Sex Doll Care Tips

What’s The Best Sex Doll Breast Option?

Hollow breast, solid breast, gel-filled breast, these 3 breast types you have heard many time before buying a sex doll, but do you real know how to choose them? What would happen if you choose the wrong one? Let us talk about these breasts options.

1. What are these 3 sex doll breasts type?

  • Hollow breast
  • Solid breast
  • Gel-filled breast

2. Are they suitable for every doll?

Obviously, not every doll is suitable for these options. Hollow breasts are soft because they are full of the air, especially the hollow option in the larger breasts makes them easier to manipulate or move during sex.

When making TPE or silicone dolls, the “soft” material made of it is liquid, which is poured into a mold and cured or hardened. As a result, if no other measures are taken, the breasts will be firm. Although this is usually ideal for smaller A cup and B cup size breasts. Solid breasts are perfect in shape.

Gel-filled breasts are more real than hollow breasts, but also softer than solid breasts, it sames that gel-filled breasts are perfect with your sex doll, but the big gel-filled breast will burst when in the airport transit because of the low pressure in high altitude, and you can also check the theory here.

3. What can I do for these sex doll breast options before buying a sex doll?

  1. Your budget
    Mostly, the solid breasts and hollow breasts are free, but gel-filled breasts would need an extra fee, it is more expensive.
  2. Breasts’ size
    As we mentioned, the hollow breasts suit the big breasts doll, solid breasts are for A-B cup, the gel-filled breasts can suit C-E cups. If the huge solid breast with the doll, it will tear up the TPE skin. That would be the same as the picture below, Horrible!                                                                                       3. Your preference
    Everyone has their own preferred characteristics, just follow your interest.

4. After comparing all the breast options, please check the following table as a final reference. We strongly recommend the gel-filled breast for the real feeling.

Please choose the suitable breasts that you need, and then enjoy your sex trip with your lovely sex doll.