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New Arrivals – Zelex Doll is Available Now!

If the words “New Arrivals” don’t put an ear-to-ear smile on your face, then we don’t know what will! We’re so excited to launch our Zelex Doll, and we can’t wait to share the lifelike doll pics with you. What drew us to join with Zelex Doll was their genuine concern for their consumers and commitment to providing the highest-quality dolls. YourDoll is pleased to announce the addition of Zelex sex dolls to our doll store.

Zelex is a new brand sex doll manufacturer established in 2013. The carving of wax gives the doll a hot body and an angelic face. All Zelex dolls are made from medical-grade platinum silicone, which makes the love doll highly durable and sanitary for long-lasting use. Zelex doll gives you the various options to custom your doll, you can choose from 18 hairstyles, 4 skin tones, 6 nails color, even purchase a different head to match your doll’s body that makes it more human-like and sexually satisfying.

If you’ve never heard of them, now is the chance to learn more about their life-like dolls. Realistic lifesize silicone Zelex doll are stunning and well worth checking out!

As of June, our latest Zelex Silicone dolls are officially available to all silicone sex doll lovers, and the pieces will be available to purchase on our website NOW, so no need to contain your excitement any longer!

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