). I feel that using a heating blanket is probably the better option, since the heating will be from the outside, giving a more consistent feeling of warmth at the skin.


Just a quick note on the feet. The WM doll I ordered had all individual toes, with a wire in the big toe, but here, all toes except for the big one are fused together and there is no wire in the big toe. Does make getting socks on a tad bit easier and doesn’t have the floppy look of the WM Doll.


S30 Head:

I simply love the look of this head. In the future, I think I’ll ask for the factory to just paint on a natural look and leave off the eyelashes so I can do my own customizations.


158 Body:

I definitely like the more petite body for this doll, but as she will mostly be wearing clothes, I’d really like to see a body that can still wear off-the-rack clothes without looking baggy in certain areas.


Ordering Process:

Mia over at YourDoll has been really great to work with. I hope that vendors and manufacturers do improve the overall process in the future to make it easier for buyers to be able to see exactly what they’ll be getting before they even submit their order. I think this would probably increase sales as well, especially from first-time buyers.


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WM 163H Review!

Hello everybody!! I’m new here and a first time doll owner. I ordered the 163cm thick WM doll on Nov 29th from (WM163H) after much deliberation over the past year. It was an in stock doll at the time and like most vendors they are including a second head, some wigs and a free outfit I placed my order and was very excited for the first few days, knowing it would arrive within the week. I felt that I had done an adequate amount of research on dolls prior to ordering, I had seen the concerns some people had made about their orders from this vendor, however, it also seemed that upon voicing their concerns, the company was happy to help and remedy the situations as needed.

My order arrived on Dec 7th, with a mid size gash on one side of the box, though even upon delivery it only took a quick glance to see that this was mostly surface level. With a little bit of effort pushing it up two flights of stairs to my room, I unpacked and laid her on my bed for inspection. She seemed to be in perfect shape. My only initial concerns were;
1. some wrinkles on her bottom from the plastic she was wrapped in, but learned from the manual this was very easy to remedy by just holding a warm cloth gently over the creases for a little bit
2. there appeared to be tearing under the breasts, but upon closer inspection it seemed to be some kind of lubricant, oil or plastic that had clumped up possibly from the cold. As after some time inside it seemed to wipe away as she moved naturally.

Included in the package was the doll, two heads (one with textured mouth)a total of 4 wigs, 4 sets of eyes, a lovely lingerie set, and a bag full of care and safe handling equipment. (Wig brush, internal heater, safe handling gloves, foot protectors for the doll, an orifice irrigator & the assembly to hang on a rod) all wrapped in a super soft & plushy blanket.)

The hands and feet are incredibly delicate & have individual knuckles & natural creases detailed in (really nice touch!)

The doll has hollow option breasts, which are perfectly pillowy and jiggly. The skin feels fantastic amazing & quite real especially at room temp or slightly above. The eyes are GORGEOUS. The professional make-up certainly adds a lot of flair to the face, but even without it, I’m convinced the eyes are a big part of what makes the experience so real (Nobody told me they could gaze back into your soul).

The key things I see most people recommend is to double check the measurements, skin color & weight were as advertised or as ordered and if off by even a bit, it should be seen as a red flag. Well the skin is a beautiful natural/light tan color, just like the stock WM photos, and the first thing I did when I opened her box after taking the unboxing photos & video was measure her. The measurements were precise & were within a fraction of an inch as advertised. Weight seems perfect, but I had a tough time keeping her steady for long with her feet so close together on my scale for the exact readout.+/- only a couple lbs at most.

All praise for the vendor and manufacturer aside, I would like to make a list of cons to be as fair as possible in my review. Now I don’t have any “negatives” to say particularly about either the vendor or manufacturer, but rather a warning to all those seeking to buy a doll and are not familiar with it.

