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Irontech Doll

Irontech Dolls have brought a new creative look with some fantastic realistic sex dolls available ranging in size and style. They have been listed as an authorized manufacturer by the world’s biggest doll forum, TDF for 4 years. With the breakthrough on the skeleton, skin touches feel private parts, makeup, etc. We recommend irontech dolls to our fans’ customers.

Skin Color

TPE skin color options: White, Natural, Tanned, Light Brown, Brown, Black.

Silicone skin color options: Natural, Tanned, Dark Tanned.

Skeleton Type

Irontech Doll offers a standard skeleton and shrugging skeleton. Shrugging skeleton can pose more for sex or photo takings.


Pubic Hair

Implanted Hair

Irontech Doll offers implant hair for the silicone series (silicone male sex doll & female sex doll).

Articulated Finger Joints

Body Painting

Realistic Details

Irontech Doll Factory

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