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Starpery Doll

Starpery has launched its super realistic hybrid love doll range and full silicone sex doll range. Choose between TPE body and silicone head, visible veins, freckles, beauty spots, and light bikini tans make Starpery sex doll to be highly customizable. Welcome to our Starpery section.

Shrug Skeleton

Shrug skeleton can help you try more positions with love dolls. Most dolls come with a tight skeleton, active skeleton slowly as the video, Follow the steps, you will get a more flexible sex partner. Take good care of your love doll, violence will ruin the doll.

Implanted Hair

Implanted synthetic hair & human hair, hair color, style, length are optional for all Starpery dolls. As for the hand-making product, implanted hair needs one by one to implant with the head, it cost more time than a normal head, but worth it.

Facial Makeup


Real facial makeup is the default for all Starpery dolls, including implanted eyebrows & eyelashes, the same lips color, even realistic face freckle that depends on your doll head. The doll’s hair can be washed with shampoo. Please don’t let the water run down your doll’s face to destroy the realism makeup.

Body Makeup

For all Starpery dolls, body makeup is optional and important, which includes body moles, bikini lines, skin texture. Choose one of them or all, make your doll to be more realistic. Don’t wash the doll’s body with soap or any clean product in the bathtub when you receive the doll, but normal water is OK.

Ready Doll Image

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