SanHui Dolls Options Information

Sanhui Doll

SANHUI is a premium innovative sex doll manufacturer established in 2010. SANHUI dolls are extremely detailed on surface. The offer add-on options to make your love doll feel like a real woman. For example, Soft Breasts, Textured Skin, Soft Belly, Soft Butt, Soft Thighs, Soft Vagina, Nipple Pigmentation, Labia Pigmentation and Hymen.

Adjustable mouth

Most of the Sanhui heads have rotatable eyes and adjustable mouths, which allow the dolls to look in different directions or up and down the mouth. It definitely makes the dolls more realistic and enjoyable. Look at her, she is smiling at you as a real girl!

Implanted Hair

For Sanhui Doll, there are 2 options for implanted hair: Human real hair, Synthetic hair. Hair Length and color are optional. Sanhui Doll points on the doll details, hair is soft and real to the touch, even each hair root is clearly visible. You can dress the hair in the shape that prefer.

Realism skin Texture

The Textured Skin feature is a highly recommended feature from Sanhui Doll, it stimulates the skin of real humans, please check the photos below to see more details.

Upgraded Skeleton

Standard Skeleton Version: The doll in blue underclothes.

New Flexi Edition Skeleton Version: The doll in red underclothes.

The new Flexi Edition skeleton upgrade is available on 118cm and taller Sanhui dolls. It allows the dolls to reach angles the average dolls you’ll find in the market are incapable of reaching. On top of that, the skeleton itself will be much more durable. It is named the top-tier skeleton in the whole field, and Sanhui dolls will help prove this.

Body Comparison

Sanhui Doll now offers bodies (Measured with head on) at the sizes of 65cm (2′ 1.6”), 88cm (2′ 10.64”), 92cm (3′ 0.22”), 102cm (3′ 4.16”), 125cm (4′ 1.2”), 145cm (4′ 9”), 156cm (5′ 1.4”), 158cm (5′ 2.2”), 160cm (5′ 3”), 165cm (5′ 5”), 168cm (5′ 6.1”). They also have a 160cm doll with seamless neck design, which is also named the SANHUI 160cm AIO.

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