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Starpery 171cm A cup Hedy Review

To start my review lets start with the search for my ideal doll. Im very particular with what im looking for when it comes to body proportions and what the key body parts look like. After an initial search through a number of vendors I ended up finding Starpery and liked what I saw. The Hedy head just spoke to me and said Im the doll for you.

Ordering: Selecting a vendor is a time consuming task in and of itself. Obviously picking a reputable one is important, but then picking one thats going to be a good price fit with the options you want available. I ended up narrowing down my choice to two vendors, but after a quick back and forth with sales I decided to go with Yourdoll.

Ordering was reasonably quick with their website and I was able to select exactly what I wanted in a matter of minutes. Ran into a minor issue with my Bank declining the transaction twice before I was able to verify the transaction and complete it. Of course once done I freaked out thinking I might have now just placed 3 Identical orders and been charged a lot more than i can afford. Fortunately Mia at Yourdoll was very responsive in confirming only one transaction. Order placed May 28th. Yourdoll 5/5 for easy ordering and quick and helpful responses during and after.

Factory ready Photos and Shipping: I was honestly quite surprised when I woke up on the 10th of June to an email with my Factory Ready Photos for review. My girl looked exactly like I wanted and I quickly approved them and was told she would be shipped shortly. After not receiving a tracking number for 3 working days I sent a follow up email. Mia was very polite and responsive, saying that Yourdoll in china only just received my doll from the manufacturer and they were going to repack her as the box was not in the best shape. I ended up not receiving a tracking number until 10 days after I’d approved my factory photos. On a side note, Starpery you need a better camera for those pictures. My ordeal wasn’t over just yet, She officially shipped on the 20th of June. In my past experience once I get that tracking number I can usually expect my product at my door within 7 days. I watched as my doll sat in Shenzhen for 4 days and the delivery date slipped from thursday, to friday, to monday, then finally to tuesday. All the while I was starting to worry that something had happened to my girl. Then suddenly a notification that she had cleared customs, 12 hours later she was in Anchorage. The delivery date stayed the same, Tuesday the 29th. I woke up friday morning to find that tracking was now showing her ETA to be between 1045am and 245pm Friday the 25th. Work was very stressful and I got the tracking notification update that she was out for delivery. I obsessively watched that truck move around my neighborhood on the tracking app. I was able to leave work earlier than normal and got back to find her box at my door, having been dropped off probably mere moments before I arrived. I give Yourdoll 4 / 5 for the shipping experience. Mostly down to the excessive delay between factory ready and actual shipping with me having to message every few days to an update or ETA. UPS gets 4 / 5 as well because they managed to get her to me in 5 days. They lose a point for lack of tracking info stating she was being customs processed for 3 days. Way to freak a man out.

Samantha’s arrival home: The box was in good condition (relatively speaking) and I excitedly drug it inside my place. Its worth noting that the box weighed 52.5kg (116lbs) and I dont have the best upper body strength or back. Upon opening the box I found her head and shifted slightly out of its protective shell but had no damage to it. The body looked amazing and I was surprised by the quality of the body painting. When I ordered from Yourdoll I had only opted for moles and freckles added (a $99) optional extra. When I opened her up I saw that she also had light veins as well (which was a separate option for $99). I hadn’t ordered those because I wasn’t sure How well I’d like it but to my amazement they looked fantastic, especially with the moles. Getting her out of the box and into her first shower was a struggle. As mentioned I dont have the best upper body strength. Luckily for me she behaved herself with her standing feet in the shower that allowed me to give her a good rinse (everyone needs a good shower after a long international flight). I dressed her up and cuddled with her for a bit before eating dinner, watching some youtube and relaxing after work. Then my lust took hold and I put her in some sexy lingerie and consummated the relationship. Sadly the lingerie which was only on her for 40 min left stains. Starpery if you recommend a preferred method to stain removal I’d be very appreciative.

Pros: The quality of the body and face painting and detailing. 5 / 5
The TPE skin was soft and had the right amount of give to make her feel real, especially during sex. 5 / 5
Poseability is good, though I can’t quite get the standing feet thing to work for me. Also the allen wrench sent with her was not the right size for the bolts in her feet. If someone can offer suggestions I’m all ears. 5 / 5

Neutrals: The pubic hair option was not what I was hoping for. I thought I ordered the light brown option and what came was the long black. It was hard to tell from the factory ready photos. The hair quickly lost its curliness and also started coming out during sex. Additionally I feel like the hair was placed too low on the vulva which makes it look off. I ended up cutting the hair down to a more reasonable length after her bath. If you want or like pubic hair on your dolls i suggest a glue on option. Starpery, the Implanting is great but the execution is off.

Cons: The Hedy head is great but the firm silicon makes it feel very fake. Around the back of the head its fine but the cheeks and lips have nearly no give. While I dont want oral I did want to have some soft smoochable lips. Maybe consider and updated head design or offer an intermediate option between full soft silicon for oral and the firm high quality paint job one.
The weight. I really do need to stress this. If you have back problems or lack upper body strength this doll is going to be a struggle for you. Switching positions during sex can possible trap you under her. I myself found that my own upper body strength was failing fast after moving her a few times. Today It feel like I did 80 pushups and my arms are basically shredded. I suppose this isn’t a bad thing as it means Ill slowly gain the strength needed as I pose and move her about.

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