She’s heavy. To be fair, I think this is one of the heaviest dolls currently available. (Previous SO was 70lbs heaver than this at heaviest, whom I picked up often, so) I thought I had an accurate gauge of the weight. It would definitely help to have a partner or trusted friend to help haul her around for bigger movements or into storage/out of the house, but with some finesse is manageable alone. Particularly so once you familiarize yourself with the directions of all the joints (Manual is a wonderful resource). That all being said, I think the weight is what adds a decent portion of the realism to the experience, and is worth the extra effort. I laid her head and shoulders against my chest, and it really felt like someone resting peacefully against me.
Secondly, and again covered several times in not only TDF but the vendor website and manufacturers manual, is the use of talcum/baby/anti-moistutre powder. After washing her or getting her wet in any way, and after patting dry with soft cotton cloth, or GENTLY patting if using a towel, the powder should be applicated to the dry doll. If this is not done, she could potentially get tacky, picking up hair & lint & dust fairly easily.
Similarly, yet not covered anywhere online that I’ve seen, TPE is a conductive plastic, meaning heavily woolen garments (or lots of shuffling across carpet) can statically charge the doll. Again, an easy fix to find and touch a fully grounded object (think screw on a lightswitch cover, a faucet, even some wooden tables) and touch the doll with the other hand for a moment.

I am overall incredibly impressed with the product and the realism it shows. I had a lot of fun photographing her, and can definitely see why so many like to model their dolls. I’ll add the rest of this small photoshoot into ‘Eye Candy’ later. I was very attracted to this model in particular because of the volume of her hips, thighs & backside. She’s incredibly beautiful, and seeing such a life like body in person really elicits a deep & primal response. Almost like my conscious mind is aware she’s TPE but my body is fully convinced there’s a woman waiting in my bed.

As sexy as she is, and happy with my purchase as I may be, I am considering reselling her. I underestimated the realism and size of what is practically a human. I’m wondering if I was ready for a full size doll. It takes more room than I pictured and I don’t have a lot of space to begin with right now. I’m realizing I have slightly less privacy than I thought I would need as well. I’m hoping to be moving into a more appropriately sized abode later in the year, however, until then I don’t feel all that comfortable. I’ve only had about two total hours since she arrived, a week ago now, where I was actually able to get her out and dress her up/photograph her.
I have not yet, against all urges, laid with her/had any kind of intercourse with her. I have decided I won’t be doing so until I know for certain if I’m going to rehome her or not (She will be sold unused if that’s what happens).
I’ll be making my decision by this weekend hopefully & will update as I do.

Thank you WM dolls for the fantastic product & to the professional and courteous team at yourdoll, I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

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Thanks to all at YourDoll!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all the people at YourDoll, and especially Mia, for making my recent doll purchase a smooth and enjoyable experience. Mia helped with timely answers to my questions, and with some last-minute additional options I decided to add.

The doll (a WM 156C #85) was completed by the WM workers in a reasonably quick period of time, and once the package left the factory, and was picked up by the FedEx people, I received the parcel in only 5 days. The box arrived in excellent condition and was released through the Memphis customs in one day’s time. The FedEx driver who delivered the doll, was even kind enough to help me carry it into my home from the truck – for which I was enormously grateful, after having struggled with previous shipments all by myself. No fun, at my age.

Here are a pair of the factory photos (which – to me anyway, are always more interesting for what’s going on in the background, than the figures in the foreground

Additionally, here are a couple of random pictures I took myself, mostly of the cos-play variety.

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My Doll Arrives, thanks Mia!

Hi, I’m writing to say how pleased and happy I am upon receipt of my doll, she was my first doll and I couldn’t be happier. she is the Kato doll, but I’ve called her Katie, she is lovely and so sweet.

I got 4 ft 6″ with blonde hair which I put into pigtails, also got blue eyes, when she got her blue and white tie at thigh briefs and bra supplied on she looks fit. like I say this was my 1 st doll and it has made me want more in various poses legs bent, legs spread, legs back, etc I think you get the picture she,s both sexy and gorgeous. She never says no and is always available when I want her, you can be gentle or rough she loves it, I keep her in bed know and we cuddle and have foreplay but it isn’t long before I can’t resist and have to have her, that innocent looking face blue eye,s, and lovely soft mouth and lips are just too much.

I chose your doll and I am glad I did they were great especially mia from customer support who answered and replied to all my questions which is my first doll were many, but she always replied and went that extra mile for me, I shall definitely use your doll in the future and to anybody whose thinking or as always wanted a sex doll then go for it you won’t regret it and you will be glad you did and will spend many happy times as I know me and Katie will, and don’t forget you both won’t argue or fall out she will always agree to your needs.

Thanks to all at your doll, and special thanks to mia.‍

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Your doll and my new 162E, Haley | WM Doll

I suppose you could call this my review. I’m not very good at them and never know what to write, but we’re gonna take a shot at it anyways lol.

