Piper Dolls Options Information

Piper Doll

Piper doll focuses on every detail and customizes wig and outfit, so we believe Piper Doll will bring you the best experience. Piper doll includes exquisite details that making it stunning. It is very soft and full of elasticity and feels like a real human. There’s no terrible smell around the sex doll, you can enjoy your sex life with her.

Seamless Body

Fixed Tongue

Fixed tongue offers a more realistic feel for oral sex and photo look.


Piper Doll offers unmovable eyes and movable eyes. Movable eyes are only available for the piper silicone series, and unmovable eyes are available for the piper TPE series.

Updated Skeleton

How does Piper Doll’s upgraded skeleton works? Shoulders can shrug, the spine will lean left and right, legs will bend downwards to touch buttocks, legs will bend into W position.

Piper Doll Storage

While the piper doll is seamless, which means the head and body cannot be separated to store, you should hang the love doll to store it. Every doll includes a hook as a standard configuration.

Hard Hand/Feet & Soft Hip

*Hard hand for silicone series

*Hard feet for silicone series.

Piper Doll offers hard hands/hard feet/soft butt options for the piper silicone series.

Piper Doll Factory

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