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Sex Doll Option Tutorial: Standing Foot Option

In contemporary society, technology allows the doll to become more personal than ever making her more and more unique. Realistic TPE sex dolls are available and looking more and more real than ever. Standing foot makes your doll more realistic now. If you are considering standing your doll, even if briefly, and even with shoes, the standing feet option is highly recommended. And it is the only sure way to avoid damaging the bottoms of the doll’s feet.

What is the standing foot option for sex doll?
  1. No Standing
  2. Standing With Normal Screw
  3. Standing With Bolts
  4. Standing Without Bolts

Mostly there are three screws that come out the bottom of each standing foot, which are placed on the flat of the feet to allow for better balancing especially when unsupported. When the doll is stood up, the weight is applied and transferred through the bolts and not transferred through the soft flesh of the bottom of the doll’s feet, which can reduce the damage of the foot. These bolts can be removed at any time once installed and re-inserted when it is time to stand the doll. They can be permanently left in place and also be adjusted in height by tightening or loosening the bolts.

What’s the difference between standing foot and regular foot?

There are exact same foot with some modifications. To improve the balance of the doll allowing it to stand on its own, the standing foot is a little different from the regular foot where the ankle has been redesigned and the bottom of the foot reinforced. The regular foot is flexible, but the standing foot rigid so that it can only bend between 90 degrees to 150 degrees in a downward angle, cannot move upward, or side to side.

Can the standing footwear high heel shoes?

High heel shoes can be put on the foot, but the doll should not wear high heel shoes when standing. Only flat shoes are recommended for standing. You need to balance the doll and be sure the foot and doll rest on the bolts and not on the soft TPE of the toes when standing. We suggest that the doll is supported by an arm or something to reduce the chance of falling over and she will stand unsupported when well balanced.

As we know that the Piper Doll creates the new hard feet options, just looks like the photo, it will more real with your doll, but however, some people just prefer the soft feet.

Merits and demerits of standing foot:

Having sex whilst standing.
Easier to dressing.
Easier to cleaning.
For your photography.
Standing upright in the house.

Not flexible enough.
Visual defect (bolts are visible).
Which dolls are offered with the standing foot?
Except for torsos, all dolls up 100cm can be ordered with standing feet.

In short, never rely on your doll standing and supporting their own weight for a long time. Always use some kind of support to distribute weight and stabilize. Alternatively, use a specialized doll/mannequin fixture or stand. I know it can take away from the fantasy you may have but it is the reality of the dolls currently (TPE or silicone).

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