Sex Doll Care Tips

The Best Way To Tell Your Wife About Your Silicone Sex Dolls

There are a lot of people across the globe that have purchased a silicone sex dolls but then are confused what has to be done to the doll after they get married and then there are other people who want to buy a sex doll but have no idea how to convey it to your partner. There is a lot happening all across the globe as far as the world of sex is concerned and you need to be aware of things. People all across the globe are using sex dolls to satisfy their lust and then also to help improve their sex life as well.

Telling your girl about a silicone sex dolls will not be easy for sure but then when you know to do it in the right way you will not have much of a problem in conveying it to your partner. So here below are some handy tips that will help you to convey your partner about the milf sex doll that you have or want to buy.

Tip 1
Understand her preference for a sex partner –
When you know your partner’s preference when it comes to a sex partner you get an apt sex doll for you and her. The best thing here is that you can custom a sex doll as per you and your partners need and then spice up your sex life by gifting it to your partner on her birthday or anniversary.

Apart from that make sure that you give it to your girl on an occasion so that she feels loved and willingly accepts the gift as well. She may love a ribbed guy or even have a fantasy of sleeping with a plump or petite girl and if you bring a good doll for her you will not have to do anything more.real life sex doll

Tip 2
Just buy custom a sex doll and surprise her –
The sex dolls are extremely beautiful and the truth is that girls love them more than guys do. Even when you bring a male sex doll all of a sudden for your girl she will accept it for sure as girls love gifts at all times the only thing is you need to know how to gift it to her. See sex dolls are nothing of a taboo that you fear gifting it to your girl all you need is good understanding about her thoughts and feelings and there you go.japanese sex dolls

Tip 3
Plan for a threesome –
When you have a threesome there is a lot that can be done. Well, you already understood who the third person will be right, so it’s simple as it is. Call your girl home tell her that you have a surprise for her take her to your bedroom and introduce her to the new sex doll that you bought for her. She would be surprised for a movement but then when you start having sex she will herself involve the milf sex doll in it and you will not have to do anything.

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