How To Choose A Safe Online Doll Store?

Recently, YOURDOLL has been attacked by public opinion from competitors, who pretend to be buyers to use inferior dolls to slander us. We will fight back through legal channels. At the same time, YOURODLL declares as follows:

1. Authorized by doll brand, YOURDOLL only sells authentic dolls, and has been reviewed and approved by the official doll brand and TDF. Each doll has a factory real photo and certification ID (WM & YL doll), and will be confirmed by the buyer before it’s shipped.

2. For unfair competition and malicious attacks, we will make an alliance with brands and TDF to resolutely fight back with law.

3. Anyone who finds somebody attacking us is welcomed to report to us, we will reward the reporters (through discount coupons and gift accessories).

Scams always appear where we inadvertently find them, we need to be vigilant. Here are some examples we have organized to help you identify sex doll scams alert.

  • Visible Address
    Whether you are shopping on AliExpress or any other store you found on the internet – make sure the address and phone number are written clearly on the Contact Us page.
  • Clear Production
    Your love doll is supposed to have a very clear description. The height and the weight is a must. Some even indicate the breasts size and the depth of the oral/vaginal/anal cavity.
  • Reviews about the product
    Take some time and read through the reviews, comments, suggestions from the sex doll buyers before purchasing it.
  • Payment methods
    Check the payment methods before you purchase your sexdoll. Credit cards and PayPal are the safest ways to pay, for sure, and you will have the option to recover your money if you stumble upon a scam. If you don’t have an PayPal or Credit Card, Western Union and Bank Transfer are also ok. But just transfer to whom you trust.
  • Online & telephone supported
    Try and speak to the retailer on the phone before buying.
  • Too cheap is never too good
    The average price of wmdoll on AliExpress and Amazon is $300~$1000. They are fake WM dolls. Because the price is even lower than the cost for a doll made from Jinsan. Not too expensive and not too cheap is your goal.

Note:If you are afraid of receiving fake goods, ask the seller to send a real picture before delivery, and then confirm the delivery.

These summaries are not a protection against all scams, please feel free to contact us if you have questions.

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We will also be giving away sex doll care kits (sex dolls TPE glue, love doll eyelash glue, sex doll stain remover, real doll makeup remover) and silicone sex doll socks to all customers who make a purchase between November 26 and December 2, 2019. Any customer who places an order between those dates is automatically entered into the drawing to receive sex doll accessories above!


Do You Worry About Your Feet Getting Dirty?

We got a lot of phone calls, emails and IM from customers, who were all asking a question: “what do I do if my sex doll’s feet get dirty?”  What if the feet of my sex doll teared? ”

This is a very common problem. We spend so much money on sex dolls. It’s a bit like looking after an art. A little bit of damage is very painful for us. So YourDoll racked our brains to solve the problem. Now we finally have a good solution. Here to share with you friends.

How to clean your sex doll if its feet are dirty?

Don’t trust someone’s immature methods, such as using alcohol or gasoline. People with a little common sense will know that these things will corrode your doll. You just need to add some bath water to clean it normally.

How to repair the doll’s torn toe?

The operation method is very easy. Apply TPE sex doll repair solvent on one side or two sides of the surface without surface treatment to make it contact closely. 1-2 minutes for positioning, 5-6 hours for maximum intensity.

How to protect baby’s feet from getting dirty?

Next, we recommend an amazing sex doll socks to you. It’s so effective and can make your baby feet look sexier.

If you were a foot fetish, will you fall in love with these feet? Let your sex doll put on these silicone socks, no longer afraid of feet will be dirty, but also make your doll more beautiful.

Although the sex doll socks, TPE repair solvent can help us solve these problems. However, the daily maintenance of sex dolls is very important. We recommend cleaning your sex doll every 2-4 weeks. This can extend sex doll’s life cycle.

Many of our friends are hygienic and choose to wash dolls after each use. Remember, this will accelerate the degradation of the doll skin, shorten its life, or cause skin tears, faster than you imaging.

