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How to Remove Make-up From Sex Doll?

There is a special group of people in the sex doll community who specialize in makeup alterations for love dolls, and their magical make-up techniques bring out different flavors on the same face. There are many players who would like to try to give their realistic sex dolls a makeover to experience a different face, but they are worried about ruining their dolls’ faces. It is important to carefully get rid of the previous make-up before changing it, so we have put together a guide to removing make-up from a real love doll. With this guide, even newbies can remove their dolls’ makeup the right way!

What tools should I prepare before removing my make-up?
Safe Makeup Remover
Cosmetic pads
Baby powder
Head holder
Two soft cloths (sheepskin, microfiber, suede or double-sided velvet, etc.)
Warm water (below 50°C)

Now, let’s start removing the doll’s make-up step by step!

Step 1: Place the doll’s head on the headstand

With the exception of the one-piece dolls where the head cannot be removed, all other TPE & Silicone sex dolls require the head to be removed for make-up and make-up removal. On the other hand, fixing it to the headstand is less prone to mistakes and allows for better make-up manipulation.

Step 2: Remove the wig and eyeball

Gently pull the sex doll’s lower eyelid downwards, then insert tweezers into the eye cavity to remove the eyeball. The eyes of a new sex doll are usually hemispherical and hollow, so they can be easily pulled out. Removing the eyeballs will protect them from cosmetics. The implant wig should be gathered and tied, the wig just tucks it away.

Step 3: Use a safe make-up remover

Next is a safe make-up remover, or if you don’t have one you can just use a normal make-up remover. Soak a cotton pad in the make-up remover and place it on the doll’s face for a few seconds, then gently wipe it off with the pad. The soaked pad needs to be replaced promptly, otherwise, the pad will smear the make-up residue on the adult sex doll‘s face. Please concentrate on removing eye shadow, blush, and lipstick.

Tip: Eyeliner and eyelashes are the basis of most make-up, so removing them is not recommended unless necessary and with good make-up skills.

Step 4: Clean the sex doll’s face and allow it to dry

After removing the make-up, wash the face with a prepared soft cloth moistened with warm water, then simply blot up any remaining water stains on the surface with a dry cloth and wait for it to dry.

Fifth: Take an appropriate amount of baby powder and apply it to the sex doll’s face.

Once completely dry, puff the baby powder evenly over the doll’s face to help prevent an oily condition in addition to further absorbing moisture and drying. After puffing the powder and leaving it on for an hour you can start to reapply the make-up.

Resetting the doll’s make-up is a wonderful thing to do, but Bina does not recommend this for players who have not had practice, so players should be careful about changing their make-up!

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