Breathing Function, New Launched By WM/YL Dolls

We buy sex dolls for many purposes. Some people regard it as a sex toy, some people regard it as a large figure, some people take it as a model for photography, some people regard it as their lover, and some even hold a wedding with the doll. With the continuous development of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, voice interaction, visual recognition, and bionic robots, sex dolls have also been given richer uses, and have gradually expanded to wax museums, exhibition halls, medical schools, laboratories, shopping malls, More and more application scenarios such as hotels and photo studios.

No matter what sex dolls are used for, with the development of society, people have higher and higher requirements for sex doll functions. After realizing the intelligent functions of the TPE sex doll’s makeup and heating sound, WM Dolls has launched a new function to turn your doll into a living person – BREATHING OPTION!

Yes, your sex doll can breathe as regularly as a human. Sex dolls have heart rates and their own breathing systems. In the dead of night, when your sex doll is lying next to you, listening to her breathing, you can feel that she is really accompanying you. Imagine it!

How does WM/YL Doll achieve this function?
In the process of making the doll, they put the breathing apparatus in the doll mold, which is in the chest cavity of the doll.

Why can’t these three functions (breathing option, heating, and EVO) be selected at the same time?

Breathing function vs EVO skeleton: There needs to be enough space inside the doll’s body. The shrug function of the EVO Skeleton prevents the installation of the breathing function. If you select both functions, we will remove the shrug function from the EVO skeleton for you and keep the double joints.

Breathing function vs heating: There are heating wires in the heating unit and batteries in the breathing unit. Hotwire + battery, it will explode! No!

Heating vs EVO skeleton: Shrugging will make the heating wires rub against each other, potentially damaging the heating wires. If you select both functions, we will remove the shrug function from the EVO skeleton for you and keep the double joints.

Therefore, when ordering dolls from the Jinsan dolls series (WM Doll, YL Doll, Jinsan Doll, OR Doll), you can only choose only one of the three functions: breathing option, heating, or EVO skeleton.

How to stop my love doll from breathing?
We have a switch and charging port for the breathing device. When you want the doll to breathe, turn it on, otherwise turn it off.

How long can the breathing function of the doll be used?
A battery in the device powers the breathing function. When the battery run down, you can charge it directly. As for the lifespan of this breathing function, as long as you take good care of the doll, the breathing function will last as long as the doll, at least 3-5 years.

Can I take a bath with my breathing love doll?
Never immerse sex dolls with breathing equipment in the water. In addition, dolls with heating or sound can not be immersed in water, remember it!

Breathing is not yet universally accepted in the doll industry, or rather, people are not ready to accept a sex doll that almost becomes a living person. We look forward to the day when sex dolls can truly bring more real feelings to those who lack love and company. The future of this industry is bright, and we will continue to push the boundaries while continuing to improve. The sex doll industry is booming, with new advancements every day. Not surprisingly, the sex doll market is expected to grow by more than $400 million by 2023. We look forward to the day when sex dolls can truly bring more real feelings to those who lack love and company.

Real WM Dolls vs Fake Dolls! How To Avoid Scams?

As a few Chinese realistic love doll brands such as WM Dolls achieved international success, WM’s designs were copied by a large number of factories and sold at low prices. Maybe you purchase a “genuine” WM dolls, but you don’t know if what you’re getting is genuine. There are so many scammers now selling replicas and counterfeit dolls that it can be hard to tell just from the photos – especially if you’re new to sex dolls. The purpose of this article is to provide potential real doll customers with the primary tools to identify and avoid fake /counterfeit WM Dolls.

In this test, we bring a genuine WM doll and a fake WM doll of 163cm H-cup Jasmine, take some photos to compare and teach you to avoid counterfeit dolls.

wm dolls

Open the Package

When you receive the package and open the package, you may find something incorrect! WM Doll has an exquisite protection blanket and embedded cardboard to keep the doll from rubbing and hurting while counterfeit dolls are only protected by a sponge. Fake doll manufacturers are trying to get the package closely same to WM Doll.