The purchase links for these products are as follows:
Sex doll care kit:
Sex doll socks:

Sex Dolls Wig Caring Guide

It is amazing how far men will go to maintain the look on their sex dolls. If you have heard of the latest trends, then you know of people who go out of their way to dress up sex dolls with expensive clothes and superior hair wigs. Wigs are as important in the sex doll to make over as hair is to women; it is the gateway to the perfect look. While most people only prefer one wig on their sex dolls, some prefer different wigs for varying looks and changeability. They will go out of their way to invest in numerous colors of wigs, varying lengths, and different volumes to achieve these looks; and the result will be many wigs for the same doll. In this case, the wig becomes a core area in keeping clean, maintaining the shine, and restoring the refreshing look. After all, who does not love clean and freshly scented hair?

Tips On the Care of Sex Doll Wigs
Depending on your hair taste, different wigs demand different care tips. Essentially, you cannot care for human hair wigs the same way you will care for synthetic wigs. While all wigs come with their manual guide, here is the general outlook on caring for your wig.

Cleaning Your Wig
Whichever approach you use, make sure to have your sex doll’s wig often cleaned before being worn back on. You can either wash the wig entirely or dry clean it lightly if it is not very dirty. This is then followed by brushing the wig before oiling it and finally smoothing it out. Again, this entirely depends on the type of wig.

Washing the Wig
To wash a wig, you will need an ample amount of water so that it is thorough enough. You will also require some shampoo, a, and a towel. The first step is to fill up the basin with water or have it to a level it can have the wig fully submerged; make the water preferable lukewarm. To the water, add a dash of sex doll friendly shampoo, and swoosh it up so that it lathers up lightly. Next, gently submerge the wig into the basin of water, careful not to move it around roughly.

Let the wig soak up for a few minutes before proceeding. Take the wig out of the lathered water and rinse it in clean water without shampoo. For the rinse, it is preferable to use running water and hold the wig out to rinse without squeezing or pressing it as it will make it tangle up. After rinsing out all the shampoo, gently squeeze to wring out the excess water. Then, use your towel to wrap it up and pat to dry up most of the water.

The next stage involves gently brushing the wig. Work your way from the tips of the hair to the roots, careful not to pull hard to cause too much breakage. Detangle gently with your fingers and ensure the brushing runs smoothly without any tangles. Finally, hang it out to dry in a cool, shady, and dry place away from direct sunlight.

After a few minutes, it should be dry enough. Unhang it and oil it according to your preference. Proceed to either store it or put it back on your sex doll. This method is suitable if it has been a long time cleaning up your sex doll’s wig as it deeply penetrates to remove all germs, dirt, or grease if any.

Brushing the Wigs
Sometimes the wig is clean but needs a little touch of freshness. In this case, brushing the wig helps a lot if done correctly. The first tip is to avoid brushing the wig while it is still on the sex doll’s head as you could damage its tender skin. Using a spritz bottle of warm water, spray water on the wig, careful not to over wet it. Next, detangle the hair with your fingers and then proceed to brush it off, working from the tips to the roots. Avoid excess pulling and tagging as it will lead to excessive shedding of hair, even though that is not inevitable. Hang it out to dry under a shade, away from direct sunlight. After a few minutes, unhang it and proceed to oil it as preferred, of course, with the appropriate oil for sex dolls.

Wearing the Wig
Putting on the wig is also critical in the care of the sex doll wigs. Do not overlook it thinking it is just done as normally as in women. The first method is to slip on the wig as normally as wearing a cap. This is a common way to do it but is not secure if the size varies; it might come off.

The second method is more detailed; put on a wig cap and get some bobby pins ready. Next put on the wig on top of the wig cap and use the bobby pins to secure it around the edges.

There is another method that involves using the wig cap and a Velcro. In this one, you first wear the wig cap as in the previous method. Using Velcro straps that are adhesive on both sides, attach one side of the Velcro to the wig and the other to the wig cap. It is a great method that is secure but again easy to remove when need be.