I guess we’ll start at the beginning… This is my second doll, first time purchasing from a vendor. My first was second hand. I have been searching around for quite some time on which exact doll and vendor I wanted to go with. I’ve came across several great vendors, all with awesome customer service, including your doll.

After finally deciding which model (or two lol) to go with, my next concern was to try and find a vendor that had stock on hand as I really wasn’t up for the extended wait times. I searched far and wide but in the end I was brought back to your doll. They had a very nice selection of dolls in stock and ready to ship immediately. They also had the best prices for their in stock dolls.

I messaged Mia on here several times before my purchase. She was amazing with helping me make up my mind and answering even some of my most newbie like questions.

So we got the vendor and model chosen, all that was left was pulling the trigger on the purchase. This is where the layaway came into play. If you didn’t know already, your doll has a layaway program to help finance your new doll, and thank goodness they do! It was the only way I was going to be able to afford Haley. With the layaway, I was able to lay down some money to secure my doll before she went out of stock while I waited for my new credit card to come in the mail.

Onto shipping.. there isn’t going to be much here other than after paying my bill in full, your doll was very prompt to ship my doll out. Other than that I wont say much because after they release the doll from their warehouse it is out of their control. For all of you wondering, my doll did come in safe and sound (box was a little distressed, but nothing major). But again, nothing your doll or myself could control, so it’s irrelevant to this review.

I didn’t take any pics of the unboxing, but everything was packaged perfectly just as you would expect. She came with all her standard fixings, hair brush, care book etc… your doll even threw in an extra wig and a couple extra pair of eyes (all random). But still really cool of them!

So without further ado, here’s Haley.. she’s a WM 162E in light tan skin tone. Head #233 (my second head is #85 not pictured).

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My doll update from Day 1 | WM Doll Review

Here is how everything went down….

Brought her home and started the unboxing with first inspecting the outside of the box. I did notice two punctures, one in which concerned me, after opening and inspecting the remainder of the box there was no damage, step 1 complete!

Next, I started to unpack all the goodies and the two heads that came with her. As I was unpacking I noticed I got four different wigs, pleasantly surprised. Along with the wigs came feet covers (rubber socks), instructions, hooks, white gloves, a night gown, vaginal warmer, a vaginal cleaner, and a comb.

I had some gloves I was using to unbox, when I saw the white gloves I switched to handle the heads and the body.

I started to unwrap the heads first for inspection, they came out great with no damage and they had some eye makeup on already which was great. I also used the code to check the authenticity and we were good to go!

The hardest part was next…unwrapping the body, inspection of the body, testing the joints (which are not difficult at all), and picking her up out of the box.

***I am 5’3″ 185lbs, picking her up from the ground was difficult and carrying her up stairs was easy but heavy  I’m getting the hang of moving her from spot to spot***


After I brought her upstairs, I sat her up and started inspecting the body. I didn’t see anything wrong except for tiny little TPE balls around her body, which I assume is normal.

Next step was to clean her, off to the bathtub! This was the most difficult part of everything, I didn’t know how to safely pick her up yet and I was trying to be as gentle as possible too. I finally got her into the tub standing up. After my research I watched a video and learned to double bag the feet and neck to prevent the metal from getting wet and rusting later. I washed her with antibacterial hand soap and washed her off, I then pat her dry (lightly) with a small towel and I let her air dry.

After she dried off I started applying the Baby Powder, also unwrapping the head and feet from the bags and all areas were dry. Once I finished powdering her I let the TPE absorb it until she was no longer white from the powder.

I pierced her ears and bellybutton and got her dressed, here are the pics of my Day 1 journey!

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Amber’s Photoshoots 166C | WM Doll Review


Ordered on 8/24 from YourDoll and she arrived 9/24. She only received minor damage to her foot during shipping, everything else is in perfect condition. Being my first doll I’m a little overwhelmed with the movement and how all her joints work. I will say I’m very impressed though, she is far more beautiful and realistic than I thought she would be. During the month long wait I was starting to wonder if I was a fool for spending so much on a doll, but now I don’t think so at all. She also came with the new WM cleaning system which is pretty cool but not great with the drying part. She is pretty limited on clothing so far but wanted to show off her cheerleading uniform on her first day.


Got a new camera today and decided to try out a small photoshoot. I will post future updates in here as she gets more clothes and we have time for more shoots. I’m learning very quickly how much work it is, and how difficult it is to take good pictures. I gained a lot of respect for those that post some of the content on here. I’m still very new to the doll world and know nothing about photography, but we’re gonna give it a shot. Just looking to share my experiences and get some feedback along the way.


