Do You Worry About Your Feet Getting Dirty?

We got a lot of phone calls, emails and IM from customers, who were all asking a question: “what do I do if my sex doll’s feet get dirty?”  What if the feet of my sex doll teared? ”

This is a very common problem. We spend so much money on sex dolls. It’s a bit like looking after an art. A little bit of damage is very painful for us. So YourDoll racked our brains to solve the problem. Now we finally have a good solution. Here to share with you friends.

How to clean your sex doll if its feet are dirty?

Don’t trust someone’s immature methods, such as using alcohol or gasoline. People with a little common sense will know that these things will corrode your doll. You just need to add some bath water to clean it normally.

How to repair the doll’s torn toe?

The operation method is very easy. Apply TPE sex doll repair solvent on one side or two sides of the surface without surface treatment to make it contact closely. 1-2 minutes for positioning, 5-6 hours for maximum intensity.

How to protect baby’s feet from getting dirty?

Next, we recommend an amazing sex doll socks to you. It’s so effective and can make your baby feet look sexier.

If you were a foot fetish, will you fall in love with these feet? Let your sex doll put on these silicone socks, no longer afraid of feet will be dirty, but also make your doll more beautiful.

Although the sex doll socks, TPE repair solvent can help us solve these problems. However, the daily maintenance of sex dolls is very important. We recommend cleaning your sex doll every 2-4 weeks. This can extend sex doll’s life cycle.

Many of our friends are hygienic and choose to wash dolls after each use. Remember, this will accelerate the degradation of the doll skin, shorten its life, or cause skin tears, faster than you imaging.

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Sex doll care kit:
Sex doll socks:

Exploration of Sex Dolls Manufacturer

70% of sex toys worldwide are produced in China.
Sex dolls are one of them.
They are even more beautiful than a real woman.
Long legs, thin waist, big breasts, narrow shoulders, small face…..
It can be sexy and glamorous, or it can be cured purely.
It is the look of many male dream lovers.

Whenever necessary,
the image of a lover, a wife, it is possible to live in the body of a sex doll.
In the sex dolls user group, except for singles,
another 30%-40% have a girlfriend and a family.
And then, is sex doll a sex toy or a humanoid partner?
Can it replace the real person?
Does its existence have any influence on intimacy in reality?
This March, YOURDOLL team came to Zhongshan, Guangdong, to visit the largest sex doll manufacturer in China.

R&D area

As soon as I entered the R&D area, there were two 3D printers that were printing the faces of women.
A sex robot in front of us greeted us. In the right sofa, there are two dolls, a lady doll wearing an evening gown and a young teacher doll.
We have been walking in and going through every office room, there are silicone dolls sitting or standing in the real person.
Then we entered the production area. The production area is extremely clean, and the workers work in a well-organized manner on the assembly line.

Skeleton manufacturing area

It is like an auto parts factory, industrialized and refined. Workers are making humanoid skeletons, each of which consists of more than 100 parts.
This process is carried out in a glass room, like a medical equipment room, a little cold feeling; from the smallest part to the end of a human bone, it is amazing.

Skeleton binding area

Before making the doll body, it needs to fix the skeleton to the doll body mold.
This step is equivalent to shaping the shape of dolls.
The workers shape the doll’s body shape, chest shape, buttocks and legs very finely. The whole scene is full of technology and futuristic.
Each order is customized according to customers. The factory has done a user survey. The user’s ideal doll, height is 140-168cm, chest C, D cup.
It’s really like the poster of the drama “Western World”. The sex doll bodies are customized according to each order and the doll size is perfect.

TPE pouring area

Make the body and skin of sex dolls, and cast TPE and silicone into the sex dolls mold.
Here the workers hang all the naked bodies on the iron frame. Each doll has a thin waist, a large chest, a narrow shoulder, and a small face, just like the perfect between the second and third dimensions. The doll body is close to the blood vessels on the skin.
Sexy! Much like the supermodel standing in front of you.
Each doll’s posture is very well-proportioned, and the beauty is definitely beyond the real human body.
Even woman want to touch.

Sex doll makeup area

With the initial shape, give the doll a bath, then polish, wipe, apply makeup, make nails, and make hair – every step is very careful as if taking care of a girl who is not wearing clothes.
After this step, a silicone doll is ready. Finally, put the body part and head of the doll into the box and wait for the delivery to the customer who placed the order.

The feeling of the factory visiting

If a man comes here, he will definitely want to bring a sex doll back.
I am the winner of life and I feel that I was not alone.
I really understand why do some people put their true love on the dolls. They can really get an ideal partner of their own. Regardless of how the red is retouched, it is not comparable to these sex dolls.