Extra Useful Tips
Wigs are easy to maintain but need a lot of care. Do not use wig glue or adhesives on the sex doll wigs as they will damage the skin of the sex doll. Also, avoid using wigs that are too tight-fitting, or elastic bands and straps as they will leave a permanent indent on the sex doll’s gentle skin. Dark hair wigs are not recommended as they can discolor TPE sex dolls, but are just okay with dark skin color dolls. Perhaps one useful tip to op it up is to buy your sex doll wigs from the manufacturers; you not only land the best fit, but you also land top quality and recommended colors.

BTW, You can also get sex doll socks from us.

For Newbie: How You Use Sex Dolls?

Living with a doll

Change clothes

As a doll lover, dressing for your doll is a daily task, so you must learn the skill. Dress her in a sportswear today, swimsuit tomorrow, and so on. When you choose very fashionable clothes for sex dolls, you need to pay attention to the size of the clothes. Because love dolls are close to the perfect shape body, so we usually choose small and medium size for her. Dressing also requires some skills. When wearing a underwear, you need to lie flat with the doll, bending the knees and aligning with the crotch. Put underwear on thighs, raise her hips and pull it up. Wearing stockings for a doll in the same position will be very smooth. Dressing  for your doll can be a little tedious at first, but for a long time, many doll owners think it’s an interesting thing.

Take a bath

The feeling of staying with loved ones is very special. That’s the way to cure the fatigue of a hard day’s work by staying with your love doll. How does it feel to have sex with a doll in the bathtub? It’s quite different from being in bed. It has a different feeling than usual.

After bathing, please wipe and spread baby powder all over her body. And do not get water into the doll neck metal connectors, which may cause rust in the water inside the doll skeleton.

Also, the feet of the standing doll are also metal. Please dry them well.

Sleep with your doll

After all, Sex with dolls is an unavoidable topic. Please enjoy with a love doll while leaving the normal position, back, sex, facial cumshots, oral (mouth) dressed to play (cosplay) desire. Yourdoll sells sex dolls made of TPE and silicone. TPE sex doll feels softer, while silicone love doll feels tighter. You can also experience for yourself the differences between the two materials.

After a twist, you can sleep with her in your arms, with her hands in your hands, or even with her breasts. It’s better to heat love dolls with an electric blanket in winter. Vagina USB heating rod is also very convenient to use.

Playing with a doll

Taking photos

Another great pleasure for sex doll enthusiasts is taking pictures of dolls. Like a gentle man who guards his girlfriend, he peeps at his girlfriend through the camera. This is another kind of pleasure. Buy new clothes for the doll, choose new wigs, pose for the doll, and then take pictures. If the model is good, pressing the fingertip of the shutter will be more exciting.

If it’s spring, it’s under the tree. Summer, on the beach, with sunglasses and straw hats. In fall, they went to the red mountain to appreciate the red leaves. In winter, go skiing with dolls. If you take some inadvertent scenery in daily life, it will surely become a lovely memory.

Be cured

There are many examples of people cured by love dolls. If there is a lovely woman waiting for you to go home, you want to go home earlier. Which celebrity doll would you like to wait for you at home? When you are tired, when you have unhappy things… Say nothing and hold the doll tenderly.

Although the doll can’t speak, it can communicate with the soul. Enjoy a happy conversation in the virtual world. Yourdoll sex doll’s beautiful face and soft skin are our pride. Pillow your knees and act like a spoiler.

Date a doll

life size sex doll (2)
life size sex doll (3)
life size sex doll (9)

Have you decided on your next vacation date? Planning for a date with Love Doll is also part of the fun of Love Doll Life. Realistic love doll is a real girl! She aloso want new clothes in the spring. And she want to try even sexy things in lingerie. Do you willing to buy the clothes? It’s a matter of provocation! The disappointing mood will affect the nightlife. At first, I have the courage, but I put my love doll on a wheelchair and enjoy shopping. Do you not challenge to date outside? If you get permission in advance, you can get almost OK from the resort or restaurant. You can watch the DVD together slowly in the room, or you can play and tell the room date. Let’s deepen our bonds.

How to

Where are our sex dolls made?

YourDoll, headquartered in LA, USA, is a regular agency for wmdoll, yldoll, sedoll, ordoll, and other brands. Products have been exported to North America, Europe, Japan and China.