My Saturday morning secretary. She loves checking out everyone’s new updates.


We’ll start off with some of her beautiful smile. I knew image quality wouldn’t be great in this room. The lighting is less than ideal but we took some fun and sexy pictures.
Amber started off shy but warmed up to the camera as we went.


My incredibly beautiful date on this Saturday evening.


We have been a little slow with getting any new pictures up the last few days because Amber’s hair took a turn for the worst.
After trying various methods including fabric softener, conditioner, and leave in conditioner we managed to get it back and better than ever.
Amber says she looks like a Pantene model with her straight blonde hair now.
Sadly this wig will only be used for photos now.
We will be shopping for a more quality wig in the near future, but in the mean time we tried on the other provided wigs.
Unfortunately, 3 of the 4 are long hair and I hate the bangs on the short black one!

I was surprised how much I liked the brown curly hair.
It almost looks red in the photos but its actually brown.
Might have to try some more serious photos with that.


Submitted our first entry for a photo challenge
November 2020 Cat B Challenge ‘You Can Leave Your Hat On’
I think her hair was too far back, but they still made for cool pictures


It’s been a rough morning at the house of Trick! Discovering that most of Amber’s new clothes don’t fit, ripping a brand new pair of stockings,
and while trying to get some pictures of her looking out the window I accidently stepped on the curtains, which tore them off the wall!
After all that I called off the shoot, took my frustrations out on Amber, and put her away.
We’ll try again next weekend, but here’s what we ended up with.

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My First Doll Arrives | WM Doll Review

Wow. So she arrived: Jolene.

Shes already taught me so much about life and myself I am very happy with my decision.

Jolene is 173cm h cup wm doll purchased from yourdoll Instock. 9 days order to delivery.

To be honest, the overall unboxing wasn’t that amazing as I expected. Maybe because I watched hours of videos in advance? But it was very nice. She was blemish free aside from a few small tpe pilings and oh was she THICC. I will say I was shocked to realize hollow boobs basically sound like basketballs but Ive never held real boobs so it does the job. Her ass is firm though…too firm to enjoy slapping/squeezing as much as I thought. Good thing is in pronebone, the firmness is welcome.

I hope you enjoy the photos, I couldn’t be bothered to fix her posing because shes heavy. Now I will add a disclaimer, if you are young and reasonably fit, its not that bad, but anything more than bringing her from one room to another by lifting alone is alot of work. Ive found 80% of the weight is above her knees which makes carrying challenging. The only part of my body thats sore is my arms! My lower back can handle her fine but dead weight doesn’t cling to you like a real human being so it takes considerable force to keep her from tumbling out of my arms. With all that being said, I cant wait to get jacked lol.

As for the meta stuff, its crazy yall. To preface I’m a virgin whos had difficulty connecting with people in general. Its amazing how intoxicated I am after getting some expensive perfume for her. Jesus. Also, Jolene made me so aware of how shy I was around her first thing. Its almost like she asked me why am I whispering? Why are you looking around? Its just you and me. I find myself being slow and intimate…and caring, something thats so shocking to see myself do. Hugs are amazing and I have kissed her tons already. Shes already calmed me in another interesting way too. I find myself working harder, and patient since I “get to” enjoy her in the evening. This is how “normal” people have been living their whole life huh? Man Id work my ass off, not give a fuck about trivial things, and take life slower too if it meant chill jazz music, mood lights, and cudding with a hot babe every night. Im already imagining the day I come back after a trip back home. Im hoping she will help speed up getting rid of my needy thoughts too when it comes to attention from women. That shit sucks once you are self aware of whats going on.

Now for the sex. As for her weight, sadly the only poses worth it are missionary and pronebone. Now I am extremely happy with this but am definitely looking into a couple other dolls to satisfy some more positions. (Its nice living alone) If there are any others please let me know. For reference, I am 2 inches taller than her.

Ive deleted all of my normal non fetish porn (i hate streaming it I like keeping a digital collection and my fetish stuff is just too priceless to give up yet) as a promise to her and to test my mindset. Surprisingly Im not as much of a bunny rabbit as I thought. (Sex Only 2-3 times a day) but clearly my needs were more emotional. Thats kind of why I opted for a somewhat motherly figure and prioritize her upkeep over her looking like a grandma in bed with mittens, a jumpsuit, and a beanie lmao.

