Sex Doll Options

WM/YL Doll Customized Options

Implanted Hair

*Real WM Doll with implanted hair

For WM/YL Doll, there are 2 options for implanted hair: Human real hair, Synthetic hair. Hair Length and color are optional.

You can style the hair as you desire. It can be washed, dried, curled, combed, styled, cut, crimped, and straightened but we don’t recommend any heat above 140 degrees centigrade.

The head is produced with a harder TPE blend if you choose implanted hair. The head and mouth will be hard; as a consequence oral sex won’t be possible and neither the addition of tongue + uvula. If you choose the human/real implanted hair during the customization of your doll, please leave us a message in the note box with your desired color and length when you place an order. Please note that implanted hair requires an extra 10-14 days delivery time.

Click this video to see how implanted hair is made.

Hyper Realism Painting

*WM Doll Hyper Realism Painting.

WM/YL Doll is able to make hyper realism painting on all TPE doll bodies. These hyper-realistic veins turn the doll visually into a real human. To keep the veins last for a long time, don’t rub her skin and just wash her body with mild soap and water.

Body Moaning

Body Heating

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