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New Coming! Hard Hand Option is Available Now.

It is has been a practical issue for the doll owners of the poor hand feeling. Frequently these wires would harm the skin materials causing permanent harm by the fragile wires. A portion of our customers covers their women’s and gentlemen’s hands with gloves to reduce the possibility of harm. Past the appearance, the wire hands were likewise difficult to maneuver toward the position. In the fact, wires poking out of your love doll skin is a real mood killer and would be really dangerous!

These are some intriguing new choices for the WM Dolls/ YL Dolls/Irontech Doll/ Piper Dolls(only silicone dolls). They look very impressive and the team works hard to bring these to our clients. The hard hand choice will make the hands harder, which diminishes the opportunity of palm tearing, and secures the fingers and hands better. Especially when you in a doggy position, will decrease damage when the doll is on her palms and protect the hands from general use.

Next, you will see instances of WM Doll / YLDoll / Irontech Doll / Piper Doll’s new Sex Doll Hand Skeleton offering.

1. WM Dolls as the #1 brand sex doll manufacturer, they have always been committed to improving the authenticity and comfort of their products, leaving their guests with a better feeling all over again. YL shares the manufacturer factory with WM dolls, they update these options together.

2.Silicone Piper doll hard hand:

Also, the hard standing option will be more helpful for the standing feet. Please check here for hard feet.

3. Irontech Doll hard hand:

Pros: Better protecting for the whole hand.

Cons: Extra cost, hard feeling.

I think this is a wonderful feature for TPE&silicone sex dolls. The hands have always been flimsy so the Hard Hand option will protect the hands much better from tearing and damage. No more finger wires poking through the hand. It extends the time the doll spends with you and allows you to have a more fun time.

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