YL Doll

YLDoll is a doll manufacturer based in China. They share a facility with the WM Doll brand in the Jinsan factory, which means all the YL dolls in this section are fully customizable and compatible with WM Dolls or OR Dolls. You can customize your doll not just based on appearance, customize your doll from skin tones, eye colors, wigs, nail toenail colors, rather than a wig, the implanted hair that feels more real, select the option for standing feet allowing your sex doll to be a real human.

YL Doll Factory

Certificate By YL Doll

YL-yourdoll certification-210629
yourdoll certificate 0226-2021 (1)

Ready Doll Image | YL Doll

>>Shop 166J Laney

>>Shop 170E Qiana

>>Shop 170 Blakely

>>Shop 170E-Salmon

>>Shop 140N Ulrika

>>Shop 157 Zisel

>>Shop 158 Idella

>>Shop 151C-Qamar

>>Shop 160K Kunti

>>Shop 150K Piritta

>>Shop 153L Harley