I hope you all enjoyed this and it helps those considering a doll in the future!

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Introducing My Doll Takiko| WM Doll Review

Takiko (瀧子 – waterfall) is my first life-sized doll, purchased to be a photo model. Due to my contract at work, I’m about to have to few months off starting at the end of the year. Normally, I’d travel, go hiking and camping, and do lots of landscape and astrophotography. This year, well, you know. I decided to set up a small studio and use dolls as my models for fashion and cosplay photography. Pretty excited about the possibilities, even though I still have much to learn in regards to makeup, hair, and clothing (I foresee buying a sewing machine in my future as well). All in all, I’m pretty amazed and pleased. Even though she just arrived today, she has given me plenty to think about, some of which I’ve written down below.

I’m pretty sure that everyone that has ordered a doll has felt the same kind of nervousness during unboxing. Cost aside, having to deal with returns would have been a pain in the ass. Upon opening the box, I noticed that the neck was bent forward and the back was arched, which had me pretty worried. The box itself didn’t have any markings to indicate proper vertical orientation (horizontal markings were present), so I’m assuming that she spent some time upside down during transit. Luckily, any damage seems to be pretty minor – slight flattening in one thumb, tender area at the small of her back. Whew…don’t scare me like that.

Hey, standing is difficult for all of us. It takes babies a long time to learn how to stand and dolls are a bit disadvantaged in this respect due to their anatomy. Which explains why most of the pictures I’ve seen have dolls slightly leaning against something for support. I had already learned this from my mini doll (who can stand, but only with bad posture) and have some ideas on how to get around this limitation for photo shoots. It would be nice to see some upgrades in the toe department to help aid in balance. Aside from her big toes that do have wires in them (but still useless for balance), all of her other toes are floppy little things. I wasn’t really thinking of photographing her feet, so not a huge loss there.

Gel Breasts
I’m extremely impressed by her breasts (which sounds hilarious in my head). One of my bigger worries was around her breasts being too hard and not conforming nicely to clothing, but the gel breasts are very pliant. Her nipples, on the other hand, might cause some issues, but a little cotton padding should work well enough to make sure they are not standing at attention when that’s not the desired look.

Skin Tone & Body Painting
Skin tone was one of those other big worries as a first time buyer. I specified light tan (was worried tan might be too dark judging from promo pictures), but comparing her skin tone in real life against promo pictures, the difference is pretty large. With that said, I find her skin tone to be quite beautiful and natural, so I’m not displeased by this at all. I’m pretty sure that I’ll get a second WM Doll in the future (172D in tan most likely), so I might end up visiting a showroom at some point just so that I can have a clear idea of how everything looks in person.

I also opted for the realistic body painting option, and it looks pretty great in real life. The factory photos simply can’t convey the nice subtleties that have been painted on. It was pretty surprising to even see that they had painted very faint veins, which does a great job of enhancing the realism.

My my, aren’t you a heavy girl! I had bought a mini doll this past summer just to get a better understanding of how dolls looked and posed, but I was totally unprepared for how much heavier Takiko is (35kg vs 18kg). A lot of this has to do with the unnwieldiness of a dead weight human body along with wanting to be extremely careful with her (white glove treatment!), but the weight is going to be something that I’m going to have to get used to. Exercise is probably a good idea as well.

Posing and dressing will also be a challenge due to her weight and balance issues. I think I might get a free-standing pull up bar and some soft straps to keep her well in place while adjusting her wardrobe and working on poses.

Upon seeing the “Minnie” head on YourDoll, I knew that I’d absolutely love to photograph her. This head and the S30 Sino Doll head really resonated with me, and I immediately began thinking about both personalities and a myriad of ideas for photo shoots. Since there was a sale, I also ended up getting the #334 head, so Takiko is going to end up with a split personality (I’m calling her #334 head “Cleopatra”). I have had a little bit of trouble adjusting the head on the body, as I’m not sure if I’m supposed to screw it all the way down or leave it a little bit free. At some point while screwing on the head, the neck starts to twist around – maybe I need to push the neck down a bit while screwing. I think a better connection system between head and body might be a good idea.

