IL Doll Options Information

IL Dolls was established in 2018 and is a manufacturer of siliconeTPE, and PVC bionic sex dolls in China. With the finest details, the most affordable price, and highly customizable features, IL dolls become one of the most popular doll brands. Even with no additional features, the default-made dolls feature cutting-edge engineering for a realistic experience. To be honest, the silicone dolls cost a little more, but with softer material on sexual parts such as breasts and vagina, jiggle like real breasts when moved. The highly detailed face tends to look more beautiful below hyper-realistic painting around the body. There’s also the unique feature to add pubic hair and tattoos to custom your future sex partner.

IL Doll Material

You have 4 types of material options when you decide to choose an IL Doll  – Classic TPE, Hyer Realism TPE, Classic silicone, Hyer Realism silicone. Painting is the only difference between the classic series and the H.R. series and material is the only difference between silicone products and TPE products.

Makeup Details

*Real factory photo for our customer’s order.

Skin Texture

IL Doll defines what is realism.

Implanted Hair

IL Doll offers hair implanted options. Implanted hair makes your doll look more realistic. You can choose a hairstyle when you decide with this option.

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