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My Doll Arrives, thanks Mia!

Hi, I’m writing to say how pleased and happy I am upon receipt of my doll, she was my first doll and I couldn’t be happier. she is the Kato doll, but I’ve called her Katie, she is lovely and so sweet.

I got 4 ft 6″ with blonde hair which I put into pigtails, also got blue eyes, when she got her blue and white tie at thigh briefs and bra supplied on she looks fit. like I say this was my 1 st doll and it has made me want more in various poses legs bent, legs spread, legs back, etc I think you get the picture she,s both sexy and gorgeous. She never says no and is always available when I want her, you can be gentle or rough she loves it, I keep her in bed know and we cuddle and have foreplay but it isn’t long before I can’t resist and have to have her, that innocent looking face blue eye,s, and lovely soft mouth and lips are just too much.

I chose your doll and I am glad I did they were great especially mia from customer support who answered and replied to all my questions which is my first doll were many, but she always replied and went that extra mile for me, I shall definitely use your doll in the future and to anybody whose thinking or as always wanted a sex doll then go for it you won’t regret it and you will be glad you did and will spend many happy times as I know me and Katie will, and don’t forget you both won’t argue or fall out she will always agree to your needs.

Thanks to all at your doll, and special thanks to mia.‍

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