How to Choose Standing for Sex Doll?

Standing is an optional feature for sex dolls and is the most popular type of love doll. The manufacturer will add three very small metal bolts to the bottom of the doll standing. This may sound like it destroys the doll’s body and can be a bit unsightly, but considering the “dynamic” beauty of watching the doll stand, it’s no big deal. Players can let the TPE sex doll stand for a short time to shoot, hug or store. However, if you are not careful, it is still quite dangerous, because the weight of the entity doll is normally about 30kg, you can not expect three bolts can support it. Therefore, even when standing should be very careful, unless there is an additional bracket can do to rely on.

The following are some scenes suitable for physical dolls to stand. For example, take pictures of the real doll, wash and clean the doll, and move or wear the cloth for the doll. Sometimes it is important for the sex doll to stand alone.

Some may have the following questions.

Q: Is the size of the standing foot the same as the size of a normal foot?
A: The size is the same, only the bolts are used to give it a reinforcement function.

Q: Can standing dolls wear high heels?
A: It can be worn, but as mentioned before the weight of the adult doll makes it difficult to find the center when standing. It is recommended to wear flat shoes so that the force will be more even.

Q: What sizes of dolls can be retrofitted with standing functions?
A: Entity dolls over 1 meter in height can be retrofitted with a standing function.

Q: Can all sex dolls be retrofitted to stand?
A: We recommend the TPE sex doll with standing because TPE material is soft, and silicone sex dolls would be better for standing without screws, even the hard feet.

Q: Will the added bolts destroy the sex doll?
A: TPE is a relatively soft material, so if you stand for a long time, it may make the doll’s feet perforated more and more, it is recommended that each time after standing for a period of time to lay flat.

Q: Can I remove it if I regret it after adding it?
A: Currently it is possible no, because the standing function of the doll has a special metal skeleton, even if the bolt is removed there will still be three holes.

Choose the suitable option can help the doll live longer with us, and any other questions, welcome to contact us at YourDoll.

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