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110cm (3ft8″) Mini Adult Sex Doll Camilla

(1 reviews) $1,399.00 $839.00

110cm (3ft8″) Mini Adult Sex Doll Carol

(15 reviews) $1,399.00 $839.00

110cm (3ft8″) Mini Adult Sex Doll Cynthia

(4 reviews) $1,399.00 $839.00

110cm (3ft8″) Mini Adult Sex Doll Dove

(2 reviews) $1,399.00 $839.00

110cm (3ft8″) Mini Adult Sex Doll Gina

(23 reviews) $1,399.00 $839.00

110cm (3ft8″) Mini Adult Sex Doll Jaden

(12 reviews) $1,399.00 $839.00

TPE sex dolls are super easy to wash, resistant against markings and tears, and dries immediately. TPE  is short-term for the means of thermoplastic elastomer. It is among the most well-known and widely used materials for real sex dolls and other sex toys to choose as it’s soft and flexible. TPE is an outstanding material for empowering the tiny detailed attributes of a real doll, like their lip, nose, and eyes area. The material is softer and easier for sex dolls maker to mold, Tpe sex dolls will overall look and feeling probably the most realistic due to this fact. TPE may also be very flexible, it may be curved, extended, covered and it could continue to keep original shape. These features allow it to be the best material for lifelike sex dolls.

As a sex toy, sex dolls are designed to mimic TPE of natural skin to the greatest extent. The material used to make artificial doll is flexible and elastic and can accommodate any penis size. TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) is the most common and can be used to make sex dolls cheaper than silicone. We recommend that you use condoms and lubricants asap in using a TPE sex doll to achieve greater comfort.