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Irontech Doll News: New Photoset of the Latest Dark Skin Sex Dolls

Irontech Doll updated a series of new photosets of dark skin sex dolls, we are here excited to introduce three of the recent additions – Angelia, Celine, and James. Each of these dolls features dark skin tones, the 2 ladies are hybrid dolls in dark tan skin, and the gentleman is a full silicone doll in darker skin – ebony. If you are a fan of dark skin dolls, you cannot miss out on the latest Irontech updates. Whether it’s a sexy stunner, a bikini beauty, or a gentlemanly male doll, there’s something here for you. Let’s explore these exquisite dolls in more detail.

Angelia: The Gorgeous Hybrid

Angelia is a unique hybrid doll, featuring a 164cm Plus TPE body paired with an S2 silicone head. Her dark tan skin beautifully contrasts with her blonde hair, creating a striking and attractive look that will surely capture your attention. With her gorgeous face and sexy, realistic body, Angelia is an absolute stunner who is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Celine: The Bikini Beauty

Next, we have Celine, another hybrid doll with a 159cm TPE body and an S13 silicone head. Her dark tan skin is embellished with realistic bikini tan lines, she must have accomplished her sunbathing. Wearing a white bikini that accentuates her beautiful body line, Celine is the embodiment of summer allure.

James: The Ebony Gentleman

James features a strong, 176cm figure with pronounced abs, all encased in a deep ebony skin tone. Dressed impeccably in a gentlemanly attire, his stylish looks and masculine charm make him a stand-out character. James offers a unique opportunity for those looking for a male doll that combines strength, elegance, and realism.