What accessories will you receive if you buy real WM Dolls? Real WM Dolls include these accessories – wig, lingerie, TPE sample (printed with WM Dolls), insert, one brochure, care items (comb, hooks, gloves, cleaning pot, USB heating, hole-drying rod).

Yes, the brochure! You can use it to verify whether your doll is genuine. Here’s a step by step guide, including a link to the WM Dolls site below:

Step 1, open the sex doll brochure and find the verification code.

Step 2, browse the official WM Dolls website and find the anti-fake code page.

Step 3, enter the verification code on your brochure and you will get verified. If you, unfortunately, purchase a doll that doesn’t include such a verification code or it shows fake, report here.

Compare Body Details

Those guys always make the fake doll look the same as the original WM Dolls. When comparing real WM Dolls and the counterfeit doll’s whole look. Counterfeit dolls have a rough-copied design and poor quality.

What do real WM Dolls look like? See the details below.


But compared to the original WM Dolls, the counterfeit doll looks really rough! Don’t get scammed!

Some people just want to buy a cheap doll for companionship. Most people don’t realize that the sex doll industry has developed well-known brands and numerous excellent manufacturers to make dolls look and feel even better than real people with original designs and high-quality assurance. But in the case of fake dolls, inferior materials are not safe for the body; skin can be torn at any time, fragile bones, incongruent body proportions, etc.

A perfect quality sex doll doesn’t come cheap; it’s a major investment. So many businesses take advantage of this to create great prices for consumers to place their orders. First, hang a picture of the original factory as bait, and then send a copy of the inferior doll to the consumer. Just like other products you see, such as mobile phones or headphones, etc., there are copycat versions. Although they look similar, in actual use the quality is different.

Dolls are personal items, and the quality of materials is critical to the safety of the human body. Some factories without safety guarantees can even recycle cheap TPE materials for production, zero safety inspection, no test skeleton, incorrect doll hole, or inferior skeleton structure, which is likely to cause your important parts to be injured!

If spending money not only doesn’t make you have fun but also hurts your body, don’t spend even a dollar. We want every penny you spend to be worth every penny and long-lasting happiness.

Nothing will ease the pain of buying fake sex dolls – these are expensive items and no one likes to be ripped off. Always check if your supplier is verified on The Doll Forum (TDF). We’ve been reporting a lot of websites lately using images with yourdoll logo on them. Please don’t buy from those scam sites! If you’re buying from YourDoll, go directly to

New Coming! Hard Hand Option is Available Now.

It is has been a practical issue for the doll owners of the poor hand feeling. Frequently these wires would harm the skin materials causing permanent harm by the fragile wires. A portion of our customers covers their women’s and gentlemen’s hands with gloves to reduce the possibility of harm. Past the appearance, the wire hands were likewise difficult to maneuver toward the position. In the fact, wires poking out of your love doll skin is a real mood killer and would be really dangerous!

These are some intriguing new choices for the WM Dolls/ YL Dolls/Irontech Doll/ Piper Dolls(only silicone dolls). They look very impressive and the team works hard to bring these to our clients. The hard hand choice will make the hands harder, which diminishes the opportunity of palm tearing, and secures the fingers and hands better. Especially when you in a doggy position, will decrease damage when the doll is on her palms and protect the hands from general use.

Next, you will see instances of WM Doll / YLDoll / Irontech Doll / Piper Doll’s new Sex Doll Hand Skeleton offering.

1. WM Dolls as the #1 brand sex doll manufacturer, they have always been committed to improving the authenticity and comfort of their products, leaving their guests with a better feeling all over again. YL shares the manufacturer factory with WM dolls, they update these options together.

2.Silicone Piper doll hard hand:

Also, the hard standing option will be more helpful for the standing feet. Please check here for hard feet.

3. Irontech Doll hard hand:

Pros: Better protecting for the whole hand.

Cons: Extra cost, hard feeling.

I think this is a wonderful feature for TPE&silicone sex dolls. The hands have always been flimsy so the Hard Hand option will protect the hands much better from tearing and damage. No more finger wires poking through the hand. It extends the time the doll spends with you and allows you to have a more fun time.