10 Top Rated WM Sex Dolls in 2020

WM Dolls is a very famous doll brand in the sex doll industry. This professional sex doll model manufacturing factory is located in China. Sex dolls from the WMDOLL brand are greatly appreciated for their realism, their high level of quality, their esthetics but particularly for the tactile sensations you experience when touching them. Everything is crafted with care and expertize to offer you the perfect replica of a woman with dream proportions.

WM Doll has been in business for a long time and has many positive reviews on the internet. Their sex dolls are of superior quality, and their prices are fair and very competitive. Their sex dolls are of a wide variety and all-inclusive. Buying from WM Dolls not only gives you a quality guarantee but also gives you back the value of your money. WM Doll is the largest producer of sex dolls in China and only has professional and qualified employees. Also, it exports more than half of the world’s sex dolls.
We are proud to be an official vendor of WM Dolls, our close relationship with their factory assures you’re getting an authentic WM Doll at a great price, with the added bonus of the YourDoll customer service team to facilitate your order and after-purchase service.

Here is our Top Rated 10 WM Sex Dolls list!

#1 Jasmine

If you like your women curvy, then you’ll love Jasmine, our most voluptuous plus size BBW sex doll ever. When the Gods of love gave Jasmine her body, they gave her all the right curves in all the right places and then some.
With such a curvaceous figure, Jasmine gets plenty of attention from the guys down at the gym, and her last boyfriend was the gym’s personal trainer. That didn’t last long though, as all he wanted to do was make Jasmine fitter. What Jasmine really wants is a man who will appreciate her for what she is right now – an incredibly curvy and sexy woman

#2 Charlie

Standing at 166 cm (5ft 5inches) and showing 79lbs on the scale, Charlie is that the sex doll of your dreams. She has a beautiful, athletic body and curves to write home about! Her innocent glowing face is a treasure in itself, but her body is like something out of an art magazine.
Sex Dolls Charlie is the girl to get if you would like a special someone to keep you warm at night! Custom made for you, Charlie is that perfect sex doll you’ve been waiting on. She features a C-Cup breast with a perfect figure. This beauty can get wild in the bed taking you on a journey that you simply have never experienced before.

#3 Jaden

A small sex doll with a beautiful pair of tits and a stunning face to match. Jaden will please any man with her mouth, her anus, and of course, her nice and tight vagina. One of the reasons why you love Jaden, in particular, is that she has one of the most realistic breasts in this price and height range. Mini love doll makers tend to make the breasts on their mini love dolls oversized, removing from the realism during sex.
Bring Jaden home with you if you are a fan of Japanese women. Jolene is still my number one pick for best Japanese love doll. However, if you don’t want to invest enough money for Jolene, then go with Jaden!

#4 Jolene

A BBW sex doll, comfortable in her own TPE skin, beautiful in her own right with her generous curves, Jolene is the one for people who enjoys curves and generous form.

Confidence and one’s ability to be oneself is probably one the sexiest thing in the world. And this beautiful doll has loads of it.
This curvaceous realistic sex dolls is a chubby doll, a plus size sex doll who just feels wonderful in her skin. Some call her chubby other calls her full figured, and and she loves it.

#5 Bess

Bess is a fiery redhead that loves to surf, ski, and swim, often nude! Don’t let this girl getaway, she’s one you brag to your friends about. And best of all, she only has eyes for you! So place her in your cart and check out to have her delivered to your front door! She’s 5.6″ tall and ready to play.
Sex Doll Bess is ready to meet you, don’t keep her waiting!

#6 Cloe

Cloe is a 173cm BBW sex doll with generous curves. If you like women with big boobs (H-Cup) and big butt, you may have just the right doll to keep you company and satisfy your sexual needs. Ready for vaginal, anal, oral sex. If there’s one thing that Cloe loves, it’s sex, and her lust for excitement in the bedroom knows no bounds. Take her roughly from behind, let her ride you as you hold her massive hips, or make slow passionate love to her as you run your hands all over her curvy body – Cloe is game for anything.

#7 Febe

Febe is an experienced lover, but her past boyfriends have always had the same problem; they couldn’t keep up with her. You see, Febe wants it day and night. This sex doll wants it in the bedroom, in the shower, in the living room, and even on the kitchen table. But it seems that no man can satisfy her needs. Unless you can?
If there’s one thing in this world that Febe loves, it’s sex. This Eastern European goddess is addicted to the carnal delights and hopes to find a man who will appreciate her insatiable appetite for sex as much as her curvy figure.

#8 Kamon

Kamon is another of our petite Oriental young ladies of Japanese cause. She has a little Asian body outline, yet OMG! look at the fullness of her delightful breasts! Kamon, is full of beauty, mystery and surprise. Her upbringing was rough, but through it all she found a tranquility and in that a desire to please and be pleased.
Goodness, and did we notice that Kamon is enthusiastic about interracial connections? You don’t need to be Japanese by any means, to have a decent time with this one. After hours without Kamon are just plain nights without pleasure, don’t punish yourself, she can be yours! Kamon needs your attention, will you give it to her?

#9 Babs

If you’ve ever wanted to have sex with that “Girl Next Door”, nows your chance! Babs is an 22 year old princess from the famous 90210 zip code. She’s the type you’d write home to mom and show up to your friends. Only the elite few, one of them being you, have the opportunity to take this bombshell home, so don’t keep her waiting. Babs sex doll is ready to meet you in person!

Babs is 5ft8 tall and has a killer body! Babs Sex Doll is ready for you now, are you ready to get to know her?

#10 Nonie

They call her the best-selling Japanese sex doll in the world. But she’d like you to just call her Nonie.

Nonie is 5ft inches tall, with almond-shaped eyes, pert boobs, soft Magnolia skin and long, glossy hair. Indeed, her classic Japanese beauty is quite remarkable. Without any traces of overt sexuality, Nonie’s attraction is almost ethereal, and powerful in its innocence.

Currently, she is looking for a kind and responsible boyfriend/husband, who will treat her like a princess. “ I am a virgin who dreams of passionate sex and sweet romance with the Prince Charming of my fantasies,” Nonie says.

Is that Prince Charming you?

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