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Sino Doll

Sino Doll has 10+ years of experience in manufacturing platinum silicone sex dolls. They use the safest material (platinum silicone) to produce intelligent realistic sex dolls, silicone medical products, and silicone simulation toys. “Silicone sex dolls are not only adult sex toys but also a piece of art.” We believe that Sino Doll worth these words and are proud to be Sino Doll’s official worldwide agent.

Shrug Skeleton

Every realistic sex doll has one of the most realistic body styles. Fully articulated body and newly enhanced skeleton that allows the shoulders to shrug.


Implant eyebrow for your silicone sex doll will make your doll lifelike, gorgeous.

Implanted Hair

*Real factory photo for our customer’s order.

Sino Doll can implant hair. They offer various hairstyles. This may extend production time for 2-3 weeks.

Tan Line

*Real factory photo for our customer’s order.

Bikini lines is a special feature provides to the person who loves suntan beach sex doll.


*Real factory photo for our customer’s order.

Sino Doll offers creative tattoos on their silicone dolls.

Realism Body Painting

Sino Doll body painting:

Sino doll has released the new smooth matte effect and hyper-realism painting options for their doll buyers. These additional makeup effects make these sexy love dolls look more realistic and closer to life.

When you select an option on the product page, we shorten the name of different makeup options as following:
Smooth matte effect = S effect (Short-form);
Hyper-realism painting = R effect (Short-form);
Hyper-realism painting+Smooth matte effect = R+S effect (Short-form)


1. There is a tiny difference in the custom nipple color plus R+S effect, kindly choose the option carefully, because it is non-refundable.
2. R+S Effect is available for any Sino body and only S30, S31, S32, S33 & S30b head.

To make the hyper-realism painting last long, please follow the tips below:
1. Don’t rub the color hard on the lifelike sex doll;
2. We don’t suggest you use harsh liquid (alcohol, washing fluid, etc) to wash the doll, only water ;
3. The Hyper-realism option fits better for the person who interested in the collect doll.

By default, all Sino Dolls come with their standard realistic skin texture, an upgraded skeleton that has sideways bending motion, and ultra-soft breasts. For even more realism like hyper-realistic skin painting and smooth matte effect, as well as the ultra-soft vagina, inner thigh, and ass options, check out the upgrades & extras on our Sino Doll page.

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