Sex Doll Care Tips

The Easiest Cleaning Procedures and Tips for Sex Dolls Wig

We all know that managing those soft realistic male sex doll wigs is not an easy task. What shampoo to use? Should I use a conditioner? Should I untangle the wig before washing it? These are the questions that plague most of us when we come across a dirty wig and want to wash it. It must be admitted that cleaning a wig is a complicated task, especially when one is not equipped with the right tools and information.

So how can we simplify this matter? Today, I will provide you with a set of useful instructions and some additional tips to help you clean your new adult doll‘s wig like a pro.

To be fair, cleaning an adult sex doll‘s wig is not a difficult task if you know the right techniques. However, thinking that it is a mundane task and proceeding without any formal advice or instructions is not the right way to handle it. At least not in this case, the wig could be severely damaged if you proceed with the cleaning without regard to the consequences. Therefore, the best approach is to follow these simple steps.

Detach before rinsing wig

If you don’t want to completely ruin your wig, you can’t simply put it under the faucet where the water is coming out. The first step should be to detangle your hair. Yes, we know this is not a troublesome task that induces ADHD, it’s all for your doll. It is very common and natural for wigs to get tangled into clumps, and this step must be done before rinsing the wig, and when you are done with this step, it is safe to do so.

As said before, do not simply throw the wig under the tap, it is recommended that you slowly soak the wig in warm water for at least an hour or so, this will disperse dust particles and other foreign substances from the wig.

Using shampoo and conditioner

This is the part where we really start to cleanse. Contrary to the belief that you need to use an expensive shampoo, you can actually use whatever shampoo you think is appropriate, and the same goes for the conditioner, there is absolutely no need to go overboard, just pick a go-to one. Next, rinse the wig gently and thoroughly, you can use a conditioner to make the wig silky and shiny, but this is more of a preference than a necessity.

Rinse and air dry

Wait for some time after applying the conditioner and rinse again with warm water, note that it is best to use warm water for the cleaning part, that will not easily damage the texture of the wig. Finally, choose a soft towel and gently squeeze the excess water, do not knead it until it does not drip. Next, you can choose to blow dry with a hairdryer, the wind must be slow and not too hot; of course, you can also choose to dry naturally, but need to avoid direct sunlight.

Above, the real love doll wig cleaning is complete.

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