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Piper Doll Information

Piper Doll is a professional manufacturer based in Taiwan. Piper Doll is unique not only because they make the cutest sex dolls but also their dolls don’t have a “neck seam” between the head and the body. In quality, they use the best material – Platinum TPE for guaranteed safety and to achieve life-like skin touch. You can customize the doll from head to toe with various choices. Especially, the movable mechanical eyes, which let you change the direction the eyeballs look from. Piper dolls are the top love sex dolls value all your payment.

Piper doll focuses on every detail and customizes wig and outfit, so we believe Piper Doll will bring you the best experience. Piper doll includes exquisite details that making it stunning. It is very soft and full of elasticity and feels like a real human. There’s no terrible smell around the sex doll, you can enjoy your sex life with her.