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The “Sex” and “Beauty” Behind the Sex Doll

Sex dolls have gained a foothold in the adult toy industry thanks to the deep commitment of brand names like RealDoll, which have received a lot of media attention for their innovative ultra-realistic dolls and now robotic technology. Domestic brands such as WM Dolls /YL Doll /SE Doll/Zelex Doll, are also working on more sophisticated dolls, but are just not yet at the point of mass production.

What does this portend behind the fact that we have seen a significant increase in the global lifesize sex doll market over the past 2021?

“Aside from the fact that sex dolls have become increasingly authentic in appearance in recent years, it’s hard to ignore one thing: the social media attention. We believe that this encompasses a number of factors that determine how hot the industry is in the mainstream media at the moment, one of which is that e-commerce has made it so easy to connect that all it takes is a video or a particularly aesthetically pleasing portrait of a sexy doll posted on a self-publishing channel to quickly go viral, most of whom don’t come into contact with love dolls in their daily lives, so this gives them A sight for sore eyes (or perhaps a shock for that matter!)” — reports from a foreign supplier of TPE & silicone sex dolls say.

When they see a real doll for the first time, they are often shocked and intrigued by its realism, the same way they hope to impress their friends with this newfound thing. Some, on the other hand, are horrified by the sense of reality and judge it in a big way on social media. There is nothing wrong with respecting everyone’s right to speak out in the first place, but perhaps some of the content of the documentary in question could show them that there is no shame in it. Another cause for concern is perhaps the emergence of ideological movements such as ‘feminism’ and ‘singleness’, where sex toy dolls have become a hot topic of debate and where those for and against them exist side by side.

Perhaps we can look at it in a different way, for example, art and design. Humans are born obsessed with the unknown (which is why they continue to progress), so we might as well think of dolls as a medium for a species to express itself in a certain area and explore the unknown. When you enter TDF, you will quickly find that more people talk about the design, assembly, and specifications of the sex dolls and the special names and personalities that the owners have made of the love dolls, given them, and so on. You soon realize that it’s not just about sex, but also about creativity and imagination. It’s a hobby in the same way that men are passionate about classic cars and women are obsessed with different shades of lipstick, people appreciate the perfect design of a product and the way it is made, and the same is true of female sex dolls.

In fact, there are two extremes of perception of the doll-owning community (doll lovers), which are similar to doll-to-doll ‘friendships’, with most people feeling that they need to be kept secret. In fact, for many doll lovers, these dolls have lost their adult function to a certain extent, and are only valued for their curves, the quality of their shapes, their unique personalities, and the bond they have with them.

According to one silicone doll industry practitioner, “Our clientele is more diverse than any customer base. We sell to different genders, couples, doll collectors, cosplayers, bereaved people, athletes, photographers, and fashionistas”

“Everyone has their own unique and personal reason for having a real sex doll. We even have long-distance lovers who buy each other love dolls as gifts. Some people have one, some have many, and someone asked on a forum “How many ‘adult dolls’ do you have?” The answer is “No, but I have three “partners” or “relatives””. Or “I have a doll collection, I don’t ‘use’ them, they are just my dolls”. Some are sexually motivated, some are not. Some are mentally stimulated and then it changes completely and unexpectedly.”

The vast majority of doll lovers are civil, polite, open, and honest. The sex doll is a sensitive product and trust and respect go both ways. If the roles were reversed, we would want to be treated with the same respect and kindness by others. And more than anything, branded businesses are helping a segment of the population to gain companionship when they feel life is not giving them the attention they deserve. If you ask are physical dolls a permanent solution? Who knows, but for now, it seems to be doing well in terms of social acceptance and industry sales.

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