IL Doll Beginner's Guide

IL Doll

YourDoll is the selling official vendor of IL Doll Worldwide. Everything is crafted with care and expertize to offer you the perfect replica of a woman with dream proportions. If you looking for a IL doll that you didn’t see in our collection or perhaps you saw other IL Doll. Come here, and we are glad to introduce more details of the IL Doll.

IL Doll Factory

IL Doll Material

You have 4 types of material options when you decide to choose an IL Doll  – Classic TPE, Hyer Realism TPE, Classic silicone, and Hyer Realism silicone. Painting is the only difference between the classic series and the H.R. series and material is the only difference between silicone products and TPE products.

Makeup Details

Skin Texture

IL Doll defines what is realism.

Implanted Hair

IL Doll offers hair-implanted options. Implanted hair makes your doll look more realistic. You can choose a hairstyle when you decide on this option.

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