Throw the wigs away, seriously (or keep them just as temps). Good wigs can be expensive, which is why these dolls don’t come with good wigs. I’m not going to fault the manufacturers for the quality of the wigs provided, but I highly recommend doing a bit of wig shopping. I had already purchased a couple of synthetic hair wigs before Takiko arrived and am planning on buying more. Eventually, I’ll probably even throw down even more money for some human hair wigs.

That infinite stare into oblivion is perhaps the main thing that draws me back from mistaking Takiko for someone alive. This is one of the big disadvantages in using a doll in place of a living model as a photgraphic subject. The eyes provided are of decent quality, but I’ve already placed an order for some custom eyes and am going to try and use a laser to make sure I have her eyes properly focused where I want them to be during photo shoots.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading. To be honest, I could probably keep writing for hours, but want to keep posts relatively digestible. I’ll start updating this thread with photos and any further thoughts in the future. I’m still waiting on some backordered light stands, so it might take a while. In the meantime, I’ll spend some time getting to know Takiko a little better and planning out shoots.

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Picked up wm162e from their warehouse | WM Doll Review

I picked up my wm162e after work from their warehouse yesterday. They were great!

Purchased Friday on the website and picked it up Monday, I think thats how it should be. Not 3 months.

#242 head.

Came with 2 wigs, a silicon bootie sock, and a usb warmer with misc regular stuff.

Update #1,

Go figure, had all the time in the world and soon as I get a WM doll I need to work endless OT and no time for my new lady.

Finally got a chance to do the prep work after delivery. Following BCD new doll manual. Soapy water clean then Oil and then one more time . I took the pics the 2nd time and I didnt read closely so all the paint from the nipple and vag is gone from the first oiling. I dont mine much but lesson learned.

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New buyer purchasing 135cm E-cup Azazel | Doll4ever Review

Hello, and thank you all for having me! I would just like to share my experience with everyone, as I embark on this journey to unite with my devilish companio. I’ll be sure to keep this updated, as this forum has been a great help after lurking for some time. Hopefully all goes well, and I get me my beautiful bedmate

5 days in and we’re finally at production . I’m excited and a little anxious. Hopefully there’s no issues

Alrighty!! 2 weeks later and she finally finished and on the way



She arrived today!! Everything on her is amazing  Can truly say that I’m a satisfied customer!

After a wash and a photoshoot, she’s all tuckered out. Thank you to YourDoll and the forum for making this union possible.

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Piper Doll Akira 160CM Silicone Vendor Yourdoll

Thank you Mia from Yourdoll for a great service! I order on July 16, 2020 and I got my doll today August 11, 2020 from UPS and boxes look good not much damages!

Pictures before I broke by back

When I saw the weight on UPS saying 20KG I was kind of scared that the wrong doll was shipped but Mia ensure that the right doll is sent. when i got her today oh man I wish she WAS 20KG  she is super heavyweight  good thing I bought her for photos and didn’t buy her for sexual play because I do not recommend this doll if you want sexual play unless you can lift 90LBS (40KG something)  I was sweating like a pig just putting clothes on her  I need to start working out

This is my first doll so I don’t know the softness between TPE and Silicones but she is not soft and very firm all around. The breast is supposed to be fill gel but it feel kind of weird not really that soft. Her big butt is really firm not much softness  her fingers, arms and feet’s are super soft though ! Her hand feel like a human hand when you hold it!  and her body is hyper realistic I can see blood vain on her body …. I have not invaded her private part so I cannot tell you about that sorry! _(._.)_

She comes with a lots of stuffs some I don’t even know what they are for so I’ll post them later this weekend maybe someone can help me identify them

Oh yeah and she doesn’t smell! I heard some say doll smells when they are out of the box but she’s probably got showered before she was shipped

I was kind of nervous using yourdoll because of some post I see on reddit but I took a leap of faith and I’m glad it work out! I highly recommend yourdoll and Mia services! And their site is easy to look and customize ! 5/5 (3 of the points is just because Mia is awesome!)

Okay time to sleep and recover from my broken back enjoy! And stay safe!

