Top 5 Best Sex Doll Online Stores Reviews

Choosing a love doll can be pretty tricky especially when you take into account a large number of online store available. The sensitive nature of the sex doll makes it hard to get help when something goes wrong which is why finding a trustworthy real doll supplier is imperative.

Each retailer looks the same, sounds the same and offers the same features. So how do you find the best supplier? Well, you don’t have to – we’ll do it for you.

Let’s summarize everything we just read and explain why do we recommend these sex doll stores


YourDoll is the most popular online retail store offering sex dolls from a wide variety of sex doll manufacturers, including their own arsenal of dolls. This is the store you can trust since they are the biggest Factory Authorized Vendor. YourDoll is a “the doll forum”‘s verified and approved professional real doll seller. YourDoll is a premium reseller of WMDolls, the most respected sex dolls on the market. So, you pay for the quality, and you get it. They have great market prices on all dolls and give huge discounts on the top-quality product. Beware of the cheaper versions of the dolls on other websites, since they may cause allergies and even harm your health! All the dolls on YourDoll’s website are made from hypoallergenic, highest-quality material and guarantee 100% genuine products.

YourDoll’ strengths are:

Highest quality material
Authorized and trusted reseller (TDF Verified Supplier)
Largest wm sex dolls selection
Customization available
99.3% positive feedback
Lowest prices on the market
Great customer service
Price match
Privacy protection
Free shipping

 Silicon Wives

SiliconWives.com was founded in 2015 with the mission to provide the most high-quality sex dolls in a market flooded with low quality, fake dolls.  Just like YourDoll, they are working with manufacturers, like SM Dolls, Sino Dolls, irontech Doll, WM Doll, Sanhui Dolls, and YL Dolls. They take pride in the user’s experience with the dolls, They have a refund/replacement policy for unsatisfied customers. How did Silicon Wives name come out? Silicon Wives, they’re combining the leading sex doll technology (Silicon Valley) with the best material currently available (Silicone).  Because of this, their American real doll tend to last much longer than average, like a wife, but less nagging. So, Silicon Wives  also called Silicone Wives.

Silicon Wives’ strengths are:

Bigger male doll collection, than Sexy Real Sex Dolls
A better website that is easier to navigate
More TPE dolls, than silicone
Nice and professional pictures of the dolls
Better return policy
Cancellation within a 24-hour period
All major credit cards accepted
Financing options available
Free and discreet shipping
Great Customer Service


As speculated by the heading, SexyRealSexDolls is behind the famous and highly sought after releasing Shakira sex doll. The company is based in the US but has partnered with WM Dolls, Hitdoll among other manufacturers in China where the manufacturing process takes place.

SexyRealSexDolls also distinguishes itself as one of the few companies with well laid out customization procedures for sex dolls.

SexyRealSexDolls’ strengths are:

Factory Authorized Vendor
Doll customizing by customer
Heated dolls
Large selection of sex dolls available
Price match guarantee
Accepting Cryptocurrency
Offers contact information availability details
Offers social media presence details
Free shipping
Referral programs available


RealSexDoll is an authorized seller of WM, DS, YL, 6YE Premium, Climax (CM/CLM), Z-One Silicone Sex Doll, OR Real Love doll and other reputable adult sex doll brands/manufacturers. They constantly visit every doll manufacturer to examine their love doll quality, production consistency and capacity, etc. So that can make sure the manufacturers have a high quality of production for the high quality love doll. Their real doll business office is in HONGKONG, close to all the lifelike adult sex doll manufacturers.  You can find over 300 designs of premium sex dolls in the store.

RealSexDoll’ strengths are:

High-quality sex dolls
98% Positive Feedback
Free and Fast Shipping
A Great Variety of Sex Dolls
Sex Dolls Accessories Available
Masturbators Available
Items delivered as described
Rewards Program
Professional customer service
Privacy Protection


Sexdolls.com is one of the most prominent official resellers of top brands like WM Dolls, AF Doll, YL Doll, Iron Tech Doll, Sino-Doll Doll, 6ye Doll, Z-One Doll, AI-Tech Doll, JY Doll. The company is proud of its exceptional customer service and hassle-free delivery.

They value customer privacy the most and make sure each customer is satisfied with the purchase. Plus, the SexDoll.com’s team makes sure that the dolls they sell are very lifelike, flexible, and made out of the highest grade silicone or TPE.

SexDoll’ strengths are:

Outstanding customer support
Strict privacy policy
Great variety & Pleasant add-ons
High quality models

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