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7 thoughts on “Submit A Review

  1. Tommy says:

    I ordered Saner a couple months ago. I knew it would take a little while to order her because i ordered her custom. Well it was well worth the wait. Saner is a Starpery doll. If you have a chance the best options to get are the moving fingers and eyes and a hard silicone head. the makeup is spectacular. Mia and Belle have been the best customer service around, it is hard to find people like that in today’s world. they answered every question i had. Even if getting a doll to have something around helps loneliness and depression as well. just remember patience is the key. Yourdoll is the best around. I like everyone else was afraid to get a doll to but now that i did, nothing is bad at all. I will probably do more business with them too in the future.

    Thank you so much Belle and Mia.

  2. General ku says:

    I was a little worried about the shipment because it took so long in the shipping process. However my order came in and delivered very late in the afternoon but the product met my expectations! Thank you! And continue to produce excellent authentic products!

  3. michael54huynh says:

    I am . Thank you very much for everything you do. The doll that I had it is very nice and beautiful pretty too. Thank you again. I love it very much.

  4. ravens says:

    I received my first SE Doll yesterday and everything was looking great. Not much damage on the box, no big holes or gashes. I opened the box and found everything pretty neat and orderly, both heads were there and all the accessories etc. Then I moved the blanket and her neck was bent, I freaked out and emailed Mia and read up on the Doll Forum. Turns out her neck was just really stiff and stuck from the shipping. All is great now and both Mia and Belle had helped me through the whole process. Although my new office assistance just wants to sit around and play video games.

  5. Mike says:

    Best choice I made in a long time, easy access and low stress. Perfect

  6. Jacob says:

    I was really really nervous. It was my first full size doll purchase. After weeks of research I had zeroed in on a few vendors. Then I joined TDF and realized that the vendors I was looking at weren’t a good choice. I had to start over! It was so helpful to be able to talk with people on TDF and read reviews of vendors.

    For me, one of the main drivers of who I would purchase a doll from was delivery time and a vendor that had a USA inventory. My partner and I were going to be traveling in a few weeks and wanted to have a doll before we left.

    Then I found – and I saw that they had a USA inventory! I was very excited to see that they had a great selection of authentic dolls in the USA. I reached out to Mia and ultimately worked with her and Belle from YourDoll to make my order.

    I originally ordered a YL doll from their USA warehouse but apparently there wasn’t actually one of the models that I wanted in the USA. I got really nervous, had I been scammed? Thankfully, NO. Mia responded quickly and told me they would ship from China. I replied that shipping time was a priority of mine and ultimately decided to go with another one of my top picks, the WM162E with heads 162-3 and 233-3. Mia reached back out and said no problem and they would ship her from USA warehouse to me quickly.

    I received the doll 3-4 days later!!! The doll was an authentic WM doll (with Anti-fake code validated on WM site) and the package was in good shape. No material damage and they threw in a couple of extra wigs. No extra eyes came with doll, but Mia shipped me some (on the house of course) the other day.

    Overall, I would recommend purchasing from – Mia and Belle were helpful and nice to deal with 🙂 They got me my doll quickly and it was exactly what I ordered and at a price lower than other vendors. Most importantly, quick shipping!

    Thank you (specifically Mia and Belle) for making my first purchase experience a good one 🙂 I look forward to doing more business with you in the future!

  7. DANIEL L ALLEN says:

    Happy New Year to all the doll lovers out there. As a recent customer to YourDoll, I never received such good customer service in my lifetime within the Doll community. This is a great website to purchase your selection of a doll from. Also the doll are real and not fake. I just purchased a SE Doll and she is exactly the real model from SE Doll Company. She came with the Certificate of Authenticity Code to identify the doll to be real and the name of the selection that I chosen. Also not to forget that Mia, my favorite sales rep took great care of my needs along the way. Mia responded to my emails on time with no problems. Also she helped, listen, and acted positively towards any problem we may have encounter. Mia is my hero and I will be coming back before the summer is out to order another doll soon that I had my eye on for a eye. So if you are reading this and trying to figure out the background on YourDoll Company. Trust me, they are legit and has a excellent service. You will not be let down.

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