We have studios in Shenzhen, China to develop new materials, technologies and sex robots. Most of our products are manufactured by factories in Zhongshan, China. Quality assurance makes us deeply loved and trusted by customers.

The dolls manufactured by the factory are shipped after strict quality inspection by the company.

Tips on purchasing sex dolls

At present, many Chinese sex dolls are in circulation all over the world. Unfortunately, there aren’t many regular brand sellers like YourDoll. Many large shopping websites use official brand images to sell inferior sex dolls at low prices. There are countless such bad businesses. Some products use recycled materials that are harmful to health. Therefore, newbies need to be vigilant about that sex dolls selling at very low prices. They are threatening your health.

YourDoll has a sex doll showroom in LA that shows our latest sex dolls. In fact, you can feel the dolls and pick them up on the spot.

What is TPE?

The main materials for sex dolls are Silicone and TPE. The softness and touch of skin made of TPE materials are closer to real women.

TPE is softer and feels closer to the human skin than Silicone. The TPE hollow structure breasts can be close to women’s breasts patch and touch.

Breasts rubbing feels soft and tense. You can also using TPE to make mini sex dolls, torsos, ebony sex dolls and so on. Enjoy her proud breasts!

If you have more questions, please refer to the FAQ we prepared for you.

Girl Or Doll: Who Can Give You Better Experience

Every individual past the teenage days strive to lead an active sex life, irrespective of profession, socio-economic conditions or even cultural backlashes. However, according to surveys which work specifically on this matter reported a very disturbing fact: the world is getting less interested in sex. In fact, our ancestors used to have more sex than we do now.

Overruling the fact that foreplay has gained importance more than ever before, the desire that drives the world is still dissatisfied with both the quality and quantity of sex. And to put things in place, nothings drive a man more than putting his dick inside a warm pussy and spray his cum all inside.

silicone sex dollBenefits of having ebony sex dolls:

No Daily Tantrums:

We all have faced the daily tantrums of our wives and/or girlfriends that they do not want to open up their legs. However stressful we might be, society doesn’t permit us to rip open those panties and drag her by their asses until they let us put our dicks inside. Mini sex dolls are rather agreeing on this matter, just open up that hole, and punch in your hot rod hassle-free.

No cycles to follow:

Humans have a biological cycle, according to which human interactions must be scheduled. However mini sex dolls politely let in our dicks any time of the month, without significant barriers.

A wonder body:

Human bodies are not at all perfect, nor are they responsive at all times. We can beat these with the ebony sex dolls available in the market. Their bodies are perfectly designed, and offer almost the same experience when you fondle their breasts, pinch their thighs, hit their asses or rip open their panties to get a better view of their duck pond. Further, if you get turned on by their charm, put them up anywhere and in any position you want, put your cock out, and go wild till your last drop goes inside.

blonde sex dollAnytime, anywhere:

Compare them with your human partner, who might refuse to drop their panties in any place you might want them to. Sex robot dolls can be set up anywhere and anytime, on the beach, a public bus stand, restrooms, and your office cubicle or even in your neighbors’ house if you are willing to. Once you set up your doll, it is only a matter of time before your hot rod goes inside the soft cunt and takes in every drop of your juice.

Get both Quality and Quantity:

In sex dolls, you have a partner who never refuses to any position you might want to try, or how many times you want to get laid. The only thing missing is the human touch and interactions, which get offset in the heat of the moment. Want to enjoy some steamy sex sessions at the beach? Or Want to fuck someone hard and take the edge off after a tough day’s work? Just set up your sex robot, and your dick will do wonders, even capabilities you didn’t know you had.

How A Sex Doll Helps You Beat Anxiety And Depression

The medical fraternity often says that sex is one way to beat the anxiety and depression we carry around in our lives. However, you may not receive it whenever you want to take the edge off, simply because the other gender might not be available, or not ready to help your dick have some cumshot moments. And men do enjoy the sight of semen on their partner’s body and love it when women crave for it. However, only the small sex dolls can give the required amount of sex whenever you need it.