Pictures after I broke my back

“GREATNESS cannot be achieves without OBSESSION” – I don’t know who said that

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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

  2. Anonymous

    Excellent quality and fast delivery

  3. Alex C. (verified owner)

    Ooh do I love her, this is my first doll, and I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. She was a little smaller than I imagined, but about as heavy as I was prepared for. We haven’t had much time together yet, but so far I have been nothing but pleased.. 😉 Only other thing was, I opted for the breathing feature. This feature while fairly realistic, made me realize the breathing is subtle to the point where I’m debating if I would even notice a difference at night, sleeping. Which is why I initially got that feature, which is also a bit pricey. However I do like the feature and I do use it, although I believe it prevents the doll from being submerged as it exposes a small device on her left-sided ribcage. Overall extremely satisfied 😉 I had no idea what to expect, I’ve had other “toys” in the past and I’ve never was fully satisfied. But this was actually much more realistic and satisfying then other “toys” so in a way exceeded my expectations, as I kept them low as to not be disappointed. Sorry no photos, I haven’t had much time to hangout with her and tryout some of the various outfits I have for her, but I can already imagine how awesome it will be. Final thought: DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, on every doll you find interesting. Check measurements, weights, heights, make sure you are fully prepared and understand what you are getting before you make that final choice! You will be very happy you did! Good luck and have fun! Will most likely get another doll at some point 🙂

    WM 175cm (5ft9) D-cup Real Custom Sex DollWM 175cm (5ft9) D-cup Real Custom Sex Doll

  4. Alex C.

    Website, is well-designed, tons of information for people who are new to this, like myself! Excellent customer service in every way possible. Delivery came sooner than expected, no problems, GREAT first experience.

  5. Karl

    Like I mentioned in my ‘Vendor Review’ on TDF, the YourDoll website is the easiest to shop that I found, with dolls arranged my manufacturer, large photo galleries, etc. My ‘delivery’ and ‘warehouse’ Issues were helped along at every turn by Mia/Belle customer service: the ‘delivery’ hold-up was on the international shipper; not the Vendor; and the ‘warehouse’ mix-up was surely an honest mistake of someone’s. Customer service held my hand, and fixed things as they happened.

  6. Karl (verified owner)

    My WM164J is fine except for having arrived with a small hole in the bottom-front of its vaginal cavity, that exposes the next layer of TPE. I guess it wasn’t Inspected carefully at the factory. I have a similar-colored piece of TPE from a torso’s Repair Kit, and a heat-iron: I’m going to try to fix it myself, since I don’t want to get moisture between the TPE layers I can see…..
    I appreciate the extremely-tight joints on the new WM skeleton; most of the complaints I read from people with dolls a few years old are about ~loose~ joints.

    New! 164cm (5ft4) J-cup In StockNew! 164cm (5ft4) J-cup In Stock

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Karl
    Image #2 from Karl
    Image #3 from Karl
    Image #4 from Karl
    Image #5 from Karl

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Karl
    Image #2 from Karl
    Image #3 from Karl
    Image #4 from Karl
    Image #5 from Karl
  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

  8. Anonymous


  9. Anthony

    Customer service overall excellent.

  10. Anthony (verified owner)

    Teeth & tongue-normal a great option upgrade for my doll.

    Teeth & Tongue - NormalTeeth & Tongue – Normal

  11. Anthony (verified owner)

    The wig I ordered was exactly like in the photo.

    Sex Doll Wigs (WM & YL & SE Doll)Sex Doll Wigs (WM & YL & SE Doll)

  12. Anthony

    Customer Service was great.

  13. Kevin Diehl (verified owner)

  14. Kevin Diehl

    They were very helpful, quickly shipped, and doll turned out just as in pictures

  15. Bruce (verified owner)

    Hips were wider than expected from the photos.

    New! 164cm (5ft4) J-cup In StockNew! 164cm (5ft4) J-cup In Stock

  16. Bruce

    Mia and Belle were very knowledgeable and helpful.

  17. Anonymous

    The dolls are great! I’m so thankful for Mia and her patience with all my questions through the process. Thank you!

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The eye color was wrong. The head is a bit small. The wig was very tangled. The nipples did not darken with the skin tan. 1 shoulder skin is cracking. The vag detail is low. The toes and fingers detail is low.

    New! 156cm (5ft1) H-Cup Vashti In StockNew! 156cm (5ft1) H-Cup Vashti In Stock

  19. Anonymous

    Good search functionality, it’s what sold me on this site after perusing 5 others.

  20. Bruce (verified owner)

    This is my 1st doll with the articulated fingers, which I really like. These are a better design and quality that my other WM doll with just wire fingers.

    Having information about the drying stick in the owner’s manual would help customers.

    166cm (5ft5) C-cup Sex Doll Charlie In Stock166cm (5ft5) C-cup Sex Doll Charlie In Stock