How You Can Have Maximum Pleasure:

Pleasure can be described as having your fantasies being played out and you are a part of it. Being the central character in a sexual act does give immense satisfaction if performed right. Just imagine how your dick would pop up from your undies, stand proud in the air, while you grab whatever dress you can pull out and shove your dick inside that tight, wet pussy.

The feeling when you can feel your dick’s load burst out in the inside of that pussy and later see your cum ooze out and drip once you pull out is what one could call pleasure. The skinny sex dolls are an almost exact replica of the hot chick you would love to screw after you pull up her legs and tear up the G-string she’s wearing.

bbw sex dollSex dolls offer you Quality sex:

Quality sex can be quite rare as studies have shown. Owing to the lack of interest and only as a procedure to be performed after getting together destroys the fun in the act. Blonde sex dolls, on the other hand, allows you to play roles, be as rough as you can be, and still not complain when you torture the nice saggy boobs.

Be a Fuck Machine:

Forget the time when you wished she would push your dick inside her mouth or her pussy; the blonde sex dolls would allow you to go hard on all its holes, tear them open and still offer plenty of reasons for a second round. No matter how many times you want to ride the ass of your sex doll, no one would object for spraying you’re cum on its body.

pornstar sex dollSimmer Your Dick inside a Pussy:

We do understand your need to feel a secure home for your cock when it gets a hard-on. The skinny sex dolls offer you unmatched experience in terms of availability, and come without risk; your dick wouldn’t experience any sudden surprises when you park it in the duck pond of your sex doll.

How you use your small sex dolls is entirely up to your tastes and preferences. However, the utmost pleasure comes from the ability to treat them as sex slaves, something which men would really love if provided with the opportunity. Sex positions which are impossible to replicate with human partners can be easily done with sex dolls since they do not object to any role you might want it to play.

Why Not To Using A Sex Doll For Masturbation

What do you understand by quality sex? A fulfilling session of intense pleasure, and release the pressure you let build inside your dick for quite a while. Or some can say quality sex might be some hot chick opening their pussy for a quickie. Whatever the case may be, sex is perhaps the most underrated thing we do in our lives, yet do so little to completely experience all its dimensions and realize our fantasies.

Nothing can really be more fulfilling than thrusting our cocks inside a warm, wet-cunt, which allows us to fuck whatever stress we accumulated throughout that day. However, often at times our human partners refuse or even prove incapable of giving us those moments, which is why we should look at other options available.

blonde sex dollManga sex dolls as our silent Friends:

Think of the hot chick in a miniskirt, a daisy duke, or ripped jeans, willing to go all out just so you can let your dick in her dripping wet pussy. Now think of the manga sex dolls all with the same character in your bedroom, just waiting for you to jump on its soft body, take out your manhood, and shove it deep inside. Did you feel something after your dick gets all inside that fake pussy, or you bite hard the nipples you have in front of your face? That’s what you should look forward to every time your dick gets hard.

Satisfy your every fetish:

We understand that men tend to get way out when it comes to calm their dicks down. Your best sex doll wouldn’t object to any kind of fantasy you might want to satisfy. You can just drop your undies, go all gaga and spray your cum as many times you want over that duck pond. You can even go all out and have some BDSM sessions, with no one to object.

bbw sex dollGet outside for an adventure:

Carry your best sex doll with you on your trips, set them up wherever you want and you’ll have a partner to cool your dick once you get a hard-on. You can forget about the whores and the mess they create, not to add the drag on your pocket later. If you are looking for something more entertaining, you can take your doll out in public, chose a place, and shove your dick inside it.

No Foreplay:

Foreplay sessions though are entertaining; make men desperate for want of some good intercourse. It’s understandable that you’d not want to wait once your cock awakens, and your new sex dolls are ready every time you want to unleash your load inside a tight cunt opened up in front of you.

Will You Wear Clothes For Your Sex Doll?

In any case, if you want to make your sex more beautiful, bold in every way then you can have your freedom. You can pick her eye shading, haircut, and the shade of the skin, even you can pick sex doll wig – that way you can make your sex doll increasingly appealing. She can be anything you need – from an exacting educator to a wonderful nation young lady. There is no restriction to your creative mind – and accordingly, you should explore some data about how to modify the doll you had always wanted.

The most effective method to make your doll bold

The greater part of the sex dolls of the sites stick with size S for Women’s dress, so ensure you don’t get anything too huge. Underwear, provocative play outfits, cosplay, there a million decisions for you. When you are having intercourse with your lovely sex doll, then you should know your doll is wearing the right underwear. Give your doll all the best garments for your enjoyment.

Any garments store would work, or on the off chance that you need to burrow further, you may locate some exceptionally cool interest stores, which can offer you an assortment of incredibly hot stuff. Keep in mind, that it is your doll and you can change her any way you need. Try not to constrain yourself. Be cautious when purchasing garments that could possibly leave stains. Silicone sex doll wig handle stains well, and it is simpler to clean them.

sex dolls for menGive her hair a new life

Head is the most amazing part of human being, and when you are getting a sex doll for yourself you should make your sex doll heads more appealing. With changing her hair your can completely change her look; make her more bold and sexy.

Consider getting her two or three unique wigs immediately – you will love it. The wig will give her an alternate look. When you are dressing her up as a nation young lady – you might need to pick blonde or red hair and when you need more obsessions or an exacting and incredible look – dim hair of sex doll heads would be your most logical option. In any capacity, getting two or three distinctive hair hues and styles will be a decent choice.

robot sex dollAdditional

Make her resemble your preferred motion picture, or computer game character – utilize some cool frill. Japanese anime and manga cosplay garments are sold wherever on the web. Tights will be an extraordinary thought since there is a major plausibility that you won’t care for the sex doll’s feet. In addition, get the sex doll storage to put your doll into that which way it can be safe all the time.

Ensure despite everything you discover the doll appealing and hot, and it will be a key to your joy. It is a speculation, so don’t make squander your cash on getting one and never utilizing her again, on the grounds that you don’t care for her hair shading or style. Make something excellent.

How A Sex Doll Make Your Relationship With Your Wife Better?

Experimenting with your sex life becomes very important when you feel that your relationship is lagging due to some xyz reason but then as you love your partner and cannot betray them and cannot even share them with someone else as swingers do then what do you do. This is when you will need a sex doll to spice up your relationship as this can be your way out of trouble in your relationship in life and the best thing is you are not betraying your partner when you are using a doll to spice up life.

Apart from that, there are a lot of researches done across the globe where they have found out that relationships grow stronger when you experiment in your sex life. This can be done by opting for the swinger lifestyle where you and your partner can have sex with other people but in presence of each other and then you promise each other that this act of yours won’t affect your personal life. Then there are things like masturbating in front of each other which makes you feel better and closer to each other but then the most important thing here is sex dollsUsing sex dolls to spice up your sex life and relationship

This is how using lifelike sex dolls to spice up your sex life and relationship…

1)Sex doll for women will increase your libido –

When you look at your partner fully aroused while having a sex you actually feel aroused yourself and enjoy the act of sex nicely. So when you are using a male sex doll or a sex doll for women with your partner and when you are climaxing then you will obviously pull your man or girl automatically and fuck as this is how it works. This is how you use natural things in life along with the help of a sex doll and make your relationship robot

2)No hurt feelings –

When you dearly love someone you will never want to see them with someone else right but then when you use a sex doll which is just a doll there is nothing to feel bad as it’s just a doll. These sex dolls are basically sex toys just like a dildo and just the difference is that these are life-sized dolls that you can use to satisfy you and your girl. When you use these dolls there is nothing like betrayal and all as there is no real life feeling attached to them.

3)A storehouse of hotness and motivation Sex doll for sale –

Sex doll for sale is extremely hot which actually can motivate you and your partner to get better in life. Having a lovely physique is important these days and when you have a good physique your partner will obviously want to get fucked by you and as these dolls are extremely hot when it comes to the physique you yourself will start comparing your body with the sex dolls and work on it. Just try out these dolls and you will love them.